Die Zeit unter der Lupe 732/1964 04.02.1964


01 Erhard with Pope Paul VI. - Erhard look with attendants to the Vatican (total). Pope Paul presented the order of Pius Erhard (total). Foreign Minister Schröder in conversation with a spiritual dignitary, side (half-total). Erhard and the Pope (half total).

02. de Gaulle is a Pressekonfernz. Topic: Skepticism over sole leadership of the United States. -de Gaulle (large) speaks (interview). Journalists listening to.

03. the American Ambassador in Germany MC ghee visited the Führungsakademie of der Bundeswehr in Hamburg - MC Ghhe welcomes an officer (half close). Car cooler with windswept standard (large). MC ghee enters the Lecture Hall and takes up space. MC ghee (half close) speaks on the lectern. Officers as a listener (total).

04. Saturn rocket and Ranger VI - a rocket specialist working on the rocket before the launch (total). Launch and flight of the Saturn I President Johnson sits in front of the TV and watched the flight of the rocket. (half close). Home of the Ranger VI (total).

05. The Beatles - crowds of young fans. 2 men in Beatle hairstyles go past (half-close). The Beatles, individually, one after the other in the image (large) set their tie. The curtain opens. The Beatles on stage (total). Young people with high hands clapping. The Beatles playing and singing. Young girls and boys clapping to the beat with. The curtain closes again.

06. Mandy rice Davies - Zeitunkskiosk, crowded with newspapers. Excerpts from magazines with Mandy Rice Davies pictures and reports. Mandy Rice Davies (large) speaks and sings in a nightclub (big) original sound.

07. report from Innsbruck - Olympics - streets and houses of Innsbruck. The Russian team from the Olympic village in fur jackets (total). Visitors from a post card stand choose postcards. Post card (screen) with the attractions of Innsbruck. Beer glasses with Olympic rings (large). Young girl with Olympia badge (large). Ice skaters on the ice, Tobogganers and folks at the curling (total). A child on skis. A young lady looks through a large pair of binoculars (great).
Nordic combined: ski jumpers at the start. Georg Thoma in the ski jumping and cross country skiing. (total).
The FIBT: Eugenio Monti and the winner of Anthony Nash and Robin Dixon (England) drive of the Italian world champion. ' The driver are not visible.
Speed skating for women: Lidia Skoblikova runs (total). You win the gold medal in all disciplines.
Slalom women: Heidi Biebl slope (total) you will 4. Jean Saubert (America) is the 3rd best time. Run by Christine Goitschel runs and wins the silver medal (total). Run the champion Marielle Goitschel (total). The siblings Goitschel (half close) after winning figure skating Ladies: Canadian freestyle Petra Burka (bronze), the Austrian Regina Heitzer (Silver) and the Dutch Sjoukje Dijkstra (gold). No close-ups. In the stands as spectators Prince Bernhardvon Holland and Princess Beatrice (far). Sjoukje Dijkstra, Regina Heitzer and Petra Burka on the podium, waving (half-close) Olympic Luge: Luger on the railway. Champion Ortrun Enderlein (half close) and Thomas Köhler (halbaah)

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Biebl, Heidi ; Burka, Petra ; Die Beatles ; Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Johnson, Lyndon ; McGhee, George ; Paul VI. ; Rice Davies, Mandy ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Dijkstra, Sjoukje ; Enderlein, Ortrun ; Goitschel, Christine ; Goitschel, Marielle ; Heitzer, Regina ; Köhler, Thomas ; Saubert, Jean ; Skoblikova, Lidia ; Thoma, Georg


Innsbruck ; Paris ; Cap Canaveral ; Munich ; Vatican ; Hamburg ; Washington


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Olympics ; Press, press conferences ; Rockets ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Curiosities ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 732/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m moments Erhard b. Pope Paul VI origin: iNcom, Incom de Gaulle press conference skepticism about management of United States origin: Eclair MC ghee visited Hamburg camera: Jürgens, Zakariah Saturn rocket and Ranger VI origin: Metro, Metro current bars Beatles origin: Eclair Mandy Rice Davies camera: Vlasdeck, l. sports Olympiad camera: Vlasdeck, basic Nordic combined (Thoma) origin: INA pool FIBT (Eugenio Monti) speed skating d, ladies.

Slalom. Ladies.

Figure skating women's Luge at the end mark 3.0 m

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