Die Zeit unter der Lupe 703/1963 19.07.1963


01 Berlin. Polish. Air force major flew with family in freedom. -Some detail settings. the Polish. Military machine in the airport Hall, is moved by airport personnel (police officer holds a rope before that). Group photographers on ladder frames, lateral ones. half close. The family is on wing of the machine & beckons, frontal, close to half, the pilot kiss his wife, close.

02. Belgrade. Tito's re-election as President. Public and politicians in the room rise together with Tito m of the front row and give applause for him, single gentlemen to congratulate him, he embraces and kisses her, the close.

03. Paris. Day Parade on July 14. -Champs Elysées, frontal, m. views are de Triomphe, above which a Jet Fighter Squadron rises, expensed. Pan on the frontal suitable 6 Squadron, disappears the whether. Image edge, balloon military car parade, frontal approaching kl. Tanks, in short, column, frontal, prior to Arc de Triomphe i. Htrgr. long close densely marschra. Mariner m. bayonets, bildf., short. -04 Brussels. Riots in demonstration of the Flemings. -Some of the. Heads + transparent, close in. Train through suburban Street. Collection v. demonstrators with flags, which lift the fists + sing (or speak in chorus). Tight. Tangle partly squatting protesters, waving arms m. d. & jg shout something, before them bursts Fireworks, train. UNT's boys. Watching several cops d. str., Brawl, close, short.

05. Republic of Upper Volta / Africa. Mass vaccination gg. Measles (children). -On steppe Negro plays drums on hängd before s body. Drum, close, host native, front women approaches with children who wear mugs on d. heads, wide path. Strike hands with curved. Mallets to drum, close. Stehd. Native, close to mother with child in arms, among others. hockd 2 in the open about their equipment. colored doctors b. preparing the syringes, close, gr. Syringe in doctor hand, sprayed a jet of water, close. Fast women closing on m. kids in line b. rubbing the arms: m. disinfect. -Means series vaccination in div. once., waiting line. -06 Bonn. Silver Laurel for the Ratzeburg aft. -Input training: Team wears boat boat House (still half unt. Title), it exposes from the Jetty into the water, half close. Some paddle with engraved, Olympus. Rings, close, be lifted by lawn, some rowers at the Sichsetzen close, helmsman Thomas Ahrens on s. square funnel over mouth, close. Unt is rowing team. the views d. trainer at sea coach Karl Adam, smiling, close. Lübke faces d. team, considered the silver Laurel and talking while bystanders gentlemen, close. -Archive-on the. World Cup in Lucerne. -Lübke presented the prizes each, side. close, nudges when attaching a needle (m. bay leaf) on the lapel v. th. Ahrens whose bent down head back, insert the needle, big. -Forts. Training (preparation for Tokyo). Coach uses gr. Funnel from the mouth, frontal, big. A few settings. Training ride. -

07. [.. .] enley - regatta rain (hazy). -4 easy s curling. Water floating, half close, jg 2. Men in ominous. Boat (brand equity building) unt. Close umbrella, seen from paddelndem boy behind it. Young men with umbrellas in kl. Rowing-boat, close, turned to the camera. Flooded road with moving car. One Pavilion d. stapfend mud in high boots. Athlete m. oars in hand, close, upward swing. -Arrival of d. mud listener. Spectators, including wearing jg. Girl s shoes in hand. Viewers unt. Shield. Some settings. Regatta. Intermediate cuts v. d. spectators running mud, 2 once. Mr s. wears Lady. D. Macdonald PIC stapfender, raffender the pants legs. Mr, close - pan on his legs. University of London not visible WINS, crossing finish line. Car travels through water to anchored boat passing by, close.

08th Poland. Aerobatic Championships (recorded m. autom. Camera). -Sunshine. -Div. once. -Many pictures of bug or wing before rotating landscape. Individual pilots, frontal, big. View over bow on another plane in the background. -09 Zwiesel. Lumberjack competition. -Axe in fist before nude. Belly, close. Viewers in Seppelkleidg., close. 2 stehd. Pairs of legs in Wade savers, close. Man (foreman) speaks in microphone, close. Div one, d. competition, including Nahaufn. the Swedish Marie Holm. Older. Spectators drink beer from half liter glass frontal, close. Older. Bayer is blowing smoke from nose, frontal close. UNT. off. Shirt hervorsehd. nude. Dick. Belly of a spectator, close. Several close once. Saws. Congratulation of the wearers. Winner Willi storm, österr. + the Swede Marie Holm. -10. The desert grows a. Palat. -Pfalz. Day of the tree. -Group horn player b. Halali in a courtyard, half close, 2 individual depending on size. Appl. Close viewers (adults and children). Min. Pres.. Old Meier shovels to hole to new planted birch, close to half the shovels, close. Other Sadr on same place in the circle of viewers.

