Die Zeit unter der Lupe 714/1963 04.10.1963


01 Rome. Pope Paul VI. manages 2nd phase of the Vatican. A Council. -Pope is supported by DOM, makes close with blessings characters. Church nave m. views of altar in the Htrgr, half total, deselect pan of Altarcloth Pope and umgebd. Bishops, half close, section v. d. stehd amount. The cross beats Vatican, Pope, while it aufgeschlag a cleric. Book reserves, close, Pope folds hands d. & the bishops before him bow down shortly. -02 southern France. De Gaulle visits Atomic Research Centre. -D. G. rises in car protection coats, close, go to Begleitg. several men in protective coats on entrance d. Institute to that side. close. More men in Schutzkleidg. come down d road building (m vl. parkd. Cars) up, half-close. Seitschwenk v. road m. photo reporters on the front section of the building, de Gaulle m. retinue from the entrance is on bereitstehd. Car, close to half, half side. -03. Bonn. Adenauer ' c. first parting gift cartoon collection. -Hands beat book Adenauer on close, looking down, front. close. Deselect pan on Karik. v. de Gaulle/Adenauer, speaks not sichtb A.. Person by he lächld. on one side, shows that side. close. Dev. OVR pan. Cartoon, bildf. (Barefoot Cabinet members - "who fits in Chancellor's shoe". - 04 Washington.) Schröder, at Kennedy. -Saleh, rises to sunny square in front of the car, close to half, passing to reporters on white. House, close, Schröder & Kennedy (in the rocking chair) in conversation in hospitality. 2. Men's & 2 filmd. Close to reporters in the Htrgr. Kennedy b. listening side. Nah, chhd, close. SCHR. d. House leaves m. many men in the wake of (external), close. -05 New York. Russian circus. -Animal artistry in the arena: brown bear running m. White Spitz in the arm on outer edge along (unt. Guidance. d. Tamer). juggles a music drum; lying on back, sitting one the focus on scaffolding angebr. horizontal rotating pole, according a monkey hangs at their ends, half-close. -2 bears boxing against m. intervention by a referee in the ring, close, shortly. Some single, klatschendes audience.

06. Paris. Presentation of the Americ. Circus Barnum. -Upright walking poodle, a young. Poodle orbiting close, shortly. Once. Dog ride on horses. Poodle runs on body of an artist that fortlfd. Performs Handsprings. -07. Iceland. Geyser Eruption ("Stroggur"). -Flight recordings mountains with snow. Mountain slope. Filled with water. Viewed from the crater, half total, v. edge. Some settings. bubbling steaming fountains, half-close. -08. The laser beam. -Scientists pressed on light cannon, beam tube expands, close, once. Glass production in factory, molten glass with vl. reflections, bildf., behind is verschiebendem glass cameraman Jürgens ' head with camera, close, reflections v. Esterer b. walking as well his face. Stacked plates opt. Glass in storage, equipment with glass spiral for Concentr. of light, air balloon bursting at unt. Exposure to d. Laser beam, match ensues.

09. the channel tunnel project. -English, reading newspaper standing on the banks of the Thames, near, Paris Zeitg read outdoors. i. Htrgr., close from Eiffel Tower. Sketch of gegenüberliegd itself. Coastline English - Holland. -M. luggage go people lower body platform, close, close. Man carries box on shoulder him m. l hand stützd. French policeman regulates traffic close, short, parking at the airport, Lady finger drums nervous on car roof and on case, the close. Older. Workers operated crank a pulley m. hand, soloseat. of the quay fahrd. French Steamer, frontal, short. Aircraft rolls OVR. Runway to agree. Spectators i. fo., in an anteroom waiting people, group of people along the aircraft gangway at the bow goes, half-close. -2 men sit hunched over a plan, a square keep comparing two hands. Block and a wooden disc against one another, close. Once. Table-top model of the tunnel project with model railways and model cars, some stretch the negotiate. Trick first. Car traffic is in überird. Tunnel shell derived from bars, drive through it. Tunnel from a drivers standpoint, drivers side. Nah, an animals with cars loaded freight train in the through Zog. Swivel. Head of French Police at the edge of the image, side. close before an architekton. Coat of arms, return of Arc de Triomphe and transport including, London silhouette in the Dim light of m. Thames i. fo. A bevy of bridal couples walk along Beach, cutting façade of the hotel with winkd. Incoming newlywed dragging luggage pairs of Windows and balconies, down hall, Mr inscribes itself in the book, 2-storey restaurant, inside, half total, m. occupied. UNT. Hall, bumping m. sparkling wine at a table, short, Board m. chalk font "honeymoon ball - No. excuse me dances", nah, with tanzd. Couples filled. Dance floor, some Kiss einand. Here, close. Rotating light ball ceiling, close. Pan over dense set, the suitor with rose. Glass, couples climb up stairs, lights hint. Windows go out, groom fills, sitting before bed in pajamas, toto-Bill, sitzd close, in bed. Bride makes throwing away hand movement and lies down. Lighted window on dark facade, close (VL. archive-in from UFA 247). -10 Eggenfelden. Int. Sandbahnrennen. -Div. set of dusty. Race, people protect their faces with hands & notebooks with (big boy) jackets and coats, distort faces, knock the dust out of hair. Winner Manfred Poschenrieder is garlands, close.

