Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 642/1962 18.05.1962


01 Berlin. Adenauer's visit. -Ad. gangway descends, close, is by the him expect below m. police protection. Brandt welcomes end of film photographer & behind cinematographers to tripods (including Jackson), close to half, halbseitl. in Hall, neb Adenauer. Brandt, is built in the Hall. Microphones, close, speaks a few political. Words, big (o - s narration), companion of Adenauer, halbseitl. standing, close and others by Eckarat, Adenauer before several men, including Lemmer, Eckardt edinb. Brandt, close. Wall m. shield "Bern. Str."behind (Arch., set window (Arch.), swivel on road with frontal approaching police officers on motorcycles escorted cars Snake (a. d. page front wartd.) Press photographers). Wall on terminus "Bern. Str."with chalk font"there is only one Berlin!"+ hint before rear view of a guard post. Cable lock, name tag "Ida Siekmann" at Memorial, big, 2 gentlemen, from Adenauer and Begleitg. OVR. Street followed, lay down, wreath half close, section loop with inscription "the BU. -Chancellor", bildf., once. Adenauer and accompanied by b. viewing the site, upward swing on House front filling with walled-up Windows, picture.

02. Florida. Supersonic fighter on air show. -uurch air to water down swirling bombs, fire + smoke on the water, bildf. (behind pending parachute), back of Kennedy's head and generals, focused on high cloud of smoke, i. Htrgrd, Kennedy leaves with Sonnenorille General show information sheet, close, in the following div. intermediate cuts Kennedy & the General neb. him looking to the sky, close, various settings. Fighter jet refuel in mid-air, 4 jet fighter, fire formation at the same time guided missiles from (only belt visible), distant plane explodes, several bomber bombs, fire development a. water as above.

03. Bonn. Defense expert Fritz Erler from Washington back. -Standing passenger aircraft on airport, airport employee pulls low cart on the plane. Air Screw before aircraft in the background, close, Erler is Peters interview on airfield, both close, Erler big ("a crisis of confidence is not ' profession Roch.") ... "(-s. Sprechertext)."

04 Athens. Wedding of Princess Sophiev. Greece/Don Juan Carlos. diagonally in the image on land str. marching honor guard, wedding carriage before Portal waiting + published bride, by soldiers on sidewalk holdout people trellis, m. flags winkd., close to half bride neb. King Paulin coach, half close, fahrd. Coach with 2 front & hint. to the servants, bildf, Church front? down with arcade, pan on stages m. Ehrengarden, viewers i. Htrgrd. filled Church, half-dead, facing altar and before kneeling priest, supervision on newlyweds m. King Paul in Mitte, close to the Roman numerals -kathol. Wedding ceremony. -Arrival wedding procession before Church, Greek. Church leaves elegant church guests,-orthodoxe wedding ceremony, bride and groom, waving, close, supervision at the wedding train, carriage driving past with frantic bride on trellis by waving, half close.

05. New York. Building boom. -Topping d. of highest hotels in the world. -Aerial photographs of New York, including in the foreground, construction workers, short, skyscraper, seen from below, jg. Girl moves from one instructed Mr & workers, Richtkronen cord, close, building with that ice moving Richtkrone bildf, balloon N. York & in the foreground umbrella m. fluttering. US flag, aerial with Empire State building in middle, supervisory workers at side. Help scaffolding for renovation work at the Empire State building, close.

06. Hamburg. Feuerlöschübung on the premises of LH. -Div. shots extinguishing pistols use b. kale. set fires, including fighting fires on aircraft parts, firefighter pouring buckets of water on wooden.

07. Poland. Alarm siren Announces wet diaper on. -Mr pours liquid to nappy (in addition there are cable and coils), hands lead fabric band on the diaper, and then ' fine will be sounded, pivoting on dabeiliegd. Alarm system, 2 jg. Women sitting on a park bench in front of baby cart, swing by liegd. Baby, big, outdoor cart-mounted system, mother leans OVR. Cart and trigger Strip pulls out, keeps it gg. the plant. -Div. settings application d. signal conditioning at Baby Clinic, including sister between COTS Keihen, from which numerous warning signals sound goes around, served individual babies, baby covers supervision on liegd, near,. Baby, close, crying baby, big, alarm system, Gr., sister takes baby out of bed, close, filling sheets with damp place, picture.

8th Berlin. Football final l. FC Cologne: 1 FC Nuremberg 4:0 - supervision at the huge parking lot, various settings. strömd to the stadium. Swarms of people. -All goals & div. goal scenes in slow motion, various on the. Audience, including cheering and flags swinging older happy winkd. Man, frontal, big. Players run. together. Pan OVR. Transparent: "I. FC Cologne, German Championship 1962" on surrounded by admirers. Team. Schäfer will be handed over in the middle of hustle and bustle silver bowl, is lifted. -Cologne. Reception l. FC Cologne. -Cheering crowds, including bildf., before aircraft a. rising, head goat mascot in line, large, div. once. Triumph ride including Saeed in cars through streets with tremendous crowd.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Eckardt von, Felix ; Erler, Fritz ; Juan Carlos von Spanien ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kennedy, John F. ; Lemmer, Ernst ; Paul von Griechenland ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Sophie von Griechenland ; Schäfer, Hans


New York ; Berlin ; Athens ; Hamburg ; Florida ; Bonn ; Poland ; Cologne ; Bonn-delusion


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Political events ; Religious events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Buildings ; Holiday ; transport questions ; Engagement ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Viewers and audience ; Fire brigade ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 642/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7,-Adenauer in Berlin camera: Jürgens, Pahl Jr.

Kennedy at air show origin: Metro Erler speech after returning from United States camera: strong wedding of Juan Carlos v. chip. and Princess Sophie of Greece origin: Gaumont building in Manhattan origin: Metro fire extinguishing pistols at Lufthansa, Hamburg camera: Oakley siren in wet diapers origin: Polkronika German football championship FC Köln / 1 FC Nuremberg camera: reason, Jürgens, Pahl Jr.

Reception in late brand Cologne 3, 1 m

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