Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 668/1962 16.11.1962


1st Liège, acquittal in the Contehgan process. -The accused women & 2 men's set up is such verdict, looking set to the side. Judge, close. Swivel about juries and judges table, judge reads acquittal, briefly (without sound). Pharmacies signs, large. Swivel about real with medicines, screen, 2 doctors and physician images of crippled babies and children standing in the doctor's lounge, look closely at. Smaller young in go device one-armed boy in the Living room, plays on table, great. The artist without arms, Denise legris in her Studio while painting a flower painting, tsgemälde sheep, large. Denise Legris writes her autograph in a book, close.
Human snake waits outside court building in Liege. Police car drives over a place, close, young people race through busy street. The acquitted rise with cops in the dark out of police car, close, lionized by the population, reporter filming with cherished Flash devices, people read a newspaper with the headline "tous acquittes!" close, people throng, the acquitted nebeneinand. Nah, winking. Women, close. Father hugs his young son crying big. Supervision on the thread.

02. new film a. premiere in New York. -Div. on the. Actors present themselves on the street in front of cinema the audience, including Marlon Brando. standing in front of his car, close. cheering and photographing people close, Brando beckons knipsende reporter, close, close.

b. Workshop mirror: preparations for the film "Confessions of a furnished master" in Munich Geiselgasteig. -Director Franz Peter Wirth. and the novelist Oliver Hassenkamp. Imagine Each other the camera in front (interview), close. Shooting, camera people on the camera, great. Actor Karl me. Vogler c. Studio mirror: Dreharbt. in Hamburg for the movie "(In den) happy years of the forest of Thor" directed by Wolfgang Staudt. with Elisabeth Bergner Hans-Jörg Felmy Dieter Borschünd Dietmar Schönherr. Staudte speaks with Elisab. Bergner a scene, close. Director of photography, great. Intake valve falls, A few scene snippets.

03. Düsseldorf. Exhibition the most expensive collection of watches in the world. -Div. photographs lying out watches, including as jewelry pieces processed, A few watches, large, ultra slim men's wrist watch with a machine. Movement, also held five mark piece neck band watch for women, hands tall at the demonstrate this watch, ringed jewel ladies wrist watch on the wrist, great.

04. Grenoble. 4. World Championships of the fakirs throwing at with permanent stuck arrows fakirs, Lady stands a Fakir with thin long needle through the blaze with needles and arrows: belly, head, audience, image filling. Yogi Rayo. withdraws 25 kg ball with the tip of your tongue, Yogi Sangoiy pulls out infectious needle in the Obefarm and is a Wizard on him kneel on 2 reciprocating blades, with stiff body, he is taken down and placed on the legs.

05. London. Choice of "Miss World". -Applaud. Audience, screen-filling. Miss candidates parading across stage, dead. + close, Mr head methods such as page, big smiling. Candidates go solo on stage, the prominent jury with nametags, close. Lord to his companion, great. The champion Catherina Lodders Holland, will be nominated, jg. slamming men close to the stage stehd., close. JG. man + jg. Girls see through binoculars on the stage, close. The "Miss World" on the throne with some rivals.

06. Eßlingen. German championship in motor sports (ind. Sports Hall). -four - and five ground floor of the "eddies". Bodenmann, great. The "Wernoris" b. d. work under the ceiling without power, the top depends on m. d. Knees holds rod in the dog at the Untermann rotates horizontally suspended swing. Ground Acrobat Erna Weyberger lifts, standing on hands, from the bridge cylinder m. d. close the feet to the head, + total.

07. Itzehoe. First international football team of Germany "Inter-Itze". -An Italian Retoucher b. d. work on photo of a woman face, bakery operating with. Worker b. bread slide, rotating machine full-image, an Algerian in printing mode, Algerians b. d. work in the Department of the Pack and as spectators at football, close. Running the football team, frontal, from below. Young Algerians (standing) talks about the expansion of the team (o - s SPR. text), great. -Training of the Club, firing on a few viewers, dark hair. JG. Foreigner b. firing at. Call, great. Confrontation between Italy. and German players before referee (interview), the parties in each size. Is fülld. Beer glasses, beer tap, great. Celebrating football team at round table sitting together, beer glass is handed down, drinking foreigners, big.

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Bergner, Elisabeth ; Borsche, Dieter ; Brando, Marlon ; Felmy, Hans Jörg ; Hassenkamp, Oliver ; Legris, Denise ; Lodders, Catherina ; Sangor ; Schönherr, Dietmar ; Staudte, Wolfgang ; Vogler, Karl-Michael ; Wirth, Franz-Peter ; Eddies ; Rayo ; Die 2 Wernoris ; Weyberger, Erna


Düsseldorf ; Itzehoe ; New York ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Liège ; France ; Duisburg ; Aachen ; London ; Grenoble ; Esslingen ; Esslingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; filmmaking ; Football ; News, communications ; Jewelry ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Art ; Works of art ; Medicine ; Yoga ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 668/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Contergan process in Liège origin: Belgavox, GAUMONT, Pathé journal film premiere in N.Y. + confessions of a furnished master (Bavaria Studios) + "The happy years of the Thor forest" by W. Staudte camera: Vlasdeck origin: Metro "Thor forest" by W. Staudte camera: Seib Watch collection in Düsseldorf camera: Basic 4. World Championships of the fakirs in Grenoble origin: Gaumont Miss World: Dutch Catharina Lodders choice in London origin: Pathe News German Championship i. power sports in Eßlingen (acrobatics) camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner inter-Itze - int. Football team from migrants in Itzehoe eay. d. A. Zaffanella camera: Brandes, Rieck end brand 3.1

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