Die Zeit unter der Lupe 706/1963 09.08.1963


01 Bu. -Rep. Visit's MC namara. -Pan of masts the "Gorch Fock" on deck stehd. Gentlemen, McNamara + Kai Uwe von hassel. both looking up the close, says von hassel something, both smile once. Deck with crew and visitors, McN. shaking hands with an officer, sees the stehd then before him. Close to captain, who says something to him. Grüßd. Generals, close. McN. m. Hakim and a sailor Add. standing and chatting, close, short. Ship's Bell (Aufschr. "G. jib") is rung v. sailors, close. McN. + Captain d. look like binoculars, close. Transfok. Tour of fahrd. Warship m. team in the parade lineup. View. Masts throughout on 4 jets in the sky. -02 Leverkusen. "100 years of Bayer AG". -Slanted Blick a. industrial plants, once. Punching machines, close, u.a.b.. capping v. glasses with lids, the short. Flags on land, the guests of honour of Prof. Gerlach & Prof. Hahn in conversation with plant managers, close. Swing v. lit. Ceiling down on stage and front d. Hall. Chairman Dr. Kurt Hansen at speech, v. rear ges. & seitl. Close (no sound), seated guests, half close, speaker Professor Hallstein, halbseitl. close, Hall front with views of music orchestra a. stage, half total. -03 Stuttgart-Stammheim. The first "prison skyscraper" of BU. -Rep. -Last construction work, Seitschwenk of prison wall building wall at d. and. Page, Transfokator-ride approach to nested window front, bildf., + Transf. -Return. Hinge + top of the closing s main gate, close. Open cell door releases look at cell, sink neb. Toilet, close. Hands on switchboards, close, finger pressure a. signal button. Is automatically schließd. Door of a pers. -Elevator, close. Staircase settings, window in the Hall with painting, bildf., pan.

04. Mons/Belgium. Farmer demonstration agai. Increase the tire tax. -In series moving on tractors on country str., the. Train m. transparent & stehd on roof of a loudspeaker car. Man m. Thread bildf., stone battle (aimed at government buildings), flag, police using water cannon trucks, funeral pyres of tires is in the middle of the street piled up, rising cloud of smoke in the amount of burning. Stake, close, upward swing: tracking smoke.

05. Portsmouth. Rescue training for aircraft carrier pilots (increased from unt. Water). -Archive-on the. v. demise of a jet fighter, the OVR. Runway shot also. -A cabin is lowered in water basin, flap in KAB. will v. indoor open, floats forth test pilot. Frogman jumps in the pool, cabin is left in the water, Unterwasseraufn. Exit the pilot hovers m. Frogman together aloft. -06 England. Hovercraft ferry OVR. Bristol Channel. -Div. once. Test drive. Pilot side. close. Look at bug. Passengers seated on the side of the window, close. View m. wiper in action pilots passing through front windscreen, close. -07 England. Floating tractor. -One man tractor goes in the water, v. hint. seen close. Various settings. Ride in the water, which gr. grooved. Side wheels b. water blades, close. Some men watch and film photographer v. stony. U fer out. Landg., front.

08 music box and Klampfe - "Youth under the microscope". -Once. wandering & singing youth groups, Klampfe player, half close, short. Jüngl. m. backpack, close. Several legs close. Oblique supervision on Kinaer group, who welcomed a Lord in a courtyard, half-close. Still life from backpacks m. Cookware it on pavement, close. Young people squatting in front of House & clean shoes, close once. a modified shoe. 3 youths m. free. Oberkörp. washing in the courtyard on buckets of water, briefly, together. Vegetable cleaning table in the courtyard, short. Young people sit down in community space for food, close once. v. food abandonment & food. Gemeinschaftl. Board Games in front of hostel. Once. Folk dance outdoors, sometimes in costume (PIC. Man sp. Klampfe & older. Woman accordion), legs in long. know. Close stockings here. MOD. Young people come running approaching on sidewalk, close, swing in an open car, YouTube + girl to talk. iron. smiling together, close. T. man goes twistend OVR. City Road, close, close legs. Oberkörp. JG. twistd. Lady with offenherz. Cleavage, close. Born Lady make-up s. u. twistet to, close. Italian singer, frontal, gr. (short interview). Music box with image receivers, rotating plate holder, large, the Interior of a picture receiver b. a shift. Born in French Singer, frontal, gr. (Original sound). Course. Brass band (m. striped. Shirts) on stage, inside. Maze v. dancing. Legs. Boy Scout camp on a Lake at night (from archive). Singing around the campfire (including original sound), fire, brennd. Branches, bildf. -08 Nurburgring. UFA of 367. Add see race to "Gr. price v. Dtld." -. 3 jg. Ladies m. stopwatches and lists in hands at the track edge, at the same time d. turning heads. close.

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Gerlach, Walther ; Hahn, Otto ; Hallstein, Walter ; Hansen, Kurt ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; McNamara, Robert ; Moss, Stirling ; Surtess, John


Stuttgart-Stammheim ; Mons ; Belgium ; Berlin ; Portsmouth ; Greece ; Leverkusen ; Stuttgart ; Rome ; England ; Africa ; Baltic Sea ; Pamplona ; Berlin-Dahlem ; Nürburgring


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Bells ; Industry ; Justice ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; Fire ; Fireworks ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Scout ; Police ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Technology ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Technology, industry ; Military events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Health, hygiene ; Industrial ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 706/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m Flash lights Federal Republic: Secretary of Defense MC namara on the "Gorch Fock" origin: window material Bayer Leverkusen Stuttgart: high-rise for investigating prisoner camera: Rau Belgium: demonstrations of farmers against the tax origin: Belgavox technology England: pilot rescue unit out of the water origin: Pathé News England: Hovercraftboot (compressed air) origin: Pathé News England: floating tractor origin: Pathé news hostels origin: Eclair hiking and twist - extreme origin: Pathé journal Campfire Nürburgring - winner of John Surtees camera : Luppa, reason, Zakariah, Jackson finally brand 3.0

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