Die Zeit unter der Lupe 711/1963 13.09.1963


01. the good tip of the week. See UFA.

02. Robert Schuman +. Lying in State in the Cathedral of Metz. -Once. Funeral procession to the Cathedral, soldiers present. d. rifles, close, short. Coffin is borne by flag bearers d. trellis. Window d. Cathedral inside, oblique v. unt. seen close. Swing v. Gaines. Mourners on stretcher-based m. brennd. Candles, candles close. Archive footage Schuman b. Heuss in Viktorshöhe, speech stops (o - s narration) (1950). -03 Dürrenäsch / Switzerland. Air disaster. See UFA 372, unwesentl. Differences in average. -04 Wesel. Inauguration of a monument to Peter Minuit, founder v. New York. -Fixed Assembly with concealed by flags ambient.. Monument in Center, military musicians guard in white. Clothing uses trombones, close, supervision on brass surrounded v. audience, total, Mr monument wrapping pulls down, close + total, seitschwenk on dense standing together applauding crowd before House, half close. Mr holds speech front., close, short (no sound), swivel OVR. Monument m. Speakers in the background. -05. 15 years - ago autumn market operating in 1948, eyes tested housewives m. at vegetable stands, goose in cage pecking on a m. apples filled. Shopping bag, large. Expenses of. Radios and and. M. price tags, woman's hand a set of baby touch electrical items, a gentleman tried on in store suit, it considers the price tag, rally with transparent. "Down with the price of usury", speakers on stand ahead of the crowd, close. -RIA Baran, + Paul Falk d. win l. German championship in the Rollkunstläufen after 45. brief description of the couple Falk today: both in administrative work as hotel owner; with little daughter in the garden sitting, Paul Falk swinging the child on a small bicycle in the District through the air. Hein ten Hoff 48 defends his heavyweight title against Jan Kreitz in Sept with success. Today: H. ten Hoff on s farm in Hamburg: the cows in the pasture, feeding sheep, his face, smiling, big. 15 years ago: Rubble women b. d. Work, roller smooth ground. Newspaper clipping m. Schlagz.: "Shots at Potsdamer Platz." Potsd. Unt is space. Police and military. Observation; Commanders go practice. close to the road, painter marks Wall Street unt. Observation of policemen and curious Berliners, close. Seriously Reuter increases shield "Technical University bln Charlottenburg" on wall out of car, close, close. Reuter hears one talking to him. Mr to, close. Councillors meeting in the University, speakers and audience. Protesters go. with banners by road, scuffle, mass verse. addressing Reuters, close (o) in front of Reichstag building "I repeat, we have said no, we will say no again, and we are no-say, as long as a breath in us is alive!")

05. a. Berlin after 15 years: road m. views of the old Memorial Church, passers-by, mostly single jg. Ladies, close, detailed legs in elegance. Shoes, close. People pass on window behind the coffee guests at one table sit close.

06. Berlin-Mariendorf. German trotting Derby. -Ladies m. elegant hats, great. Mr by Monocle looking up something down, big, cutout spectators, including m. magazines close. Traber behind start truck pull, close, some racing once., horse legs between the wheels, close, close look at speedometer (60) of the companion car. Finish in slow motion, with the side shoots. Companion bus. Champion Stallion Shyam & driver Walter Heitmann b. Sprint alone, side, dead, half-close. Shyam is led, close, honored Heitmann, close. -07 Berlin. Zoo. Gorilla "Samra" is his warden - dead - interview m. jg. Gorillas. -Vol. gorillas occur m. Warden entrance in the enclosure, close, Gorilla licks on the headphones of the sound man of who squats to see device in the enclosure, Gorilla approaches close to rotating tape reel, close. Guards with Gorilla hand takes shield "Gor. Knorke"of a Chair away. Knorkes guard speaks in the enclosure via s. marriage time. Pupil (o - s SPR. text), intermediate cuts serious gorillas, close + big. Various settings. Zoo visitors looking for. Knorkes death mask is removed (some settings). Young and others with guards playing gorillas. 2 miteinand. in kahl. Tree branches schmusende gorillas, close. -

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Reuter, Ernst ; Schuman, Robert ; Falk, Ria ; Heitmann, Walter ; Hoff ten, Hein


Metz ; Switzerland ; Wesel ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Dürrenäsch/Switzerland ; England ; Düsseldorf ; Berlin-Mariendorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Portraits ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Reviews ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; harness racing ; Debris ; Youth ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; People ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 711/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m the good tip accident series round 15 (warning label b. breakdown) origin: Jupiter-film Flash lights Robert Schumann + origin: Pathé journal plane crash typically Switzerland origin: Cine journal monument to Peter Minuit, founder of 1626, v. New York camera: Jürgens, basic American Lehrmaschine for schools camera: Rieck time stage before 15 years prices, buyers strikes art skating Baran/Falk camera: basic Hein ten Hoff/jan Karimi camera : Rieck Berlin sector boundary Berlin today in Berlin-Mariendorf trotting Derby camera: Pahl, Brandes, Zakariah Berlin Gorilla Musonda camera is dead: Pahl final brand 3.0 m

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