Die Zeit unter der Lupe 708/1963 23.08.1963


01 glass facades - architecture d. presence in Germany. -Expensed. -Swivel wall Tower on surrealist. Sculpture on top, close, sculpture in the open air before model building, drive up m. at Madonna the child nympha. Window, mod. Church inside and out, various settings, mod straight silhouettes, and others in power plant, nuclear reactor, cutting House facade, v. unt. GES., Audimax, halbseitl., long half total, wall m. inscription "Courthouse" (Lübeck), halbseitl., once. MOD high-rise buildings and facades, glass Schoolhouse (?). Once. the Americ. Settlement in Lahr. Nested Rotunda off. Perspectives. -02 artificial limbs (children's Orchestra from prosthesis carriers). -Strings Orchestra b. Uben, short. Also known as technician and physician demonstr. kale. Limbs, kale. Members b. functions, great. Testing on humans, boy is both replacement construction. Girl writes arms attached, with kale. Hand (grappling hook), close. Sitzd next to the fireplace. Youth m. kale. Hand herumstochernd around with poker in the coals.

03. dangerous games for children. -Man eaten in restaurant brennd. Matches, a and. Man chews on porcelain plates, Degenschlucker, close. -Less in the Nightgown d. apartment listener. Boy drills up close, ditto nose, d. on ßoden hockd. spield. Boy, big, kl. Boy drills m. finger in the ear, soloseat. large, Mrs. holt m. tweezers oval something out of ear d. kl. Young out, big, boy pushing others down on Bed & put him s.th.. in the ear, this crying m. pain. Face, gr., audiologist illuminates ear, close. Boy s introduces mirror + fumbles around with safety pin in your mouth, boy inside glass eye see Teddy's mouth, front, great. Rear view of kl. Boys on night pot close, totally. Lady with kl. Girl on arm runs over sidewalk on street; Doctor is swallowed before X-ray screen, x-rays. Items in esophagus, including safety pin, presented by doctor objects, depending on the close. Hodgepodge v. kl. Objects on the table behind the doctor. -Water playground, boy splashed and. Children with hose (archive). -04 hobbyhorses a. elaborate buildings out of bottle corks. -Bottle of wine is Uncorked, close, d. man throws corks in a bowl full of corks, cut corks in half, close, various settings. Completion of the work of art of a castle made of Cork. -b. Bedzin. Kolder tankard collection of the Lord. -K. demonstr. div. Seidel in hand, close + Gr., turns, open cover and closes them, series v. Seideln. -c. St. Imier. Wallpapers from postage stamps. -M. Erard sits OVR. Brand album bent over and considered a counter by d. Lupe, close, sticks brands to last off. Instead on wall, excavation, filling the screen. -d. Ural. Tiny Samovar on sugars. -Is broken down into parts with tweezers, close (the hobbyist Sisoliatin not into the scene). -e. Katowice. The roof garden d. Lord Gembalsky. -S. bewegd in the wind. Sheets & sunflower, close. Mr G. reaps on s. Roof garden, where's lush sprouts, Kohlrabi. Expensed. -Swivel OVR. d. altmod. House Garden m. views of rooftops d. city. Mr. G. b. m. hose watering (watching wife i. Htrgr.), üb views. Flowers & vegetables across once railway embankment, then Church. Easy to bewegd. Dahlia, it's great. Statue of nymphs betw. Plants, half-close. Mr G. is expensed in shorts with book in hands in a deck chair in the garden. -Pan opened. Views of the city's rooftops.

f. Italy. Eiffel Tower from matches and St. - boxes. -Replica d. of Eiffel Tower as well as a pagoda, hands throw matches oval. Box on table, large. Teófilo de Lorenzo in d. sensitively. Work on a House puts cigar in mouth, s. body scans and looks around searching by the fo. here a hand opposes him lighter, he nods politely, big. -05 New Delhi. Demonstration ("dismiss, Nehru, step down!"). -Nehru, elevated Cap posted, with hand to d., close, at parade inspection, installation size. Amount of soldier, salutierend, half total. Nehru is Campo. General front, close. -Huge. Demonstr.-train m. banners, hemdsärmeliger Stims close m. microphone, extract the fröhl. hopsenden & with rose. Poor flailing protesters, close, in the the. -Train suitable Indian woman, which emits threatening words, close. -06 Munich, visit of the afghan. Royal couple. -The Royal couple visits. Treasury in the residence, Crown size. -Kgn. Homiera b. fashion show in d. master school for fashion. -Mohammed Zahir Shah is Finland of the BU. -Defense, short. Farewell to BHF Kiefersfelden with wear. Incident: Bayr. Brass band in Seppl clothes on platforms, from starting. Train waving. Royal couple, frontal, close, a reporter who slipped on landing attempt, neb. fahrd. D. train Rails torn.

07. Paris. Rescue exercises in the Seine. -Man during the leap in the water - level copy dissolves in Bewegg. on - fall into it. Kenternd. Sailing boat in front of spectators in the background, car is pushed into the water, side. Nah, man jumps off a bridge into the Seine, frogmen jump from helicopters into the water, rescue a drowning man, someone is in the boat pulled, helicopters with man the hanging rope, half close, car is with crane herausgehüsert, recording in reverse: car stands on the shore, jumper lands on bridge. -08 Natal. Sardine fishing on the South Coast (start of the high season). -Coast with surf and Gull flocks, fishermen in a small boat, crowd of fishermen get gr. Network in the shallow water div. once. -Fills fish into baskets under the net fishing, fish are piling on shore on a distributed. -09 New York. Gentle rendezvous with whales. -Frogman on shore Jetty of fish in bag, close, jumps under scrutiny some viewers in basin, underwater shots close to whales and dolphins, feeding, diving tackle head Gaither. Dolphin spur, Dolphin grabs proffered fish under water floating turtle, big frontal (underwater) in the mouth. -

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Erard ; Gembalsky ; Homiera von Afganistan ; Kolder ; Lorenzo de, Teófilo ; Mohammed Zahir Schah von Afghanistan ; Nehru, Indira


Stuttgart-Stammheim ; Italy ; New Delhi ; Natal ; Amsterdam ; Będzin ; St. Imier ; Ural ; Katowice ; Cowes ; Frankfurt ; Upper Volta/Africa ; Munich ; Paris ; Lahr ; New York ; Stuttgart ; Kiefersfelden ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; close-ups, detail ; Hobby ; Children ; Fishing ; Musical events ; Plants ; Police ; Jewelry ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Diving, diver ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Military events ; Variety ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Fisheries ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 708/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 4.6 m glass facades architecture of the present i. Deutschl.
Camera: Rau, Rieck, Starke, Pahl Spotlight children's Orchestra - artificial limbs origin: Pathé news dangerous children games origin: Pathé journal hobbies manufacturing v. buildings a. bottle Cork camera: Pahl collection of beer mugs origin: Polkronika wallpapering with stamps origin: Cine journal Samovar a. a piece of sugar origin: Sovkino roof garden origin: Polkronika collection v. matches origin: Sucesos flashlights protest against Nehru origin: Pathé news Afghan Royal couple i. Munich police rescue exercise on the Seine origin : Pathé journal Fischer & herring shoals i. natal origin: Pathé news feeding whales origin: Metro final brand 3.0 m

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