Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 682/1963 22.02.1963


01 Berlin. Election to the House of representatives - interviews to the SED Wahlbeteiligune. -Backward swing Tower d. Memorial Church on election posters on street (SPD/CDU / FDP), CDU - and FDP poster, the large, SPD posters along the road of snow heaps, close. Brandt gives interview, inside, neb. Standing window, large (o - s narration). Sign in window "Socialist. Unity Party Dtld. - close to Westberl, Seitschwenk to sign on fence "sed West Berlin - circuit board Tiergarten", nah, sed poster map. Wall, large, sed posters to be out. Shop on the road worn, close. Esterer interv. People on d Street (o-ton - see anonymous.) - 3 hervorsehd over wall. Heads a m. binoculars v. Vopos, frontal close to half. Sign "Socialist. Unity Party of Deutschld. West Berlin - the Board of Directors ", great. -6 sed functionaries at meeting (Ulbricht picture on Wall), top candidate of Gerhard Gerhard Danelius rises and takes on interviewer Esterer speaks up, big, unt. Integrating image, large (o - s SPR.) -T.), frozen in the middle of the speeches d. image. -Archivaufn. v. d. salvage Peter fencer. Cut out election poster m. Drawing of two cats who gegeneinand their tongues. keep, m. inscription "? 4 years weitergehenr", great. -CDU election poster with the portrait of Amrehm on. Street, gr, plak. Section m. inscription "We do it", bildf., Amrehm letter is in ballot box, close to hand large, Brandt is m. letter in hand way through reporters, close to photographers and camera people, inside, front. half close ballot over table flushes, ballots don't get. stacked Gr., supervision evaluation & counting table round, d. votes.

02. England. "Wave Simulator" such testing. v. helicopter LAN fertilize on ships. -Div once of the plant built in the open air, that runs on Rails and a pivoting plate hat, wheels, bildf., helicopter using Royal Navy typically air, on the schwankd. Area on total, close, rises again in the air.

03. England. Testing d. new engl. Stalwartfahrzeugs to water and land. -Div. once, by d. drive the 6 rädrig. Gr. Vehicle through heavy hilly terrain and Lake, driver opens the ceiling hatch in the water and look out to the waist, close. Top dashboard when driving on Mothership to close, car climbs sales to the breech, v. Interior seen close approaches. -04 Alpine. Aid for the starving animals. -Snow schiebd. Man from Berghäuschen titled, pan across part of the House on mountain slope right behind it, chamois close on a patch of snow, man shoveling snow from roof of neb. the House stehd. Shed, including chamois on mountain slope in the background, migratory chamois, div one of single deer in the snow-covered. Forest, half-close + close, including slow d. snow stapfend. 2 deer come. Trees, stand front close. Stehd. Deer, frontal, close. Forestry workers wearing shoulder through forest, soloseat hay to rod about d.. Nah, various settings. Deer in the snow-covered. Forest, close, close by the ground-eating deer, deer betw. Deer, half close, including a deer deer m. head fends off. -05 England. Pet-friendly family - Living room as a "Noah's Ark". -Series ass peeps over a snow-covered pasture wire fence, soloseat. close, Jenny m. foals before shed door outdoor standing, close, foals, gr. -Mrs Borwick sits in room. neb m. Child on sofa. Open fire, while located in the room scattered div. frolicking animals: several dogs, donkey foal, cabbage leaf fressd. Close to rabbits, sheep. The woman caresses the animals, close, Greyhound and sheep fencing Traditio. your kl. Fight with the heads off. -06 London. Intelligence test with chimpanzees "Bebe". -Applaudierender monkey front grille, front., big guards leads "Bebe" to a Chair in the test room, sets an additional washer on weight hanging from the ceiling, is grape to pipe device on the ceiling, chimp pulls on the rope, causing the weight is emporgehüsert, chimpanzee front and take the grape fallen in the attack sits back, Chews, great div. repetitions of the test with harder going. Weight, a monkey looking Berry wood crack. Behind bars monkey leeching on beckons, frontal, close. "Bebe" fiddling around with the weight, pulls on the rope, halbseitl., big, guards recorded figures on board, Bebe Chair around hops on s close. -07 Kandersteg Switzerland. -Curling Championships. -Handle disc solo slipping close, by assigned this disc one is taken away, close. Div. once of the team competition with some corpulent participants, hand Cup of table in the open, close, handing-over to Captain takes the 4-Mannsch. v. Rigi Kaltbad.

08th Calais. World Championship in the cyclo-cross. -Start side. total, close. Various settings. v. travelling through people trellis, Wolfshohl drives of Longo along Canal, running gear as the first Dune wall up, half-close. Various settings of the driver field in the run through the dunes, legs while running up, close. Wolf Hollow solo tour. Some shots close to spectators, + half close, finishing Wolfshohl in Stadium. Wolf Hollow, elevated standing, surrounded, beckons, close.

9 USA - 80 km-President-March. -See UFA 343.

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Amrehm, Franz ; Brandt, Willy ; Danelius, Gerhard ; Esterer ; Kennedy, John F. ; Longo, Renato ; Wolfshohl, Rolf


England ; Berlin ; London ; Alps ; Kandersteg ; Switzerland ; Calais ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Curling ; Hands ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Cycling ; Advertising ; Sports details, fouls ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; animal welfare, animal welfare ; automotive engineering, automotive ; winter pictures ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 682/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Berlin Berlin elections to the House of representatives. Para majority SPD camera: Pahl sen., Pahl Jr.

England helicopter landing in heavy seas origin: Pathe News England stalwart vehicle (new vehicle) origin: Pathe news Garmisch (Ramsau) Wildlife in need camera: Hafner England donkey foal as housemate origin: Pathe news London monkey intelligence test origin: Pathe News Sports Kandersteg Curling: curling with slices of Henkel origin: Cine journal Calais cyclo-cross race winner Rolf Wolfshohl origin: Pathé journal United States 80-km March of United States citizens origin: Metro end mark 3, 1

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