Die Zeit unter der Lupe 729/1964 14.01.1964


01 launching of the Esso Bavaria - shipyard constructions of the Howaldt shipyard. People in the crowd pushing forward on the occasion of the batch run, view from above on the crowd. different part of urgent positions of the ship (large). Federal Treasury Minister Dr. Dollinger among the guests. A lady lifts the champagne bottle and throws it against the ship's bow. The sparkling wine stain on the bow of the ship (large). The ship rolls slowly of the rims. The onboard camera films the launching from above. The Esso Bayern in the water with tractors. A tractor pulls the ship.

02. light handset - a young man with a handset in the hand. He opens the device. View from the inside. A crane is a large vessel. A man speaks in the handset. The crane driver is the answer. A woman speaks from the balcony by the device. The man in the car gets back. A fisherman gets through the device. Another man runs added. The angler pulls an old shoe on the Angel out of the water.

03. Pretzel machine - the dough pretzel machine is looped to pretzels. The pretzels on a tape in the machine and run out of the machine. A worker with a beer bottle in his hand be is in a pretzel and drink a SIP from the Bierflsche.

04. new year's reception at Lübke - President Lübke in the circle of diplomats. Among the guests of gang Chancellor Erhard and Foreign Minister Schröder.

05. integrating young ' pioneers - Ulbricht gets handed a FDJ girl a bouquet of flowers. The girl big smiling in the picture. Ulbricht laughing, great. Ulbricht in the circle of young pioneers 06. Pope Paul at Segni - Pope Paul is standing in an open car through Rome. Greeting between the Pope and President Segni. The Pope and Segni. close to half, alone in the image.

07. election campaign United States Rockefeller-Goldwater - Senator Berryl Goldwater, close, alone in the image. Nelson Rockefeller speaks with people. A round badge "Goldwater" on the lapel of a woman. Laughing woman. Goldwater speaks (far), Rockefeller goes on between people, hands with them and speaks to a child in the arms of his mother.

08 Johnson's "Message about the State of the nation" - President Johnson speaks before Congress. No closeups. Mrs. Johnson and Johnson's two daughters sitting among the spectators in the image alone.

09th young woman in white dress running in heavy traffic on the road. Various pedestrian walk between the cars of a side of the road to the other. A crowded street with cars. A boy with a bike before a suddenly sustained car. Running fat man.

10 vehicles in traffic - accident car (large). View a US the damaged cars on the crowded street. A tram from the front. A woman looks out a window. The reporter lift the stretcher from the salvage cars and go into a House. An injured man with a head bandage is placed on the stretcher. You carry him down the stairs. Push the stretcher in the salvage cars. Departure of the accident car, again through heavy traffic. The companion examines the Association of injured. Rain. The windshield wiper is in activity. Clogged road through wrong standing cars. The accident car turns and back. Shield 'Surgical Department' "General Hospital St. Georg". Rotating lights of the accident car (large). Interview with the driver of the car of accident. He gives instructions about proper behavior on the road in the middle of the car of accident. Inserts the Scenen in the interview about the demonstration.

11 portrait Hans Frömming - trotting horses. Close-ups of heads, the Sulkies, the trabenden legs. Ambling horse (total) with Hans Frömming. Hans Frömming in the Sulky with laurel wreath. Laurel wreath and victory loops hang on the wall. The laurel wreath (large). A groom dry rubs the head of a horse and cleans the horse, which is available in the stable lane. Harness heme gene on the wall. The Pflegernimmt' a bit off. The horse is putting the cart before from him. Cleaning the hooves. Hans Frömming is standing next to the horses and gives instructions to the staff, putting the cart before the animals are solln (original sound). Hans Frömming ascends the Sulky. Trotters (slow motion) the horse gait training. Frömming speaks into the microphone during training in the Sulky. Frömming descends. Running the horse in the stable. Signs with horse Manes "Torrid Song", "Eidelstedter". Frömming is feeding a horse, which is covered in the stable with a blanket, with sugar. Frömming laughing, knocking a horse head.

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Dollinger, Werner ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Goldwater, Barry ; Johnson, Ladybird ; Johnson, Linda B. ; Johnson, Lyndon ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Paul VI. ; Rockefeller, Nelson ; Segni ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Frömming, Hans


Federal Republic of Germany ; Hamburg ; East Berlin ; United States ; Kiel ; Bonn ; Rome ; Poland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Children ; Fishing ; Political events ; Portraits ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sports details, fouls ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; harness racing ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; People ; transport questions ; Science ; Viewers and audience ; Fisheries ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 729/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m technology launched of the ESSO Bayern camera: Rieck, Seib, Jürgens, Zaki, l. light call unit camera: Vlasdeck BREZEL machine camera: Vlasdeck moments new year reception at Lahiri camera: Luppa Ulbricht and young pioneers origin: DEFA Pope Paul at Segni origin: SEDI campaign United States: Rockefeller-Goldwater origin: Metro of Johnson's "Embassy location. d. nation origin: Metro under the magnifying glass pedestrian b. crossing d. roadway origin: Polkronika salvage vehicles in road traffic camera" : Rau, Rieck, Jürgens, Zakariah portrait H. Frömming camera: Jürgens origin: Pathé journal end brand 3.0 m

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