Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 678/1963 25.01.1963


01 Stuttgart. Portrait of Theodor Heuss struct his bevorstehd. 79 birthday - House, total. Pan about Bookshelf, back of Goethe's works, bildf., close, further back, bildf. -Seitschwenk on character portrait of his mother, close, portrait of his wife, photo portraits s wife u. Tochter(?) on table, close. Geschrieb back from him. Close books + big. -Heuß sits m cigar next to tea table and scrolls into book, close + front. Self portrait of the young Heuss on wall, gr. -Heuss sits at a desk in front of bookcase, scrolls into book, smoking cigar, soloseat. big; writes on concept (memoirs), while smoking, soloseat. + frontal, big. -02 Berlin. Chruschtschowam Checkpoint Charlie. -(see UFA 339 - only unwesentl. Deviations - Ulbricht not visible) 03 Berlin. Ice-breakers are designed to prevent the escape over the Havel. -Sign "Glienicke bridge - the you the name"bridge of unity gave, builds. " also d. wall, coated barbed wire, created death strip and verhind. so the unit", great. -Seitschwenk bridge, cutting close arch with inscription "Bridge of unity". -Settings active icebreakers, River cutting m. treibd. Ice floes - 04 Paris. Adenauer for signing in Paris. -Illuminated airport building at dusk, half total. Adenauer is b. Dar. Gangway down, halbseitl. half close, is greeted by Lords, close to half, goes next m. Entourage, soloseat. Nah, hat decreases honor guard d. b. passing, soloseat. Nah, honor guard + flags in front of press building, half total. Adenauer is Campo. some men before curtain hint. Microphone, frontal, close, the contract reads that words by concept: "this is a history event; "I want ' word Very much strongly emphasize - there is a history, a historic event!"

05. Paris. Press Conference; de Gaulle refuses Americ. Polaris missiles. -Vord. Order of the Pack. -Saales and stage with redendem de Gaulle, side., half close, de Gaulle speaking, frontal, big (brief interview), audience volume, side. half dead.

06. UNITED STATES. Batch runs of Polaris submarines.

a. Portsmouth. Launching of the 16 nuclear-powered Polaris submarine. -Ship on the stack m. audience i. fo., champagne baptism by a lady, half close, hint. B. leaking boat at the end close, launching dead, seen from the rear (only inside).

b. Groton, Connecticut. Launching of the 17 Polaris submarine. -Champagne baptism d. Lady of high point out, half close, rear view was launched, close, and side with number greeting sailors to d. reeling, boat on the water, v. hint. seen, dead., anchor fall, half-close.

07. Russia. Competition in ice fishing on the Moscow river. -Gr. ice of m. few men far, anglers hacks with rod sitzd. Pickaxe on the ice, another large, leads with hand Kurbelung a primit. Drill into the ice, big, a man is his Angel, close, anglers squats on fire and does into sticks, close, close 3 sitting in the Hälbkreis anglers at the picnic. Angel spin (?) indicates, big, anglers to and pulls the cord with hand with larger fish from ice-hole, close, the twitching fish, close, fishing rod carries with many skewered fish over ice surface, close. Anglers collects Very much small fish from the ice and put them in the glove, close. -08 Holland. The skater Marathon. -Div. once, the Schnellaufs on ice tracks of snow Lake and rivers and canals by houses (with & without people trellis). The future winner of Rainier Paping on solo tour, farmhouse next to the windmill in snowy level, total. Some runners on track with drifting snow. Queen Julian and Prince. Beatrix in fur face helicopter with some gentlemen, away smiling, close. Large crowd prevented views awards ceremony.

09th Neumünster. Ice sailing. -Ice yachts start their ice yachts with start-up, soloseat. close. Div. once of individual sailors, close, A few detail shots, including control skids, driver close, front runners stand out from the ground. -10 of Innsbruck. -Int. Luge on the track "The Hedgehog". -Div. setting, a fall, lang, sledders slip Traditio. his Luge and holds him tight, half-close, another fall, Luger keeps toboggan on the rope, close. -Aerial tramway crossing line with a Luger and beyond. Winner Max Leo, frontal, close, his sleigh in hand holding and gripping his helmet strap. -11 Kitzbühel. Int. Hahnenkamm ski race. -Slalom: Third: Adolf Mathies second: Guy Perillat. Seger: Ludwig Leitner smiling big, head-on. -Departure:-feet b. Start, great. Various passages. Participants: Wagner Berger (5) Hugo Nintel (2), (3.) Wolfgang Bartels, Egon Zimmermann WINS. Zimmermann takes start number the overlap with d. unt. Support a neb. him from standing man, frontal, big. coarse

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Bartels, Wolfgang ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Beatrice von Holland ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Heuss, Theodor ; Juliana von Holland ; Leitner, Ludwig ; Leo, Max ; Mathis, Adolf ; Nintel, Hugo ; Paping, Rainier ; Périllat, Guy ; Wagnerberger, Fritz ; Zimmermann, Egon


United States ; Berlin ; Holland ; Paris ; Stuttgart ; Russia ; Innsbruck ; Neumünster ; Kitzbühel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Ice skating, art running ; Ice sailing ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Fishing ; Political events ; Portraits ; Press, press conferences ; Tobogganing ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sailing ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Buildings ; Military ; winter pictures ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; nuclear science ; Viewers and audience ; Fisheries ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 678/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Stuttgart: 79 b. v. former Federal President Theodor Heuß camera: strong East Berlin: Khrushchev on the wall camera: Rieck, Pahl icebreaker on the Wannsee camera: Pahl Jr.

Paris: Adenauer (interview) at de Gaulle - de Gaulle against Polaris missiles origin: Pathé journal United States: Polaris submarines origin: Metro USSR: ice fishing origin: Sovkino Holland: Marathon skating on the canals of Holland origin: Polygoon Neumünster: ice sailing on d. Einfelder see camera: fire Innsbruck: boarding school, I. Luge Championship camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner Kamel Karaye: Hahnenkamm ski-slalom + departure origin: Austria end mark 3.1

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