Die Zeit unter der Lupe 716/1963 19.10.1963


01 Italy. Dam disaster. -Huge spilled reservoirs, people groups on gravel, upward swing to rock column, various settings. the destroyed. Dam, people and military. Helpers are grouped around covered dead on scree, Seitschwenk on underlying mil trucks, front tent of the command staff, soldiers single dead cows ground go soldiers group in long series i. single file on the scree along, total and close, close. Once, destroyed houses. -02 Wunstorf. Farewell parade for Dr. Adenauer. -Column, Adenauer with gewehtem in the forehead hair b. d. loss, halbseitl. Gr. -Review of a. s. visit and address to recruits in Andernach 1956 - Adenauer + ever grüßend von hassel b. parade decrease, lowering the hands uplifting and at the same time halbseitl. Nah, div. once. the parade, including total with gr. military. Audience a. roadside u. Ehrengarden, columns, including the Navy. Navneet. Schröder betw. Men's sitting that close. Tanks including military vehicles, among other things with guns u. Rockets, helicopter. -Squadron, short. Dense swarm of reporter on the press room. Sitting looking to generals, half-close. In looking to men's Erich Mende. HA... Adenauer neb. v. hassel, lateral ones. close, Jet Fighter Squadron, camp.

03. Frankfurt. Peace Prize for C. F. von Weizsäcker. -Door insight is beaten up, close on dome of St. Paul's Church, front room series, certificate, Weizs. lateral ones. close, m. ernst. Face standing before a microphone, will close by a Mr beglückw., appl. Viewers, close, stage totally m. Weizsäcker on podium, W. speaking, frontal, close (original sound). -04 UNITED STATES. "190-millionth American". -Door opens in hospital corridor, colored employee keeps them on f. sister who pushes forth a baby on rack before s. Automatically functioning counting system at registration table in the U.S. Department of Commandos: number is increased by 1 to 190 million, close. View through door into room with Babis in einzl. glass-framed bed, sleeping baby, close. Sketch map of the United States with cross light bulbs on their medium shine out. The number on the machine. Counting clock increases by 1-05 United States. Signed d. of nuclear stop agreement + wheat f. d. Soviet Union. -John F. Kennedy signed sitting at table, framed by District v. men's frontal, half close + close. Room with phone banks, half total side., Kennedy holds speech production (sound), frontal, close. Conferring upon images from the wheat harvest in the United States:-a number v. combines driving OVR. huge. Kornfeld, cutter of a passing Mähdr., close. Machine. Load a truck via a pipe to page d. d. Harvester, wheat mountain tried in outdoor, total, man of the grains, remote, wheat is headed by truck through sewage on the ground at camp, close. Conferring upon Adenauer words "Trau, look at who!". -06 Munich, German banker day 10. -Front room series m, appl. Men's side, views over Hall on stage with Royal box & lectern on side, total, various settings. Close listeners. Speakers on the Panel, close to half (no sound). -07. Under the microscope: Parking meters + zebra stripes. -Once. Parking in Hamburg, Park signs (8-19: 00) + downward swing on label including "with a parking disc parking up to 1 hour allowed" big. Lady in driver's seat in car provides a parking disc, OVR. Shoulder seen close, affixing outside individual cars driving on marked Park Strip in downtown, close behind windshield wipers, close. Once. Operation of parking meters, newspaper clipping "parking meters are m. headline illegal?". Official connecting device for money drainage at parking meter, close. Mr in parking lot and recorded something, hands this close, is leerstehd one notes window. Cars close once. Transport, short. Panoramic view from the drivers perspective on parkd on the edge of the main road. Car. Joke: Theo Petersen goes car around on the parking meter to see searches his pockets for pennies, turns and goes, bought at the booth is running. Flowers to the parking meter back Dimes put into it, the flowers are a bystander, which is long puzzled and pleased look to. -Lady makes ängstl. Approach, to cross the street. Man rolls "private zebra stripes" OVR. Street, goes over, while cars must keep on its