Die Zeit unter der Lupe 720/1963 15.11.1963


01 Japan. Lübke's visit. -M. titled flags winkd. Children a. wayside. young Japanese distributed to group PIC. Women with umbrellas paper flags, close. Lübke occurs by gangway, which Mrs. L. u. behind her companion to descend an Empfangskommitee i. fo. half close, welcomes a Lord, half close, Akihito and Michiko neb. Men before aircraft stehd., close. Total welcome delegation at Begrüßg. Lübke/Akihito. Oblique, honor guard, totally, before airport. Building far in the background, sleeping facing heads 3 guards, close. Lübke welcomes agreement i. reception room in the presence. Men's U.S. wife of min. Pres.. Ikeda and converses with him, half-close. Chandelier ceiling, half-dead, size., greeting scenes b. Banquet: Hirohito eay. Companion, close a Lübke, stehd Lübke in series. Ladies, close, a German diplomat hotel. Japan Empress m. Kiss on the hand, close. General raising of champagne goblets at table, half-dead, u. Drinking, wife Lübke in children's home of the Red Cross:-with paper flags waving series Sisters before building, habseitl, sisters m. children on arm, close. Mrs. L., ambient. v. sisters, children & pets something enough, after himself bückend 2 close once below, close to half. Child takes a child with toy in hand, Mrs. L. under the gaze of bystanders lovingly on arm, half-close.

02. Hong Kong. Lübke's visit. -River plain before mountain i. Htrgr (bamboo curtain), couple Lübke, going close, military posts accompanied views hint. Bamboo curtain. and observers i. fo. from rear view. Ehep. Lübke m. binoculars, close. River cruising chines. Sailing ship, dead., half-close. Desc. Pan from branches of a high tree on Bay and Harbour, numerous densely on densely stehd. Sampans, closely settings. propelled sampans, Netzeknüpfer b. d. work, eating Chinese in sampan, dead., half close close. -Residential building facade part with vl. aushängend. Linen, once. live road, sitzd road. Dealers, less than spield with straws. Boy at the foot of ärml. Women, close, forward sales hockd. Bread eating Chinese, close to hand. Old. Dealer pushes raffia baskets on not shown. Vehicle before himself, close, another indefinable old goods (paper?), rear view of kl. Girl with even smaller siblings on jed. Hand and a close on back before broad Street, rickshaw with cigarette rauchd. Chinese passes total, girl with the brothers and sisters, in a rush the last piece to the and. Streetside subduing v. hint., half-close. Close-up children's swing and slide on the playground, are seeking children's group, including waving, bildf., close. -Lübke & Begleitg. walk through populated Street, half-close. Various settings. Block of a new settlement, visited by Lahiri & attendance, views from roof on settlement of new apartment blocks, Koch houses in front of port Bay fahrd m. Ships. Expensed.-Pan Bay, half total. -03 Raisting/OBB. -Opening of trial for telecommunication links via satellite. -The station with Radom and parade grounds. Stücklen speaks with 2 men on the ground, close. Guided tour of the station, Stücklen, front., close, in conversation with friends. NASA, Mr. Webb (interview), detail-one t of is turning. Parabolic mirror, Radom from mountains in the background, total. -04 Austria. Diving company Töplitzsee. -Signpost forest "to Töplitzsee", close, and Seitschwenk forest, 2 divers in full. Equipment, disc to divers helmet is mate hand tight, close to the Lake from m. environment & divers Group on the shore, half total, from bridge in the middle of the Lake are ropes across OVR. Lake pulled out, Frogman appears before bridge, close, lamp in hand, close, bridge with men, who with long. Rods i. wass. poke around and look down, total (undeutl. identifiable), at night projected television screen, undeutl. On the. the underwater camera. Boat m. 3 men at sea (journalists); total, kl. Package of fake. Pound on boat base, half-close. Group photograhps. Journalists on the forest, close to half man ergreiftdie pound, note package in hand, close. -05 America. Machine. Chicken farm. -Swivel OVR. time series of the mighty chicken pen in Hall, near swivel OVR. Cages, pressure on button of a plant & light the signal buttons, close. Food issue via conveyor belt, eggs on production line, which shall be forwarded further, workers sorted at the end d. Assembly line eggs in cartons, short, straight insight. 2 endless rows of cage.

06. London. Choice of "Miss World 1963". -Parade of all candidates total, jury, div. Nahaufn close,. individual candidates in Poznan or speed over bridge, jg. Man nympha. JG. Lady i. publ., halbseitl. close; colored PIC. neb serious viewers. JG. Lady with a Jackie hairstyle, close. "Winner Miss Jamaica", front. close. Group's front room in the sit filmender reporter, close. The Miss candidates in number, close, audience applause with jg series. Man & women's i. fo., lateral ones. Nah, winner ascends throne, Crown her coat tosses a miss, half close, "world Miss 63", waving, smiling, close.

