Die Zeit unter der Lupe 696/1963 31.05.1963


01. it's up to the second!

a. Poland. Photo Reporter covered pivotal moments in the Sportwelttkampf - various photos.

b. Berlin. German Rugby Championship. SV Odin Hannover engineer. TSV Handschuhsheim Heidelberg. -Still photo - such ball springd. Tangle athletes - in movement dissolves, div. game once., among other things in slow motion; Ball, big, kicked, some viewers mainly jg. Ladies, close and big. -02. The good tip of the week, see UFA 395 (bad. Loading v. milk cans + transport boxes.)

03. Aachen. Charlemagne Prize for Edward Heath. -Appldrd. Audience, frontal, close to half in the coronation Hall d. City Hall, Oberbrgm. Hermann Heusch Heath order of the kill, close, in the middle of d. movement is the image. Min. Ludw. Erhard congratulates him, close. -04 Athens. De Gaulle's State visit. -de Gaulle descends last gangway level, lateral ones. King Paul is located close to half. half close, honor guard and including a standard-bearer in the fo, sideways, half total. De Gaulle stands in the fahrd. off. Dare and waves, image, fly, applauding people, including cleric, on the roadside, frontal, close. To grandstand in the background. vorbeifahrd. Tanks, short. De Gaulle standing on grandstand, oblique from below ges., half-close.

05. Ottawa. The Council of Ministers meeting d. 15 NATO States. -(Latest ERG. Guarantees of Berlin). -Eay Minister. each other, close, boardroom m. look at Board table, double rows of benches, frontal, with Schröder and hassel on front bench, half-close. Bank "Portugal" m. 2 Ministers, from behind ges. Nah, Dean Rusk, smiling, close, Hall half total.

06. Portsmouth. New technology of invasion of the Royal Navy. -Hoovercraft vehicle (Westland - SR - NL) goes to water, close. from water edge an alloy road on banks is rolled out by means of truck, close to half of vagrancy used ferry i. Htrgr. her car, short. -07 Atlantic. Crash landing on aircraft carriers. -Start jet fighter, close, shortly. Ship radar equipment, short, solidified machine on landing, image - Roch abgeben. Hint guide wheel on land area. Machine visible - machine goes on and stands out on d. and. Page again, again flying machine, is stopped by a network, landing on belly, rescue team rushes m. long. Hose up, close. Helpers are employed to d. engine and pilot slips on plane wall down, half close, men look at bug battered the, close, pilot, close, reported bystanders. -08 Kirchbichl. International competition in the Fingerhakeln Bavaria: Austro Hungarian Milit. -Mounting onslaught Bavaria Chapel & contestant on marquee + Miss-Germany candidates (9) on stage. Various settings. Fingerhakeln outdoors, in much. Detail settings., including close hands + size. Various settings, older / old bayr. Spectators, large, u.a.m.bart.

09th Travemünde. Miss Germany pageant. -Fingernail is lacquered, big, eye brush draws eyeliner, great. T. women's powder her cheek, big (face i. Det.), unt. Face match of a Lady b. lip colouring, big, bachvantiep each m. intermediate cutting. Spectator b. Fingerhakeln (8), great. Miss candidates individually before Darling. Background., total and in detail, the jury table side. Nah, ält. actor. Audience, great. Various settings. bespectacled eye area emporblickd. Gentlemen, large or bildf., a candidate, big eyes. Michael Jary gr. -Mundpartie one lächlnd. JG. Lady, that's great. Detail settings, measurements of the ladies. Pierced by tapping women's hand, lightly with pencil on the table, great. Writing Mr. hand, gr. -Champion Helga Carla Ziesemer goes m. flowers OVR. the stage, applaudrd. Lady d. jury, Gr., applying the Miss Crown.

10 Paris. Serge Lifar in his work. -Balletteusen b. dance scene from "Song of the Sunrise", short. Lifar's talking to the Jean Cocteau standing next to him, close. Ballet short. Lifar alone pictured, speaks, frontal, close. Detail settings. Boogie-Woogie of colored ballet dancers. -Div. once. Lifar b. work with ballet student, Greece, with students at master "Dream of Icarus". Lifar alone big b. Demonstrate the movement of flying.

11 UNITED STATES. Cooper from space back. -Bottom startd. Rocket close (2 single), Cooper goes on board d. aircraft carrier from capsule, half close, is m. companions at grüßd. Team along, half-close. Surrounded by appldrd. Men's & photo report Kennedy Staples decorations on the breast it, half-close. C. in evening suit, standing, smiling, gr.

12 France. M. Salkazanov considers himself the "Ambassador of the stars". -Representation of starry sky. Naive images of l Uremenschen + planet m. people be kept close. S. pending black Table and reads one sure stehd. astronomer. Figures from the original (short sound). Elder & Jumge d. telescope sees people in Observatory, man, S. stands next to it and is moving in the same direction while speaking, close. Silhouette of a woman on screen is entkleidenden.

13 New York. Gordon Cooper's triumph drive. -Some settings. Triumphal procession a. road under great confetti rain, half total. Cooper car half-close. Max Born speaks the word of the week (archive), writes. sitting, close + big, o-ton: "Space travel seems to me a triumph of mind, but a tragic failure of reason".

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Born, Max ; Cocteau, Jean ; Cooper, Gordon ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Heath, Edward ; Heusch ; Jary, Michael ; Kennedy, John F. ; Lifar, Serge ; Rusk, Dean ; Salkazanov, M. ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Ziesemer, Helga Carla


France ; Kirchbichl ; Atlantik ; Portsmouth ; Berlin ; Ottawa ; United States ; Cap Canaveral ; Travemünde ; Paris ; Aachen ; Athens ; New York


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 696/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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NDW time brand 6.5 slow motion title brand 4.6 sports photos title Berlin Rugby Championship SV Odin Hannover: TSV origin: Polkronika glove home Heidelberg camera: Seib, Pahl accident series (12) title transport workers origin: Jupiter movie moments: Aachen: Charles Edward Heath Prize camera: Luppa, strong Athens: de Gaulle in Griechenld.
Origin: Pathé journal Ottawa: NATO Council meets origin: Metro Portsmouth: invasion technique of the Royal Navy origin: Pathé news Atlantic: crash landing an aircraft carrier origin: Pathé news Kirchbichl: Fingerhakerln title camera: Hafner Travemünde: Miß Germany election camera: Rieck, Jürgens IKARUS: Serge Lifar (dance) title origin: Gaumont astronauts Cooper - return ceremony origin: Metro space citizen M. Salkazanow origin: Pathé journal Nobel Laureate Max Born origin: Archive final mark 3 ,-

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