Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 638/1962 20.04.1962


01 new film Santa Monica. "Academy Award"-award, once. Banquet Hall, various applauding spectators took up, close, shipping reader d. prices on podium, half close, Sophia Loren. at any nächtl. Arrival immediately, close (awarded in absentia). an "Oscar" Maximilian Schell illuminated, close to half. "when receiving the Oscar", is complimented by the Ubergeberin with Kiss, close.

02. Munich, interview with Max Schell. d. airport. -Schell, of gangway coming down, big, will Mr welcomes the close and are standing, with 'Oscar' gesticulating in the hand, in the circles of standing around, including journalists, an interview, close + half-close (original sound - see narration).

03. Studio mirror. "The Red". Recording place Venice. Ruth Leuwerik. sitzd are some ladies at the table. (outdoor)Autographs, close, Helmut Käutnen. looks in the midst of many standing around by camera on street, close to the moored gondolas, water seen lonely Mark's square? Tables set up and chairs, div. preparations f. d. Turning, including slide men lighting apparatus by road, game scene in an espresso bar with Ruth Leuwerik and Rossano Brazzi (without sound).

04. Hamburg. Ball cinema. with. Rundumprojekor. -Swivel. about. Painting panoramic, various settings. of the. Ball movie model, inventor. Adalbert. Baltes. ' ball mirror sets, close to fire. films, under the vertical camera with ball mirror that attached, various distorted recordings, Baltes on the round to projector, hand on the knob of the screen pitcher, close.

New technology 05 Saclay. Nuclear research centre. -Div recordings nuclear technician and Assistant, the close by peeking round observation window and lever + serving buttons, illuminated sign "Active Zone", nah, div. once. Use artificial hands while acting on artificial hands, close, including when loosening a screw.

06. London. Heat test f. tropical candidates from the army. -Some half-bared Sol -, data cable has been presented by doctor, one, big, put cables in palate, is drehd. Tape reels, big, doctor observed gauge, gauge m. beating out pointers, big, the men in the sweat room standing close, men in plastic suits in room sitting, one on radio working, close, several soldiers in uniform from the Institute coming, frontal, close.

06A. new Rechenmasch. see overleaf!

07. England. Luftkissen car V. A. 3 the car in various settings inside and outside, and men at touring, driver at the wheel, close to the side machinery in action air cushion vehicle for agriculture "Conversion": - so far common vehicle (label "Soil Fertility") passes morastiges site, wheels get stuck close, which goes "Conversion" at some stuck cars, close.

08 England. Foam rubber mattresses for cows. -Wife sets mattress box, Keihen cows in the boxes standing and lying (to d. mattresses). -Cow Schütte straw gets close, little calf drinks at d. mother, close.

Animal paradise. to measure 9 South Africa. Kruger National Park. -Supervision on. Close road, aerial view of the Plains natives while building a fence, car drives. Series thatched circular huts past, rear view by jungle road driving cars. - div. Wildlife: Pack deer + deer, Monkey on parkd. Car (from rear) & also standing, half close, on road squatting + eating monkey, large, giraffes at the others, move from a storefront on d. close, watching, close, giraffe race tourist family from the side window of the car in the thicket, close, bison? Herd goes OVR. Street, Dowe is walking down the street (v. rear; close passes skittering around herd of Zebra, VW bus on walking lions, close, lion among trees standing, close, jungle elephant coming, big, schwimmendes 2 settings Hippo Pack, half-close + close.)

10 Hamburg. Hagenbeck. -Dark Swan + duck, floating, close, head of a yawning seals, large, squatting Baboon Patriarch, close to, before rock, packs of different deer species, close group of penguins, half close, Penguin couples in the exchange of caresses, close.

11 Nuremberg, Boxendes Kangaroo in the Zoo. -Guards & Kangaroo Bock tease himself, Kangaroo pursuing guards, grabs him from behind and gives him kicking, guard stumbles, rises and starts to box on, Kangaroo will react accordingly, both reach out to be.

06. a. Vienna. Electron. Calculator responds to demand. -Inventor William Dersch demonstrated his machine in the districts of some men's, dictated by voice numbers, large (original sound), Which one each registration the machine and eventually added.

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Baltes, Adalbert ; Brandes, Klaus ; Brazzi, Rossano ; Dersch, William ; Käutner, Helmut ; Leuwerik, Ruth ; Loren, Sophia ; Schell, Maximilian


Saclay ; Santa Monica ; Munich ; Hamburg ; England ; South Africa ; Nuremberg ; London ; South America ; Venice ; Vienna


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; animal welfare, animal welfare ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Curiosities ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; nuclear science ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 638/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7,-m "Oscar"-Verleihg. Loren & Max Schell origin: Metro Ankft. Interview Schell, Munich-riem and camera: Vlasdeck Atelier mirror "Red" m. Leuwerik camera: Rau ball cinema "Cinetarium". Hbg. camera: Seib French nuclear Centre Saclay origin: Pathé Journal of heat tests for brit. Soldiers origin: Pathe News Office machine origin: Austria hovercraft tractor, England origin: Pathe news foam rubber mattresses for cows, Engld.
Origin: Pathe news Kruger National Park, South Africa camera: Hamilton Wright spring in Hagenbecks Zoo camera: Rahim Kanguruh boxes in the Nürnbg. Zoo camera: Vlasdeck end brand 3, 1 m

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