entsprechd. Motion with index finger and rolling the role BC on itself towards him, he lifts them up. -08 Tokyo. Before Olympics. -Kurt Rau waving & lächlnd. with camera on gangway, close, go to the Flugz., is schließd. Door v. inside, bildf., Boeing rolling, half total, pulpit m. 3-man Besetzg. (the rear makes records), dashboard, bildf., Flugz. Parts of the unt. The screen before Fujiyama. Mr photographed through Windows, Tokyo aerial m. Flugz. Part i. image. Street images m. vl. traffic, student groups, young women, 2 German athletes train. Flyover look at-Anzügen. Festival for athletes and officials:-cooking fries kl. Pieces of meat in schwimmd. Fat before counter with guests, lächelnder action. Japan, close. 3 dastehd smiling. Gentlemen, has. 1 Japan at night, close to many people on the lawn (b. Dar.) - i. fo,. go 3 Japanese, followed by Nännerblicken. -Pre Olympic Games: – athlete statue outside front Stadium, close. Audience grandstands rises, Crown Prince couple descends stairs between stands under the gaze of the lot, lateral ones. half close. Japan series Cinematographers to tripods on occupied stand. Crown Prince couple on Trib. sitting, angular v. unt. GES., close. Panoramic view from the Trib. on half round of the stadium. with sports teams marching on and appldrd. Flag with Olympus wearing spectators in the fo, athletes. Wrestle close by, appldrd. Japan Nah, 6 Mariner wear captains, gr. Bunting, close to, in the circle of podium clustered athletes with their flags, total, dito close with Japanese on podium, which has raised a hand to the oath. Pursuit of flying over Stadium flock of doves, audience looking up, vessel for the Olympus. Flame, totally, close, before Trib. i. Htrgr. Looking to Japanese, close. Gymnast. Mass demonstrations of Japanese women, Transfokator trip by flying in bulk balloons before grandstands.
Japanese gives go-ahead, close. Hurdles of women in drawn through pan, Jutta Hein, betw. Athletes sitting, overlooks the stadium, taps, it goes without saying, in a spontaneous gesture of disappointment of sitzd in front of her. Athlete on shoulder, side. HA... The men's race. Japanese timekeepers, oblique v. unt. seen, total and close. CL. girl on lap applauds with close, sticks thumb in mouth, close. Div. streetscapes, construction sites, including the highway, waiting Shoeshiner at the roadside. Various settings. Neon signs in district b night. Porter & and. Notes on table in reception room include employee, close. Japanese b. nächtl. Close to shopping. Women's hands serve Japan Slide rule and record numbers on the list, close, jg. Japanese girl & jg. Japanese face Revue advertising and talk with each other hand of a cashier b. shopkeeper close, jg. Japanese girl takes a wobbling head doll in Selbstbedienungsladen(?), short, gr. Light advertisement for d. Olympiad (m. rings). JG. Japanese girl in kimono ceremony in div. detail settings., face close, bowing after smiling, totally, close. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Akihito ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Kennedy, John F. ; Petersen, Theo ; Rau, Kurt ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Weizsäcker von, Carl Friedrich ; Heine, Jutta


Tokyo ; Frankfurt ; Biarritz ; Wunstorf ; Hamburg ; Italy ; United States ; Berlin ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Children ; natural disasters ; Olympics ; Pacts ; Parades ; Political events ; Joke ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Agriculture and forestry ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Events ; transport questions ; Contracts ; Economy ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Construction ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 716/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m focal point dam disaster in Italy origin: iNcom Spotlight farewell parade for Adenauer, Wunstorf peace prize f - Weizsäcker camera: Basic, strong 190 millionth American origin: Metro Kennedy: Atom stop + wheat for Russia origin: Metro, Metro 10 German bankers day camera: Vlasdeck parking meters parking - parking disc camera: Rau, Pahl origin: Polygoon sport before Olympics Tokyo camera: Rau final brand 3.0 m

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