Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 669/1962 23.11.1962


01-modern humans NDW samples of sale advertisement. -Comb combing shed hair, large, package. "V 3 shampoo" is OVR. Awarded head and a towel wiped, big, including face of Mr. Beyer who smiling stroking the head appears large, full soda glass with a straw comes gr. in the image, process. several glasses, detailed outline one through straw drinking d. jg. Girl, gr. Headlights light up, swivel to the defective tires, hand holds bottle "Vita air" high. Content is cast in car tank, close. Tire stands down, front, great. -Leaning together sitzd. Pair of smoke from 2 needles emanating from a cigarette, cigarettes have sprung up on the word "Mustafa". By turning a crank squirming pasta to reel, which is still drehd. Nudelhapse are led to the mouth, archive scene from "Anyone" who dog bek. Noodle bite from the bar, great, picture fills m. cut out newspaper slogans ("Pleasure in the style of the new age" -, etc.). Archive recordings of mod. Buildings, kitchens, mod art, cars, etc. – nurse push button of an electron. Plant, dead. close, baby floats up in a crib blanket, cover away and baby is on baby scale, close. Blazing cuffs buttons. Missiles start from archive.

02. NDW report is called "be modern"...
Div. shooting pedestrians on the road, detailed legs on crosswalks, close. Peters interviewed young girls, old women, a man on the street ("Are you a modern man?" - s. narration). -about crosswalk walking people swarm, frontal. Peters asks various passers-by: "what you mean by 03 Pellworm / North Sea. Visit to the 80-j. help postman Heinrich Liermann. -Part one. Fishing port with ships are clearly mirrored. -At Sandy. Banks gently rolling ripples, bunch of small sea animals in frothy Watts water, big (supervisory). Liermann goes with walking stick through the mudflats, stops and speaks in an interview about his work and his life (interview - s. narration). Coded recordings: swivel by dyke on part of the island, dike it out lugenden roofs, Mailman knocking on a window of Posthilfsstelle. Mudflat hiking of the old water wading boots, great. Uber postman goes Watt detailed boots, first a single, then several persons, with 2 chimney sweeps d. Watts, on ladder legs rising a stream, close. The old man stops in front of a House, opens mail bag, large, young woman with packages in the arm receives another letter to big. The postman sits in front of a House and drinking tea, great. Additional legs, great. Leachate and footsteps filled with water. Panoramic view from the Watts on the fairly calm seas. -Pan poor room with documents on the walls on grandfather clock, pendulum, large, certificate, large, pan across shards of pots and pans on a Board, close. Face of the old frontal, big, look through window on cozy Skat players b. twilight, short. Back view of the old b. off-site.

04. Marcoule power station. Nuclear Centre - "Hospital of the robots". -Insight into the long corridor. Technicians in white. Coats slide device, various settings. Space settings, the robot in action - through window with working technicians, including remote control of artificial hands, div. blickd. Technicians, front, great hands use switch on Control Panel, large, supervision on operating in the huge plant robot, total, the gripper of the robot when you collect and dropping objects, great. Switchgear on wall with lit-up lamp, large. Div. images print on buttons, large, robot at armor coat, will be conducted electronically, then by a technician on transporter through slowly, while others go behind and To give instructions.

05. Karachi. Lübkes. State visit to Pakistan. Welcome Lübkes. on airfield by Ayub Khan, cameramen u. Diplomats, close. Guard makes Salutier steps and greets, Lübke and Ayub Khan on podium (i. Htrgrd. aircraft), close, A few setting. Finland, A. Khan, neb. Lübke stehd., keeps close hand salute to Cap. Greeting officer before the honour guard, close. Solemn stride off the front, waving flag of Pakistan, dead, great. -Panoramic view of car when driving by falor. Road tasted. Traffic: Drive funny Kleinstauto. Elder gekleid worthy. Mr runs slowly writing one. Tram gezügeltes, camel, great. Poster boy "Dentist" with sketch of teeth standing newspaper seller on d Street. Parading Reiter guard with vertical raised flags. Lübke, Mrs W. Lübke, Ayub Khan in State carriage on d drive to the Palace, passing on people trellis with at intervals stehd. Guardsmen before, L. including k. waving in horse-drawn carriage, close. Lying on the floor in front of passes riding ends and is addressed to guard horse running ahead unmanned, entry through gate of the Palace of Justice.

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Ayub, Khan ; Beyer, Günther ; Liermann, Heinrich ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Marcoule power station ; Pellworm ; Pakistan ; Itzehoe ; Kassel ; Pellworm/North Sea ; Karachi ; Immenstadt ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Duisburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Interviews ; Flags ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Rain ; Advertising ; Joke ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Military ; transport questions ; Water ; Science ; Jobs ; nuclear science ; Gastronomy ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 669/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m commercials modern life camera: Seib interviews: "You're a modern person?" "What do you mean by modern?"

80-year-old postman of cotton: History of d. of help postman Hein Liermann from Pellworm camera: Seib "Hospital of the robot" Franz. Nuclear Center in Marcoule power station origin: Gaumont State visit: Lübke in Pakistan welcome d. MOH. Ayub Khan in Karachi camera: Rahim end brand 3.1

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