Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 675/1963 04.01.1963


Before 1962 to end...

1ST UNITED STATES. Stratospheric flight in a helium balloon. -The astronomer William C. White and Captain Kittinger, set himself before boarding the photo reporters and cameramen, both in the balloon, close to half gondola during the ascent, total, 2 jg in d. looking height. Men, Salim, close. The occupants of the balloon hint depending on close to the balloon. 02. Bahamas clouds. Meeting Kennedy. Macmillan - Airport m. building half total, inscription on building "Welcome to Nassau and the Bahamas", close. Kennedy with hat in hand smiling gangway descends, side, close, welcomes a Lord and Lady, welcome scene with Macmillan half obscured by the pair and hochgehen old. Camera i. Kennedy, foreground, MACM. before a group of people, Kennedy close, of flight building Windows beckoning women and children, half close, + MACM. shake einand. to sprechd., hands, close. Archivaufn. smiling de Gaulle, Polaris missile launch. -03. Mona - Lisa - on loan to the United States. -Transf. -Drive up to her face, bildf., transport car rides, recorded by photo reporters, in Hall a, photographer, close. Transport box, accompanied by guard Squad, pushed through and into a Chamber. Old footage of the theft d. painting 1911:-painting with Leonardo da vinci? (sitting room), bildf., Louvre with a. vorbeifahrd str. from Pferdedroschke, half totally empty spot betw. 2 in the Louvre Museum hängd. Images, close to the Diebst. betreffd. Newspaper clipping, a large group of men walking along a way m. cylinders, still photo to Mona Lisa painting clustered discussing men's close. portrait of the thief, gr, 2 pictures that show the thief b. theft, gentlemen. -Artist b. d. work on a reproduction of the Mona Lisa at the retouching. -Copy of her in an aufgeschlag. Book, Mona Lisa pictures of Salvador Dali. -Übersprühter by spray over the bow of a ship at sea, marine-Leu tnants?, a gentleman looks nervously on his wristwatch, close, cruising ship, totally. New York skyscrapers side held to the road, transport box, camera people, men are marked of those words, close, air conditioning & heating, fan, on a table, what is the Mona Lisa, the buildings 'National Gallery of Art', half total, big, box Mona Lisa, is worn in the building, great. -04 The good tip (see UFA 336). (Begins m. Lalo in his pyjamas on bicycle) 05. "mark is prima" guest - workers - visit the Wolfsb. Settlement "Little Italy". -Italian Workers at the VW production line, with the stamping machine. -Some on the. from the settlement, labor groups on the way home, close, worship in the Community House (Christmas trees at the altar), migrant workers in streets b. shopping, shopping bag under his arm, close, Department store sales clerk shows a suitcase, vendor front jewelry cart stand gives answer to the question, Which one article be purchased mainly by migrant workers (o - s. narration), interviews with Italian Migrant workers (see Narration), young on his bed the Italians playing on klarinettenähnl. Instrument, close. -Smoking whistling locomotive. -Chimney, large, passing train, bildf., downward swing on case series on glove, luggage tags, with Italians flocking Ioffern searching train along and increase routes indicated on the train (Hamburg - Reggio), close, close, suitcase & luggage be submitted through compartment window, close 2 beer bottles on platform base, close, platoon leader gives signal to the departure, frontal close. Byes through window of moving to turn off the train back waving Italians; the jg musical on s. bed. Man, close, several Italian stir in. One tried spaghetti, seitl., Cookware, large, 3 Italians playing cards in a circle in a Cubbyhole of lower body at the twisting amused playing workers looking to Mr twist end and guitar, close, close.

06. dances for 1963 - a. London. Folk dance performance for Prince. Margaret - Margaret is a gentleman by number of members of the Club to the care d. English folk dance headed by, close. Margaret converses with him on the placings, to their and. Page Tony, demonstration of the gr. Dance group in gr. Hall, folk musicians group with accordionist and violinist, close, Margaret and men's dance company d. in the ranks of the folk dancers.

b. "Tamoure" - "Bossa Nova"-"Slop". -Legs at the Tamoure, large, 2 pairs (Tahitianerin is a partner) demonstrate the dance in a bar, swing by tanzd. bare feet on the jiggling rear end of the Tahiti girl. -Many couples dance in the great arena of Bossa Nova and then the "slop", legs, close, jg 2. Couples looking for,-junger smiling observant man, nah, big, in the jg smacking hands. Spectator, close. -07 Oberstdorf. 1st competition of the four Hills tour ski jumping (see also UFA) something and. Cut as a UFA. Viewers go along with the heads, close. Jump from Schamow such as UFA. Jump Georg Thomas, close, jump from Ihle (4th), frontal, falls recorded by the car outlet, at the stop light, rises close. Crack Max Bolkarts (2nd), Baloch after the jump, close jump of winner Engan smiles, big -.

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Bolkart, Max ; Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Kennedy, John F. ; Kittinger, Joe ; Lensch, Klaus ; McMillan, Harold ; Margaret von England ; White, William C. ; Engan, Toralf ; Ihle, Heinrich ; Schamow, Nikolaj ; Thoma, Georg


United States ; Warsaw ; Wolfsburg ; Bahamas ; Munich ; Germany ; Bonn ; France ; England ; London ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Political events ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ships ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Technology ; Youth ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Holiday ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Astronomy ; Geophysical Year ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 675/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m balloon flight two American space experts examine stratosphere origin: Metro Kennedy and Macmillan in the Bahamas - waiver of Skybolt missile origin: Metro de Gaulle refuses Polaris missile from origin: Archive-mat.

Mona Lisa in United States origin: Gaumont accident series 3 (R20): driven workplace origin: Jupiter-film Italian pattern settlement d. VW plant in Wolfsburg camera: Jürgens Princess Margaret + old England in the folk dance origin: Pathe news new dances from England origin: Gaumont new dances to the France (Tamoure, slop, bossanova) origin: Pathé news, Pathe news ski jumping in Obersdorf camera: Rau end brand 3.1

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