Die Zeit unter der Lupe 717/1963 25.10.1963


01 accident series. Betriebsurfalle. -In space, where there is a fire risk makes workers pause, reads newspaper and drinking from bottle, close, newspaper clipping "3 killed in scaffold collapse". Workers put s cigarette. -2 workers b. d. work in machine shop, asks the other one, hydrochloric acid to refill is taken, close (original sound), spray bottle, bottle with hydrochloric acid from Cabinet the workers is taken, close, going through funnel into spray bottle to pour acid d., funnel on bottle opening, big, stops workers, face large, Mr m. label puts him, is d. Brausefl. proceeded to label m. & skull, close. Transfer of acid, close. -02. Spotlight: Chancellor Professor Dr. Ludwig Erhard. -Erhard thanked him in front of House at Mount Venus for Torch-light procession to honor by waving and handshakes, b. Dar. Many Torchbearers, bildf., close. Erhard keeps close, speech before the Bundestag (original sound). Among listeners of Adenauer, side. Nah, Carlo Schmid. lateral ones. close, Schröder betw. Mende & Hale. close. Adenauer and 2 Bank neighbors v. rear ges., hands agai. Temples continued, close. -Para Lübke. i. d. Villa Hammerschm. in the circle v. Ministers & Erhard, appointment certificates Krüger (Federal displaced persons min.), Stud (Wirtsch.) and Mende (all issues), jew. close. Cabinet Erhard & Lahiri in the first. Series on stairs before Villa in Group standing, halbseitl. total. Luppa surrounded by vl. cameramen with hand-held cameras filming, side. half close, Erhard with a smile turned to Lübke, close. -03 London, Elizabeth II visited Macmillan i. hospital - Lord home new premier. -Queen enters, camera people and grüßd. Officials hospital entrance going over. Sign "King Edward VII's Hospital for officers - Sister Agnes Founder", dead., close. Facade, bildf. -Dense people trellis on holding free Street with 1 police station, halbseitl., ält. Guy m. ernst. Face & cap from Tartan, close. Lord home of reporters surrounded prior s House, waving, half close, comes down a. -04 UNITED STATES. Tito at Kennedy. -Honor guard, halbseitl., with multiple flags, Tito & Kennedy with General in their midst guard pace, halbseitl., half close, enter behind flag carriers Ballroom, half close, Kennedy. Tito + wife a. one side and his sister on d. others standing front wall, close. -05 UNITED STATES. Eisenhower is birthday party. -IKE blows up smiling candles gr. Pie, close, Barry Goldwater among sitzd. Guests, half-close + close, is entertaining. Eisenh. is a piece of cake on right. Lady eats standing up genußv. Cake, front., close.

