Die Zeit unter der Lupe 719/1963 08.11.1963


01 accident series (25). Dangers in the budget (Durchgebr. Fuses replace, not repair! Tangible drugs!). -Man look great in the light of a lighter in fuse box, fuse, tried to repair them, hands this close, speaks at indignantly someone, frontal, refers to backup in s. hand and goes. -Skyrocket woman hands b. cutting celery, hand unt. Cry "Ouch", the woman runs into the room, where her husband (Mr Lensch) a. Schreibmasch. types, and searches for patch (interview - dialogue) in chest of drawers, keeps it finger in mouth, provides check-box Cabinet, goes beyond. Man emptied box m. ill. Neb drugs on table. Schreibmasch., close, begins to sort. Mr L. faces in kitchen medicine cabinet on wall, is in 2 vials, shows medications range, which is available on board before that, among other things on einzl. Vial, close, speaks to the neb. his wife (original sound). -02 Algeria Morocco - conflict. -Destroyed trucks and debris on the desert floor, etc. also steel helmet. Soldier faces m. helmet Palm m. MP at the ready, close. Swivel of rifle i. desert scrub on soldier before that, to the water of helmet in bottle pouring, close. Lower body two Gaines. Soldiers with bundle of field bottles in hands, close. Truck rolls out of picture, standing before soldier sticks on the ground. Sketch map of the border area. -Part lot of Moroccans, with rose. Poor screaming by St hopping, close by St laufd. Volume v. back, including veiled women, briefly, King Hassan in off. Dare umjubelnde crowd standing and waving through him driving, ecstatic jubld. young people, close. Hassan goes, followed by his bodyguards, by lot, front close. -Algerians lot goes with banners through road, Transp.. "Vive Le Socialisme" past worn big. Cheering v. back - i. fo. applaudierender man, close. Ben Bella, sitting on the bleachers of a stadium, half close - boys crowd in stands over him. Ben Bella s. wipes the face with cloth, frontal, close. -Mali. Ceasefire agreement. -Backward swing of airport building with clock on President and other local waiting on the airfield, close. Hassan's greeting before plane wave. Standing around, half close, Ben Bella gangway descends, close. v. back seen at an angle, is welcomed by the President with cheek to cheek set close. Group curious and reporters and military post before high fence (e.g. President seat), Ben Bella Fe. many standing to sitting, about to sign, half close, another neb. him b sign, half-close. Haile Selassie, great (images blurred), Ben Bella and Haile S. Herren's densely umdrängt, filmed with Flash light, half-close. -Pivot about the battlements of a castle with approx. Battlement sitting. Soldiers with rifle in the attack targeting them from behind, close, and through binoculars looking for holding. Upright stehd fortress. Soldier m. turban m. direction on desert behind it. -03 Lengede. Mine disaster. Dramat. Rescue 3 buddies, the 64 m underground b. caught sitting a pressure of 1, 3 ATM in bubble. -Drilling operations, s. lifting drill, drill close, rotating winch and ropes before, close. Night photography: Scaffolding, lifting crane & environment; Workers turn the drill with hand, close, dehydrated workers available at hearth, v. hint. seen. By crane, DruckausgleichsBehälter is used, close to brought down hole (call the workers interview), close zuguckende miners, waiting old women. Images at twilight: OVR backward swing. Drilling mast on Druckausgl. -container, from which descends a staircase for Earth & environment m. wartd. People. Man passes through message to microphone, original sound, smoking workers, close, div t. one of the bystanders, technician verifies measuring devices on Druckausgl. Cabins outside, beglückw miners. Surrounded mine Director, v. filming photo reporters. The saved go waving u. smiling from cab, frontal, waiting nurses, close to disaster site with moving restless lot, at the foot of the stairs close, half total, outgoing people swarm from the rear, compressed air flows from pipe, half close, a rescued is carried by Red Cross volunteers such as ambulance, upper part of moving to KR.-Wagens b. darkness, close, steering venture v. back, m. rear vision out helper, well, short. -Crowds of reporters and policemen in hospital gear. The individual recovered in hospital beds, on which sit the wives, werd. photographed and interviewed (original sound). -04 Bu. -Rep. -Latest Americ. DD crossed the Rhine. -2 soldiers make to create the command tower on top of tank. Tank goes soloseat. water tank half i. water m. soldier to command tower, dead, half close tracking of diving on kl. Barges driving observed Americ. Soldiers. He sitzd about the submerged tank command tower. Soldier, close to half of boat i. Htrgr. driving past. -05. Cape Canaveral. Launch Super Polaris A-3 by submarine. -Div. once. C cruising boat list. u. unt. Water, total. Out of water shooting out rocket, close, total, flight tracking, descends slowly to the background to. -06 UNITED STATES. Tests on the model of the modern Überschallflugzeuges. -Model-sketch from Sky, dead. close. Model is in hand betw. Demonstr. rotated, close Design Office with 2 men's b. records to table and one on electron,. Standing devices behind it, once. Review of the model, including on heat resistance. Size room with test equipment. Once. Factory, visit the model and model items in the construction of outdoor & indoor, pilot b. circuits on valve, from the hint, nah. Miniature model table total. -07 Ohlstedt in Garmisch. Training of the four-man team that won the world title in 1962. -Once. Riding on Bob through the streets of the village, past m. wheels at winkd. People along the way, head of a driver, large. Archive-on the. Rode. Run thereafter once again start to Ubungsfahrt, village children v. hint. seen, total. -Once. Sports Group at gymn. Exercises see in gym, children through window in, close, heads of single men b. gymnastics, big. Push ups of all in circle formation, ball game, short. -08 Stockholm. Football / Sweden: Germany 2: = 1 - various settings. Scenes recorded by netting, much in slow motion, various settings. Spectators; Gate in slow motion, goalkeeper of the German lies on ground and pursues the ball into the goal with the eyes, seen by network. Jubilant boys before grandstand i. background, halbseitl. Nah, goalkeeper Sabz stops the ball, who slips him soloseat. away, he crawls in a hurry behind and throwing herself on him (in slow motion). Quiet-looking little boy, close gate in slow motion,. The Swed. Goalkeeper leaves gefang. Ball slide away Uwe Seeler falls over the goalie, who themselves may have from the ground. want to (by network seen in slow motion. Cheering spectators in stands, viewed from above, half-close. Goal for Sweden in time, through network ges., the goalkeeper is swinging towards the ball falls on belly, remains long. Time be, looks around for midfield. 2 kl. Boys hugging each other happy, doing the knocking one another on the shoulder, close. -

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Bella, Ben ; Hassan II. von Marokko ; Selassie, Haile ; Seeler, Uwe


Lengede ; Algeria ; United States ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Cap Canaveral ; Italy ; Morocco ; Mali ; London ; Stockholm ; Igls/Innsbruck ; Ohlstedt in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Demonstrations ; Gymnastics ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Football ; natural disasters ; Pacts ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; Skibike ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Debris ; Youth ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; People ; Military ; Contracts ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Mining ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 719/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m of good tip accident story 25 order against pain origin: Jupiter-film the Algeria-Morocco conflict desert war origin: Gaumont, GAUMONT, GAUMONT, Pathé journal, Act. Marocaines mining disaster of Lengede camera: Seib technology U.S. amphibious crosses Rhine camera: basic nuclear submarine as a launching pad for origin: Pathé news of Polaris origin: Metro supersonic origin: Pathé News Sports bobsleigh training a. wheels camera: Vlasdeck football: Sweden Germany camera: reason, Jürgens, Brandes finally brand 3.0

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