Die Zeit unter der Lupe 701/1963 05.07.1963


01. the good tip. Children are always in danger. -Boy strikes back his blanket, tear off sheet of wall calendars, bed, it is from d. OVR on tiptoes. close to the ground, with legs, considered his birthday table. Transf. Tour of open tool box with inscription "only f. ält. Children"boy at the table, with hammer + polishing a wooden cutting board works, file slips him from gg. Fingers, terrified he presses hand gg. s. warps his mouth, face such wines. -KL. young m. Airgun in living room, looking through window on boy who approaches hole in d. washer, frontal, shoots great. -Upward swing of spield. Children, including neb on scooters. zusehd. Mr + Lady on Bank of high House, Transf. -Drive up to above floors m. roof balcony, very kl. Girl holding doll OVR. niedr. Balustrade and waving down, great views over head d. girl. on the p. at the bottom. A woman, a coal man + children see ängstl. up, close. A boy tries one locked. Apartment door to open, a worker is added, pushing him aside, trying out Keychain the passd. Key to find out, the beckoning child who opens a man child is by the man from behind includes, doll falls, seen from above. -02. ROM. Coronation of Pope. -Draft oversight on crowd, bildf., in front of Vatican building built. Platform m. cameramen, head of the statue of St. Peters, big, before far. Statues i. background., hand of the figure using the key, close. Progressive clergy m. preceding sources of gold. Tiara + Pope Crown, close. Montini is under the päpstl. Canopy d. amount on Peter. worn, blessing, half-close + close. Peter. m. lot, half total, some at dusk & lighting d. Cathedral i. Htrgr., once. Coronation mass, Montini beweihräuchert Jamila. Items on altar table, close. Some settings. Groups of high-ranking guests. Setting up the Crown, close, under strobe light fire. Series sitzd. Cardinals, frontal, close. Montini, now Pope Paul VI granted by Chair from the "urbi et orbi" blessing, close. Fabiola + Baudouin unt. the stehd. Close to guests in the fo. Pope goes with escort to the carrying Chair, settles out, close, is worn by quantity, grüßend, lateral ones. close + totally away. Vord. Part filled people. Place b. nächtl. Beleuchtg. m. views of Church in the background in the middle. -03 Hamburg-Horn. 94. German Derby (at Sunshine). -Oblique supervision at the grandstands and part of the racetrack, on the side. Div settings, elegant ladies Super m., hats, big + close, a lady has her m. behandsch. Hand on her eye (away. d. Sun), cloudy looking in camera, shortly. Jg smoking cigarette. Lady m. sunglasses and backcombed. blond. Hair, side. close. Young man looking through binoculars, close. Equestrian parade, the No. 2 is close passed (winner), table name of m. d. participants, large. Jockey fluctuates with support on the horse, soloseat. Nah, rides off. Standing spectators reckende heads halbseitl. close. The rider at d. Starting line, total, start, long. Various settings. Track, 2 x stand copy of m. No. 13 front, many once signed. Field, including total, frontal. Long Verfolgg. in d. of HomeStretch, oblique seen from above, transition in slow motion, tracking the No. 2 in d. tip, close in slow motion - level copy. jg 2 with 1. Man zusammenstehd. JG. Ladies, stunning view of newspaper in hands, close. Man leads for upper body of Piggots b. riding winning horse "Fanfar" under Jockey Lester Piggot rein, close, soloseat. close, head of the horse, people stood around, side. Nah, downward swing on held by man oak leaves wreath, which it eats, side close.

04. Dortmund. Triumphal procession of the new champion team in football. -Crowd faces its on space station ready to receive siegr. Borussia-Elf, div. once., m. spring fountains standing around and others water basin. Railway wagons with looking footballers, who wave and keep, silver plate, driving on winkd. People a. platform over. Man with verbünd. Head stops with beaming with joy a plate several times. Inscription "BVB" Pan high, close, men. Flags. Footballers also hold silver bowl for Abteilfensten, front. Nah, various settings. Triumphal ride through streets.

05. Stuttgart. Fulßball final of the German Masters sheep t - BOR. Dortm. : 1 FC Cologne 3:1 Horst Grund neb m. hand camera. and. Crouching cameraman on football field, close. Div one, d. game, first. Gate and door scenes in slow motion, div. public pictures; legs of a player's previous units. Ball, close, audience close-ups. Youth hintereinand shakes m. d. hand. both spreads its about hairy. Breast off. Shirt, close. Approaching rolling ball is kicked, close (without the player's head). Dortm. Goalkeeper catches the ball typically air and falls to the ground (slow motion) with him. Intermediate cutting triumphal trip of the master Elf in Dortmund, window-rich facade with many people, bildf., receipt of the footballers. Flowers, jub. Quantity of plate is kept high, close. 2nd half:-various scenes, various plans. -Ball rolls over turf in the fo. on splayed hand of a Jacketträgers to close. Frenet. Jubilation in the audience, the players embrace, passed away, 2 on shoulders worn - one holds up plates, Minister Erhard stands together with the glückstrahlenden Hamilton, smiling, close. -

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Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Fabiola von Belgien ; Grund ; Paul VI. ; Herberger, Sepp ; Piggot, Lester


Rome ; Hamburg-Horn ; Stuttgart ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Youth ; Art ; Works of art ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 701/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m accident story children are always in danger of origin: Jupiter-film Rome: Pope crowning origin: iNcom, SEDI Hamburg: Derby WINS Lester Piggot on Fanfar camera: Stoll, Seib, Rau, Jürgens, Brandes, Rieck Stuttgart: Football: German Championship Borussia Dortmund 1. FC Köln 3:1 camera: strong, Hafner, Vlasdeck Dortmund, reason: triumphant reception camera: Luppa final brand 3.0 m

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