Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 694/1963 17.05.1963


01 Hannover. "100 years of SPD" (retrospective and celebration). -Repro pictures from the history of the party: workers meeting, SPD flag 1863, swivel on portrait of Lassalle. large. Cartoons "Socialist law" + "Police expulsion". Picture documentation persecution under Hitler (hung & kill: liver, wide cutting, Reichwein). Still photo of Schumacher, Ollenhauer + friends (1946). -Ceremony in the City Hall:-SPD neb. Federal flag, close. Various settings. Fixed Assembly, Ollenhauer keeps speech (no sound), and lateral ones. large. Among the listeners of Max Brauer, close. Carlo Schmid, b. address (no sound), lateral ones. big + remote % rear. -Gerstenmaier in addition to Willi Brandt sitting, side. close. Festhalle, half total.

02. ROM. Pope Johannes XXIII receives peace award of the Balzan Foundation. -Pope is carried by the Basilica of St. Peter's Basilica d. blessing, soloseat. close. Pope Pope Chair, halbseitl. Nah, surrounded by dignitaries. Some settings. Guests, standing close. Segni faces microphone u. reads A few words, close to half (k sound), document size. Segni offers the Pope the Arco. Box m. d. Medal dar, half close, Medal, Pope says the Staatspräs is verbeugenden. A few cheerful words, half-close. Government representatives on benches, half-close. Supervision on central nave with guests + upward swing front St. Look at the scene.

03. Vogelfluglinie Germany - Denmark. See also UFA 335. - aerial photographs fehmarnsund bridge and roads. Rödbyhavn:-King Frederik is m. companions on Board of the ferry, half-close. Lübke rises, they greet each other, ambient. kawaii half close, many bystanders, amount at the wharf, various settings. moving ferry, Lübke + Frederik on the upper deck, half-close. Waving people at the train station, filling, frontal, seen through railway window (m. mirroring) image. About bridge train, total. Lübke neb. Frederik and more men's look from the train, close. Driving record arch & dev. pan on road over bridge driving cars. Bridge, by the water flight shot of her, side., from seen, half total, total.

04. England. Ship disaster. -Dead coast at Eastbourne of this burning freighter "Aghigos Georgios". and the crowd on the beach, various settings. of the brennd. Ship, firefighters go soloseat with inflatable water, people standing on the beach and Crouching. close, fire b. deletes even efficiently v. water and land-based, remote.

05. Hamburg. Convention of movie theater owners. S. a. UFA 355 - meeting room, half total, speaker Kahn-Ackermann. frontal, big, reads off (o - s narration). Camera, large, m. Rau behind it. 2 Theatre owners speak, the frontal, gr. (Original sound - see narration). Automatic tape device with silhouette of sound master's side in front, close.

06. the tip of the week (cyclist) see UFA 353.

07. Berlin. "Montmartre" by now off in Berlin. -Side on d Street and Kremser trolleys. close, t. Coachman b. taut d. reins & approaching, close. Travelling carriage from behind m. Poster "image market on the Kreuzberg', 2 Kremser carriages on Ku-Damm, total. Deselect pan from top of Memorial Church on back of laufd. Horses, carriage included. Coach passengers, supervisory details v tail & drawbar on the Kreuzberg incoming coach m. smiling passengers, close. Div. close once. issued images, image viewer, artists hang v. pictures with clothespins. Girls legs neb. set images, close. Face one on meadow casual stretched out liegd. JG. Artist m. sunglasses & brimmed hat pulled down, great. Small image in hand is gesture-rich touted, close to puppets, shortly. Framed picture with joke drawing (COP: Mum hurry valor'n?-crying. kl.) Young: "Yes, and zwee-Jroschen"), big. Toddler in pram, great. Older woman and Coachman look coach out, BC Interior, close. Banjo sitting on str. spield. Youth, close, m. spectators legs behind him, also a pavement artist works on a menschl. Figure. Older. Mr & Mrs lean over the balcony balustrade and look down, half close, various settings. Patch painter & music youth. In standing next to the pavement artist. Beer box with 2 bottles to drop coins, close.

08 Hamburg. Arry, the traveling dog. -Shepherd runs Campo. Motorcycle ride policemen here, close. Various settings. Dog in trailers behind the police. The team approaches on meadow, a group of police officers with dogs, head one on lead content. Big dog. COP beats plane onto trailer such page, Arry pops out, close, is stroked. Series liegd. Neb dogs on leashes. Legs d. policeman, close, at the same time rising and running off. Mounting dog training: obstacle jumping, speed of horizontal head. Dog runs front of kennel, great. Arry on fairground rises m. help of his Lord in trailers, departure, arrival, pan across toys stand m. children before, by curious. Children surrounded, a COP with notebook in hand on young man in leather jacket and helmet (MP print) speaks up, close, return d. card. large. On the finger of a policeman and runs Arry behind youth here, tears easily at his pants, close. D. team departs, policeman shoves motorcycle m. dog garden way, dog runs to front door, from which the housewife has come out. Dog's head b. drinking from faucet, big. Arry s. brings Mr slippers, this caressing him & take s paw.

09 Cologne. Artistic gymnastics Städtekampf Cologne: D. Moscow Sports Hall. (Without slow motion) Exercise on the rings, floor exercise, short. On the pommel horse Aage Storhaug, Kurt Friedrich, on the horizontal bar Takashi Mitsukuri parallel bars. -Series applaudrd. JG. Africans half side close. The athletes face each other in two rows, and To give the hands, close.

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Brandt, Willy ; Brauer, Max ; Frederik von Dänemark ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Johannes XXIII. ; Kahn, Ackermann ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Rau, Kurt ; Segni ; Schmid, Carlo ; Friedrich, Kurt ; Mitsukuri, Takashi ; Storhaug, Aage


Fehmarn sound bridge ; Hamburg ; Tokyo ; East Berlin ; Eastbourne ; England ; Hanover ; Berlin ; Fontainebleau ; Holland ; Rome ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Dogs ; Disasters ; Children ; Flags ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Fireworks ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Political events ; Police ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Cities ; Gymnastics ; Youth ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; transport questions ; aerial photographs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Fire brigade ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 694/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Hanover: SPD-100 year celebration Festival presentations: Ollenhauer, Carlo Schmidt camera: Seib Rome: Pope Johannes receives the peace prize, the Balzan Foundation origin: SEDI Fehmarn: opening of the Vogelflugline - King Frederik-Lübke camera: Rieck, Seib, fire England: ship disaster fire of the Lebanese freighter of Aghios Georgios origin: Pathe news Hamburg: meeting of the Economic Association of movie theater - theme: abolition of the Vergnügunssteuer camera: Rieck, Rau accident series R. 8. Cyclists origin: Jupiter-film Berlin: patch painter of Montmartre on the Kreuzberg camera: Pahl Hamburg: Arry of passing police dog police dog camera: fire sport Cologne: art turn Städtekampf Cologne-Moscow - pommel horse, parallel bars horizontal bar camera: Luppa, basic end-mark 3, 1

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