11 Frankfurt. Football international match Germany: Turkey 3:0 - = Uwe Seeler and Türk. Players Exchange Club pennants & join s. d. hands, close. Size banners and flags of the Türk. Fans in plans. -Quantity, div. game setup, goals and goal scenes in slow motion, various settings. Viewers, close, + cut-outs of the field. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hess, Rudolf ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kennedy, John F. ; Paul VI. ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Poschenrieder, Manfred ; Seeler, Uwe


South of France ; Jülich ; Bonn ; Tokyo ; Biarritz ; Paris ; London ; Iceland ; Jersey ; Kiel ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Rome ; Washington ; New York ; Frankfurt ; Eggenfelden ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Railways ; gambling ; Hands ; Higher education ; Dogs ; Industry ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; motor sports ; News, communications ; Police ; Rain ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Holiday ; transport questions ; Engagement ; Water ; Science ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; nuclear science ; Entertainment, festivals ; Geology ; Dogs ; Industrial ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 714/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m flashlights Pope Paul - Council origin: Sedi de Gaulle in Central nuclear origin: Pathé journal Adenauer-Karrikaturen Schröder at Kennedy origin: Metro Russian circus (bears) origin: Metro circus Barum origin: Pathé journal Iceland - geysir outbreak origin: Erhard Film focus the laser beam camera: Jürgens origin: Polkronika channel tunnel project origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont mass wedding (England) origin: Pathé News Sports Sandbahnrennen i. Eggenfelden camera : Hafner, Vlasdeck football: Germany-Turkey camera: Luppa, reason, strong end brand 3.0

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Uwe Seeler’s 85th Birthday (* November 5, 1936)

The German soccer icon Uwe Seeler is considered one of the best strikers of his time, even to this day. His spectacular goals, fighting spirit and down-to-earth attitude turned him a folk hero - especially in his hometown of Hamburg, where he played professionally for the HSV since the age of 17. The "fat man," as his teammates affectionately called him because of his compact stature, had the ability to hit from the most impossible positions, whether falling, lying down or - as in the 1970 World Cup match against England - with the back of his head. Above all, he never gave up on a game until it was really over: the game against Braunschweig in 1957 was very memorable, it went down in soccer history as the "Miracle of the Weser". His team was trailing 0:4 at half time, but in the end they won 6:4 with three goals from Seeler. In 1961 he turned down a million Deutsch Mark deal from Inter Milan. Instead, he worked part-time as a sports goods salesman to compensate for the meagre income that footballers were paid at the time, which made him even more popular. The sympathy was therefore enormous when a ruptured Achilles tendon in 1965 seemed to threaten his career. But Seeler wouldn't be Seeler if he didn't give his all to return to the pitch. When he managed to do so it caused a sensation.

Thus the famous "Uwe, Uwe, Uwe" chants resounded for the last time only in 1972 - at his farewell game in front of 70,000 fans in Hamburg's Volkspark Stadium. By then, he had scored over 1,000 goals for HSV, participated in four World Cups and scored 43 goals in 72 international matches for the German national team. He was the first athlete ever to receive the Federal Cross of Merit, he was chosen as a permanent delegation member of the national team and last but not least he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Hamburg, which for Seeler was the most important award. His loyalty to his beloved HSV is unabated: he regularly sits in the stadium, outside of which stands a huge bronze sculpture of his right foot.

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