Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 637/1962 13.04.1962


1st spring in Berlin. -Facade Hotel Berlin, half total, open balcony doors, hotel maid ceiling balconies shake out, a girl this close, Pararneter by hotel-boys expected car driving before one opens car door close, Lady gets out, close parking t i. Htrgrd. + high building), 2 g, (the city cleaning) vehicles fully into the picture, rear view two at City Hall?-Vorplatz of cars moving to with men d. urban cleaning, close, workers b. sweeping d. forecourt, close (front only brooms and legs visible in the Hintergrd.) City Hall), indicative A few Schaffner(-innen) before receipt of a bus standing and smiling on their new uniforms, close, some departing bus, that waving others afterwards, close, men wear folded chairs from sheds, briefly, worker and waiter b. dismantling u. Set of garden chairs in Wannsee garden restaurant in the background, dog liegd on back, leaves with a leaf rake crawl belly, close, straw is raked together, close (only legs d. particles sichtb.), liegd Harkender on one of at intervals. Bunch, far, Wannsee Beach, done on the beach, surrounded by finished signs to label ' permanent cabin... ' arbeitd. close, beach chairs are worn over the beach, close to half, about moving motorway Opel front div. comes motorists through car window fully interviewed in the image when you stop, Peters (o-ton - see narration), swivel Hohenzollerndamm - among others by double-decker bus d. of new indoor ride - on window, passerby knocks gg. Window, behind which sits Badenixe, close, agreed with her through sign language, Mermaid rises and runs on swimming pool (seen from the rear, close). Zoo: ' Mähnenrobbe jumps into water, floats, shakes head, close, DOE licks back her calf, close to the Eagle's head before wire mesh, great. -Botan. Garden: Back easel painter Reinhold Timmen arbeitd., painted young lady standing lakeside Lady m. Lake in the background, large, in the districts perched Timm in a plant study,, soloseat. close, close the hand leading the brush.
Visit Grete wise from Gießer incoming water jet sprayed garden flowers, close, Grete watering your garden flowers under umbrella, settles pot, squats down to and speaks to the camera turned (o-ton - see narration). -Fashion photographer working with 2 mannequins before Wannsee restaurant, short.

02. Düsseldorf. Home presented Paris spring & summer models, bartenders at the 'shaken' at the bar, large, M. home standing in front of the bar, by Jacques close & v, commented on the fashion show on English (original sound). -Div. costumes and elegant dresses, etc. embroidered tulle dress, white long far ausgeschnittenes silk dress with armlosem coupling, model "Marie Therese": long white lace dress with a jacket made of lace.

03. sports court and üiel. Turn international match Germany: USSR (USSR WINS m. 7 pt. spacing) Rosi Rieder (best German) on the uneven bars.
Tatjana Ljuchina on uneven bars.
Some ladies and gentlemen in floor exercises, depending on the short. -Helmut Baum. the rings (slow motion) Juri Jasows Kich rings (slow motion) Victor Lisitzki on the horizontal bar (including departure in slow motion).

04. Hamburg. International football match Germany: Uruguay 3:0 - (s. 298 - div, viewers, UFA close and big, div. goal scenes in slow motion, Parian (German national goalkeeper) throws ball is contrary to (slow motion), shooting in slow motion, cheering spectators, close + image filling, dangerous scene at the German gate (slow motion), large floodlight, swing by there on the playing field, 3 door (without Zeitl.) totally taken from stands, players take a left front from the image), close

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Baum, Helmut ; Heim, Jacques ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Timm, Reinhold ; Weiser, Grete ; Jasowskich, Juri ; Lisitzki, Victor ; Ljuchina, Tatjana ; Parian ; Rieder, Rosi


Berlin ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; North Germany ; Court ; Kiel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Interviews ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Spring, spring pictures ; Football ; Plants ; Rain ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Holiday ; Water ; water emergency ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 637/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7-m Berlin report to the spring camera: Pahl Jr.

French fashions in Düsseldorf (Jaques home) camera: Seib, basic international gymnastics competition Dtld. / USSR, Kiel camera: o Connor, Rieck gymnastics Länderkampf Dtld. / USSR, ladies, justice international football match Dtld. / Uruguay, Hbg. 61, 8 camera: Seib, Brandes, Jürgens, Oelsner end brand 3, 1 m

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