Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 644/1962 01.06.1962


01 Hamburg. French fleet visit. -Greeting in Schulau in German and French (original sound), div. of fahrd detail settings. Ships, close, including the aircraft carrier Clemesnceau, Schulauer ferry House with flags being half total, naval officer in white. Dress looks back of head & arm fahrd frantic woman, standing in the door of Haase's, through binoculars, great. Vessel i. Htrgrd., outdoor speaker system. Nah, the Clemsnceau. Cross. half dead., at entrance to harbour, A few settings. Port. Band d. franz. Sailor blows in a pipe, Navy on the quayside, close, boat with officers and Rear Admiral Smidt closes on ship page Smidt b. entering the decks of the "Colbert" Flakkreuzers, TV, close, puts hand salute to CAP, close, Captain and senior officers say greeting, close, greeting Smidt/Vice Admiral Jubelin with handshake, close. Walking on deck to found. Honor guard, behind the band (o-ton), gun tubes, by recorded below frontal, with behind it visible radar screen, aerial view waterfront with port, fleet in the harbor At night, middle of liegd at the wharf. Ciemenceau, nächtl. lit, close, Sentry is from up and down, part of settings of the lower body (at night).

02. UNITED STATES. Scott Carpenter's around the world in the "Aurora 7". -Rocket launch, total. Tracking the flight on screen, with sailors standing reeling see through binoculars, seitl., half close, Carpenter with capsule in the water, half close, backward flying aircraft, head-on, about open parachute, parachute jumps down, seen from aircraft side., close, jumper off. Parachute in the air, half close, pilot in cockpit, hint. seen close, speaks to the co-pilot turned, Carpenter is a small boat, in addition to capsule moving sea fished up (dimly) + side barely visible writing. Ship. -Animated greeting Carpenter's "Grand Turk" Bahama Island At night, enters the building, what welcome words, stand outside, sits half side table with Cup in hand, close, shortly.

03. for the safety a. Hamburg. Testing new life raft for 25 shipwrecked. -Round rubber dinghy with hood is allowed to water dissolves the special David hook, seen from above, the folded boat is taken on deck from shell, is lifted on hook, where it automatically inflates, in the presence of many guests Board the boat sailors, boat is lowered, boat on the water.

b. Austria. Testing demonstrate the impact of a collision in traffic accidents. -Div. recordings from different heights (6-16-28 m) is solved by hook and frontal bouncing on bottom cars (d. demonstrates the Trustees f. traffic safety).

c. safety belts. Demonstration of. Usability by Gil Delamarej. -Frontal view from breakneck car on broad Street, driver side, close, our car racing cars over and stops with squeaky brakes just before car continuing at stop light, light switches, big, various settings. Panoramic view from the point of view of the speeding driver on roads, lower part of the fahrd. Car, close, driver thought head frightened front, big impact on lamppost from a drivers standpoint, fragmented disk, and behind to the side with the hand to face of packed driver, frontal, close, car scrap - the franz. Master driver Gil Delamarelegtsich in the car belt around, close, Rams a parked vehicle with 100 km/h during a test, leaving, nods and smiles, close, car drives through springboard, flip over several times, rising Delamare, close out of the battered car, smiling untie helmet, look on driver's seat with that liegd. Helmet, side, close.

04. Chile. The big kick-off. -State opening of Parliament in Santiago and a. parade of the Chilean cadets for the English. Football team. -Div. once. Band and parade marches in the Avenida Bernardo, the boots of a group soldiers, close, forward swing, 2 soldiers on horseback, upper part of the Congress building (Congreso Nacional) with flag, Pres. close,. Jorge Alessandri offers accompaniment, close, on the way to the Parliament building, many applauding men and photo reporters before building. Settings record on Which one needle is used to close, div. souvenir (Fußballweltmeistrsch. regarding under rock ' n roll (original).)

b. training he English. Eleven on sports grounds of the Military Academy. -Saeed b. post card writing and postage, close, short, Uwe Seeler. at the table tennis, training, Shepherd close, short, close, short, hint viewers. Grid, including a man with a small boy on shoulder, close, aerial view of Viña del Mar with port, Seeler in the districts of some colleagues, close. Photography, waves with rock and it beat sea coast, A few team members subtropical plants in the foreground admire big watch as natural flower bed on the wall at the side of the road on beach, close.

05. Hamelin. Dtsch. int. In the model car racing championship. -Single at the start of their models, div. setting, which has the small slope of frenzied run centrally by a band Modeile, cameraman Salia in the center of the circle, turning with the Kamers, frontal, close, stop dial indicator with rotating once per second pointer, pointer, filling up a model, close.

06. Nurburgring. 1000 km race (duel of the new Porsche - eight-cylinder with Ferraris). Race of men surrounded bonnet of the new Porsche will open and motor shows close. -The riders run to their car, Phil Hill in car (92) half close, the field is solved when viewed from above, div. racing settings, the box Hill. -Ceremony of the winner Hill and Enzio Ferraris, shaking hands.

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Alessandri, Jorge ; Carpenter, Scott ; Ferrari, Enzio ; Jubelin ; Seib, Gerd ; Smidt ; Delamare, Gil ; Hill, Phill ; Seeler, Uwe ; Schäfer, Hans


Schulau ; Chile ; Hamelin ; Hamburg ; United States ; Austria ; France ; Santiago ; Nürburgring


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; cameramen, cameramen ; skydiving, skydiving ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Parades ; Parliaments ; Rockets ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Debris ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 644/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7,-French fleet visit in Hamburg camera: Rieck, Seib, Oakley origin: window material Scott Carpenter space flight origin: Metro rescue exercise in the harbour of Hamburg camera: Rieck, Oelsner AutoTest origin: Austria car seatbelts origin: Pathé news, Pathe news parade travelling. Cadets, State opening of Parliament, Chile, Santiago, ball training d. German soccer... Team camera: Jackson, reason, o Connor int. Model car racing, Hamelin camera: Seib, Rieck Nürburgring race camera: Luppa, Zakariah, strong, o Connor end brand 3, 1 m

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