07. Bonn. ABG. Adenauer in the Bundesrat building. -Enters, with slight nod a doorstep stehd. Welcoming Mr, side wings. close. Aufschr. "Federal Council" on top of a hinged door, close. A. sitting behind the desk, scrolls in book, halbseitl. close, reading booklet, front close, reads in a folder and it shall continue, as a Secretary he documents the Secretary, submit, speaking, big. A. comes with long gears up, long past., oblique supervision on lobby agreed. zusammenstehd. Politicians and Adenauer, by door i. background. beyond, it welcomes 2 gentlemen, remote.

08th Bonn. Erhard G. ball talks. -Front group of photographers before the window of the Palace. close. -Erhard sits talking ball with a and. Mr (neb. Is) close to coffee table together. Pan by Erhard & Mr a. him on ball on sofa to you, speaking, halbstl. Close (bust), Erhard speaking, close. Photographer close group. The men's converse in the standing, shaking hands Erhard / ball, close, space, half total, with photographers in front view them stelld. Men from rear sight. -09 time - report. -(Germany representation). -Erhard bildf on cover of time, head in the snippet. -Archive shots: Transfok. Tour v. high-rise (Bull). -Jg excerpts. Audience room, close. -Nazi party meeting with speakers in the middle of the room. -Cash is distributed on Geldmasse hand, close parking m. countless cars, half total. -Jewel neck of woman, close, mannequin on the catwalk. Bite into a piece of cake ("cocktail goody"), which is held in behandschuhter Lady hand side. large, male. Mannequin neb. staatl. Building in coat (span. Dinie?). Low back neckline of a lady - jewel on the carrier, close. -silhouette one is küssd. Couple, close. -New: Mr takes in view of the guests. Weaving tables at an empty table of the restaurant on Fernsehturk Stuttgart square, close. Tower restaurant, diagonally seen v. down totally, half-close archive footage:-passing passenger train with people grapes on running boards. -Consolation on street soldiers (2-3), close the front little chewing and one someone before him looking on, waiting Flüchtl consolation from. -Close women, (ancient undeutl. Recordings). -Archivaufn. Ku-Damm b. dawn, short, twist end teenagers this deep cleavage, which makes breast semi-free close, girl-Popo, close. Construction parts in construction of the Berlin wall, some adults and children at the wall going along. -School children on a Hbg. Street, close. Hitler head (triumphant smiling), - Groß. -Bismarck monument, half-dead, front, man in undershirt feather pillows on the window sill sets, seen from the outside, close. Hängd on balcony on leash. Feather Bed, close. Repros of paintings (Lindenbaum - 3 oak trees in barren landscape.), rubber tree plant on windowsill, close. Expensed. Pan by Zentralheizg. on rubber tree with Windows Vista House opposite. Plaque with Aufschr. "God with us" m. Eagle coat of arms comes from blur out, great. 3 pimples hoods illuminated in the dark, close, become. out of focus. Long wide clean corridor neb m. maid i. background, feet & Bohnerbesen b. waxing by stairs. "Freshly waxed" close to shield. At close cars, close tightly. lower parts of the face based on a lady and a man be. Drinking from shower - and beer glass, individually, close. -Deselect pan from ceiling in the splendor of many pears on Ballroom (Oktoberfest), bumping m. gr. Beer glasses, close. Schröder as a drunk. -Archivauf. Adenauer's speech, various settings, Erhard, intermediate cuts rows from the time article, the in German Translation are each spoken by the speaker. The White House, frontal, totally, close. Pair of legs a toddler standing on toes, close. Various settings. Legs of persons on road in winter shoes, Standing Commission boots, great. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Akihito ; Ball, George ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Hirohito von Japan ; Ikeda ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Shoda, Michiko ; Stücklen, Richard ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Hong Kong ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg ; Austria ; London ; Bonn ; Japan ; Tokyo ; Berlin ; Raisting ; Katowice ; Raisting/Upper Bavaria ; America ; Upper Bavaria


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Special events ; News, communications ; Plants ; Political events ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Radar ; beauty pageants ; Special reports ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Diving, diver ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Military ; transport questions ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 720/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m Spotlight Lübke in Japan Flash telecommunication OVR. Satellite camera: Vlasdeck diving company Toplitzsee origin: Austria, Austria automatic chicken farm, America origin: Metro election of Miß world origin: Pathé news under the magnifying glass of Adenauer in the Bundesrat building camera: basic Erhard in conversation with ball camera: strong, basic time report on Germany camera: Jürgens, rough, strong end brand

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