Die Zeit unter der Lupe 743/1964 21.04.1964


01 eruption of Mount Etna - smoke clouds over the snow-covered Mount Etna. The fire Sparkling Volcano (total). 3 men during the ascent with measuring instruments for investigating the outbreak.

02. Bahr Jack Mr. Louis to the mouth of the Weser - between barges the drill stroke Island (total). The drilling Jack (large). Passes the passenger ship "United States" on the island (total and large). Debugging of the. Tractor "Bremen" (large). Abutments of drilling Jack (large).

03. Bambi awards in Karlsruhe - fountain outside the Festival Hall in Karlsruhe. Sophia Loren goes beyond the stage and receives the Bambi and a large bouquet of Roses (half total). Among the spectators of Mady Rahl (far). Heinz Rühmann enters the stage, congratulations and receives the Bambi (half total). Among the spectators clapping Thomas Fritsch and Helga Lehner. Iamteagirl powder get Bambi and bouquet of roses. (half total).

04. Oscar - Awards. Sidney Poitiers enters the stage, receives an Oscar, umamrmt colleague and speaks half total (production sound). He goes with his colleague from the stage.

05. student restaurant. Cavete. Total of Münster in Westphalia. The student local Cavete Street. Next to the front door, a lamp with the inscription is "Academic beer Institute Cavete". A man with a cylinder and pipe enters the restaurant. He puts money in a machine labeled 5 pennies. An old game clock is running. The nann walks through the empty restaurant with high, Valencia. Stuffed Leopard head on the wall. Picture of man in an oval mirror. Pan across the restaurant. Head of a plaster figure. Bar Chapel: Baß, trumpet horns, trombone. Small dance floor with dance pairs. Student host welcomes incoming guests in a sweater. BI drowning students. Faces of students and student (large), head of the Bamberg Horseman (big). Chapel (total) burning candles. The host at the beer tap speaks (interview) on the origin of the premises (large). Students at the tables. Old fashioned pictures. Old junk, old alarm clock and old CHR. A black goat with scarf bound to eats on a book. She sits next to young guests and bleats.

06. Italian fashion. Mannequins walk on a catwalk and show furs, chinchilla and Sable and ermine. Evening dresses with deep back snippets.

07. Spanish fashions. Hats are messed up on a table. A mannequin sits before a mirror and tried on hat. front of the Alhambra in Granada, the mannequins show off fashions. Summer dresses, summer suits, evening dresses and for garments. The models beyond the lighted walkways (total).

08 International Fechtmeisterschften in bad Dürkheim. Vitold Woyda (Poland) against Jürgen Brecht (Germany) are opposite in the foil.

09 French fencing study. Training fencing student and teacher. Stop - Parada - stop. 2 born in the foil fight (the movements in slow motion). A fencer puts on his mask. Fight in the fencing (slow motion).

10 final in bad Dürkheim. 2 Poland is facing in the fencing. The judges table. The fighters take off the masks after the fight, reach out to and from the battlefield. The winner receives a trophy: riders on horseback. Winner of the prize in hand.

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Brecht, Jürgen ; Fritsch, Thomas ; Lehner, Helga ; Loren, Sophia ; Poitiers, Sidney ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Rahl, Mady ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Woyda, Vitold


Karlsruhe ; Italy ; Münster ; Spain ; North Sea ; Bad Dürkheim ; France ; Santa Monica


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Disasters ; Fencing ; filmmaking ; musical instruments ; natural disasters ; Oil ; Unfallstories ; Shipping ; Ships ; Animals (except dogs) ; Curiosities ; People ; Fashion ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 743/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m information eruption of Mount Etna origin: iNcom drill lifting island for the Weser estuary camera: Seib Bambi award, Karlr.
Camera: Powerful Oscar - awarding origin: Metro mostly cheerful student local "Cavete" camera: Salia In the spotlight of Italian fashion origin: iNcom Spanish fashion origin: No.-do sport int. Fechtmeisterschaften, bad Dürkheim camera: Vlasdeck French fencing study origin: Gaumont int. Fechtmeisterschaften, bad Dürkheim camera: Vlasdeck end brand 3 m

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