(b). The tree (dangers and cultivation). -Falling and felled trees, forest fires, erosion (landslide in water), torrent in floodplain, scrawny agitated, 2 grasshoppers on Cactus leaf, big, car drives by locust swarm, swarm screen. Sandstorm sweeps d. Palm forest, durchwehter through & water ueberspruehter Palm before ocean surf, close, soldiers in tropical uniform go d. m. bare trees and roots landscape, shortly. Deserts, Verkarstungen, long Seitschwenk over desert. An army v. workers in tree planting in desert-like. Landscape. (Africa), trick shot copper emergence of terraced field furrows on grassy ground, close, some single. Irrigation of model fields in terrace form; 2 workers plant kl. Firs paragraph on mountain slope, close. Expensed. Pan over long gr. Fir trees in the forest, close. -11 Hamburg. Inauguration of the most modern police headquarters in Europe. -Police building, diagonally BC they, half total. Various settings. Command room. Police mark inserts, etc. on illuminated sketch map on the floor, head of command usage command, presses this button an intercom system, soloseat. HA... Patrol car passenger takes command on the car phone, launches riders, motorcycle escort accompanied the car continuing in the Htrgr. Rotating electronic camera, great. Some settings. Streets on television, eyes of the observing. Man, frontal, bildf. -Installation command Director on the handset + Archivaufn. close by police intervention during disasters, de Gaulle's State visit, etc Red Cross vehicles of the Bundeswehr, driving, total. Blick on enlighten. Map on the floor of the command room with above bent and then to remove, officials. Once. Alarm control panels and hands b. button pressing, close, alarm Telegraph a message begins with day & time, close. Archive-on the. from a bank robbery (out of focus) fabricated m. tracking. Get in the command center. telephone gave through forwarded notes via conveyor belt (div. once.). Intermediate cutting car accident site on Highway (div. Setup), notes be stamped, close, assembly-line m. Notes, close. Through downtown of moving salvage vehicles gen. 2 traffic cops are on the road, one holding sign on Road (a road is blocked d. accident), injured woman is picked up from the grass and placed on a stretcher. Cutting of wet shiny road with lost this as sock. Panoramic view from the roof of the skyscraper City (round disk on the link. Image edge), Seitschwenk. Police officer sitting in front of television screens, rotating electronic camera on a mast close + size. Street in front of Dammtor Bhfauf screen. -

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Adam, Karl ; Ahrens, Thomas ; Altmeier ; Holm, Marie ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Tito, Josip ; Sturm, Willi


Hamburg ; Zwiesel ; Upper Volta/Africa ; Africa ; Poland ; Brussels ; Berlin ; Paris ; Rhineland-Palatinate ; Hong Kong ; Belgrade ; Teutoburg Forest ; England ; Bonn ; Ratzeburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Special events ; Escape ; Refugees ; Musical events ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Police ; Advertising ; Rowing ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Military events ; transport questions ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 703/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m moments Berlin: Polish pilot flew to freedom camera: Pahl Belgrade: reelection of Tito origin: Novosti Paris: celebration "Storm the Bastille" origin: Gaumont Belgium: Brawl of Flemish Walloon origin: Belgavox Upper Volta: mass vaccination against measles origin: USIS sports Lübke presented silver Laurel at Ratzeburg rowing camera: Starke, Rieck England: Henley Regatta University of London against New Zealand origin: Pathé News Poland: stunt pilot shots with automatic camera origin : Polkronika Bavarian wood chipper competitions in the chopping and sawing, even women camera: Rau Arbor Day camera: Luppa importance of the forest "the desert grows" Hamburg origin: Gaumont modern police headquarters camera: Seib, Brandes finally brand 3.0 m

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