06. Tehran. De Gaulle's visit. -Begrüßg. a. airfield de Gaulle/Farah - Mme. de G./Shah. half close, population & i. fo. Honor guard at the roadside. Body m. Reiter escort passes flag-lined place in background. of them, half-close. Shah neb. Coming Farah b. darkness in front of Palace walk, servants takes him off sleeve coat, side. close. De Gaulle & wife with 2 men's i. Hall standing, half close, burning chandeliers, ceiling at an angle seen, falor. Table sitzd. Imperial couple and de Gaulle with standing behind servant series front., close to half. Saber m. before stairs standing guard, close. -People, among them women m. veil, at the side of the road, halbstl. close. De Gaulle runs off. Car, standing in front of Castle, beckons. -07 record flight of B 58 - London - Tokyo in 8.1/2 hours. -Machine rolls OVR. Airfield, close by the image, rises (in the through Zog. Swivel), close, fuel acquisition typically air, close, rolling on runway from STS rear tensioning brake screen, soloseat. total. Door list. Pulpit opens s autom. a piece of short, half-close. Pilots and some military officials are facing plane, close. -08. Under the microscope: Safety in civil aviation, shipyard. LH Masch. rolls before a pilot on fo's. to LH traffic machine rolls in hangar, v. inn. & outer seen, close & en detail. Swivel OVR. Hall inside. various settings. Fitters & engineers b. d. Work on aircraft parts, engineering illuminated part with X-ray beam. Expensed. Pan shield dam at workplace "Stop x-rays." on 2 STS measurements. Engineers, man on the Panel, v. hint. GES., close, technician turns langs. Close to a chassis, wheel, 2 workers wash hull m. long. Scrub, short. 2 pilot students b. registration desk with order tab. Pilot students in classrooms before teachers b. demonstrate an engine model. Training of students on machine parts, screw is resolved, close. Instrument flight training, starting 2-motor-machine, close, student enters pulpit of a propeller plane a. air., half-close + close, sitting in the pulpit, soloseat. Nah, s. ear caps come your way, while pulpit s automatic. closes. Machine with 1 rider hint. z is the pilot. Start, close, short. Pilot during the flight, v. back, close. Panoramic views over wing and. Aircraft, propeller aircraft make turns, OVR total, against the sky, look. Wing on this machine when the crashed plane. -09 Brussels. "Day of goodness and friendship"--animal blessing. -Once. Flea market, a. m. sniff spreading art objects, people their animals, dogs each other back, ält parakeet on shoulder. Man, half close, cats head peeps out. Wool cover, close. -Choirboys to step on a podium, people cross themselves, monk, a. m. podium the choirboys standing, splashed by their owners for pets with holy water, close, ält. Woman wearing turtle on hand, close, swing on off sitzd. Cat in addition to wall, close.

10 Berlin. Gorilla "Bibi" m. family connection. -OVR backward swing. House facade, cameraman m. case & tripod on back such input, u., v. hint. seen. Hand-operated old-fashioned doorbell, close. Gorilla girl "Bibi" comes to master hand through door, close, attaches itself to master b. coming closer score, cutting the whether. Lot of Gorilla-face, bildf, Bibi is fed at the table owner, close; White, is bewegd restless. Cat in hands of a lady, close. Bibi lick spoon, front. Nah, smiling jg. Girl, frontal, close. Bibi walked, v. master carried over his knee, screaming shrill on production (sound), big, stripped v. master and laid in bed basket, cover, close.

11 Hamburg. HSV soccer: Munich 1860 5:0 - = t. Mr m. nervous straight face, frontal, close, enthuses young people firing on m. straw hats, close, div. game once., door scenes partly in time, llm goal by Uwe Seeler, half close, the goalkeeper of the Munich-based boxes, lying on the ground, the ball again at the gate. Oblique supervision on on low Starlink audience, bildf., and young people, close, Defense parades of the Mun. Goalkeeper in slow motion. Div. once, moving audiences, flag-waggingly, juvenile m. patch on the nose, tongue OVR. d. lips driving, front close, front chewing lad. Nah, goal shot in the head by Seeler total. Cutout rose m viewers. Hands. Finish of the Seeler-Elf, Uwe alone i. image, close. Upper part of d. face of a man pushes m. straw hat that scratches on forehead, big, and hat in the face. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Diba, Farah ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Goldwater, Barry ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Home ; Kennedy, John F. ; Krüger ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmücker, Kurt ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Tito, Josip ; Seeler, Uwe


Brussels ; London ; Berlin ; United States ; Tehran ; Bonn ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Parliaments ; Political events ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; People ; Military ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 717/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m the good tip accident story 22 (hydrochloric acid) origin: Jupiter-film focus Erhard - new Chancellor camera: Luppa, Seib, Zaki moments Lord home, new premier origin: Pathé news Tito at Kennedy origin: Metro of Eisenhower's birthday origin: Metro de Gaulle b. Shah origin: Eclair record flight d. B-58 origin: Metro under the magnifying glass safety in civil aviation camera: fire, strong range of animal blessings in Brussels origin : Belgavox Gorilla girl Bibi camera: Pahl Sports Football: HSV-Munich 1860 camera: fire, Rieck, l., Jackson finally brand 3.0 m

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