Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 685/1963 15.03.1963


01. the war that nobody knows - exclusive report from Viet Nam. -Div recordings jungle fights, including listener through thicket. Soldier series, cannon fire, close, einzl. Soldiers shoot m MG + MP, depending on size. Hochspritzd in a pond. Water. Soldiers pulled a street in March column & on mil trucks from people umjubelt-OVR upward swing. Church m. statue "Reina Pacis" feet and Vali. Flag (m. Zack-a 5 star) before that. Country map sketch d. area, drive up to the point of Saigon. Soldiers focus on location map on wall, briefly. Seen fighters of jungle in use, v. above; local fires in the jungle. Escorted Government cars (with diem?) travels through the image, shortly. US parade in Saigon: mil vehicles, short columns. -Fahrd through the image. Car the "military police", big. Magazine & book display, bildf. (Time m. title. Figure v. Papst Joh. i. fo.). People-full road is jg. easy gekleid. US soldier m. Pipe in the mouth (sign close chest pocket "U.S. Army"). Various settings. Street life and traffic in Saigon: men in Street Cafe, short, motorcycle rickshaw, close, cultic wake? liebl young in vault with incense, market gear,. Girl, it's close. -Some jg. Girls and women practicing on a course shooting with pistols and rifle, close + close to half. Soldier in full gear on street, BC some nenschen & kl to close. -Bus with grate. Windows, by the image listener. renster, bildf. -Silhouettes v. some men (d. make assassin) before brennd. House, at night, swivel burned-out facility m. hockendem on still unresolved point man, weeping woman with child in her arms, great. -Drive up to marked on sketch country map. Point "Hanoi". Pan by moving State car on top of the Government Palace with portrait of HO Chi Minh on balcony, Ho Chi Minh increases on wider staircase hurrying up crowd of children, close, children crowd around him, one moves them to his beard, close, he smiles, close. -OVR Seitschwenk. Temple mountain, silhouette of an inside praying woman in front of door, v. Interior ges. -Various antique artefacts, close. -Div once. Streetscapes with vl. pedestrians and bicycles. 2-storey department store inside, people in a row before counter, where the seller jg. A cloth shows soldiers, side. close. -nebeneinand 2. sitzd. JG. Men see in books (Pan), close. -Scientific. Books on shelf, short. Technician explains jg 2. Students rich gesture a device close. Grain field with some harvesting, in short, rear view one with bundles of grain OVR. Shoulder barefoot OVR. Country str. of rushing away man, half close, short. Steinbohrarbeiter mountain with compressed air drills, close, short. Construction workers on a rough short. before a mountain, truck is loaded m. crane with rock, shovel big b. disengaging. -Deselect Pan ho-Chi-Minh-portrait on the wall from jg. Man at table machine. Narrow to rolls, short. Gr. open air theatre m. political prominence with jubelnder schwingd the fists. big crowds before. 3 atmospheric shots fishing port b twilight einzl m. silhouettes. einkommd. Fischer (rear mountains).

02. Rock Creek. Shelter George's Bidault in house "Sunny spot". House total, guards prior to and in the vicinity of the House, official controls Paß an older. Man, kz. Bidault rises unt. Sohutzbewachg. from car, goes with grüßd. Handbewegg. on also to close. Oskar Stammler talking outside with journalists and officials, large. Guard squad in front of House (m. Sanderson). -3 cameramen with Teleobj. on snowy. Road side. close from behind. House hint. Wire fence in the foreground, total. -03 New York. Inauguration of the largest. Office building d. world. -Some settings. d. skyscraper, seen outside, v. below. The Ballroom is half dead. m. views of speakers, a lady & Bürgerm. Wagner cut. the band, Rockefeller. with dahint. stehd., close. Seitschwenk from Chrysler Tower on a platform, m. agree. lito. People. Empire State building, v. construction site viewed from. Supervisory v. roof off on skyscraper district, upward swing gives views over the whole district. -04 London. Car mounting for domestic use. -. 1 Mr danger. Sports car, close look at vord. Lane, short. -6 designers are hint. Car body with davorliegd. Items. Various settings. from the installation. Parts, close. Time-lapse animated v. installation, view from breakneck car on vord. Roadway, driver side. close.

05. Amsterdam 18 halland haushal tsmesse. -Hall inside half total m. visitors. Old woman to let V. Carpenter was rough hands shoe uberziehen, div one v. Abreiban v. potato Bowl m. d. glove, hands this close + size. -Interested group of people looking to close. Mr demonstrates a pull out sleep couch, close 2 ladies. A handler indicates bystanders badly soiled shirt before, stuffs it in washing ball, laugh zusehd jg girl, close, turning ball of hands close b. open d. using page crank, lid, the Lord s shows audiences the white shirt.

06. good tip of the week – see UFA 346.

07. Santa Anita, United States. Santa Anita Derby. -Parading field from Tribune perspective, totally, "candy spots" close once. Start u long persecution, close, with fall typically curve. long tracking typically stretch. "Candy spots ' under Willie shoemaker win. 2 single audience, close, bildf.

08th Chamonix. Cable carrier over mountains, Pan in Kandahar race - soloseat. front visible. Various settings. D downhill runs, often by helicopter from heavy falls recorded, half-close + remote. Tracing Louis of Lala, half close, m. finish, downhill winner Leitner, smiling, frontal, big. -gesamtsieger François Bonlieu. smiling, close, in the circle of spectators. -

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Bonlieu, Francois ; Bidault, George ; Ho Chi Minh ; Rockefeller, Nelson ; Stammler, Oskar ; Wagner, Robert ; Leitner, Ludwig ; Shoemaker, Willie


Saigon ; New York ; Amsterdam ; Hanoi ; Viet Nam ; Stone Creek ; London ; Chamonix ; North Vietnam ; Holland ; Hanoi/Viet Nam ; Santa Anita/United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Children ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Escape ; Refugees ; Political events ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Youth ; Unrest ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Military events ; transport questions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Assassinations ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 685/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m war in Viet Nam origin: Viet Nam news Steinebach: asylum Georges Bidault camera: Vlasdeck New York: largest office building in the world origin: Metro London: car Assembly - production of components for the reduction origin: Pathe news Amsterdam: household fair (Minister washing machine, plastic gloves) origin: road accident story no. 19 (plug) origin: Jupiter movie sports Kentucky Derby (Jockey crashes) origin: Metro Kandahar race origin: Eclair end-mark 3, 1

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