Die Zeit unter der Lupe 755/1964 14.07.1964


01 CSU Party Congress Munich. Erhard and Strauß (large) smiling next to each other in greeting. Freiherr by Guttenberg in addition to 2 politicians (half total). The delegates at long tables (total). Schäffer at the table sitting (half total) it speaks Strauß (o) half total). The clapping politician. Camera people. Strauß goes to on Erhard and gives the hand (half total).

02. Republican Convention United States. Old-fashioned tram runs through San Francisco with "Republican" label. Man with election signs before the chest and the arm rubber elephant. People with signs of Scranton to run on an airplane. Scranton on the aircraft stairs, beckoning (half the total). Forest of posters "Scraton". Goldwater (large). Posters with Goldwater image. Workers at the fitting out of. Assembly Hall of the Party Convention. the room (total).

03. Argentine guerrillas. Men show grenades with Russian logo. Soldiers go through jungle, sometimes only legs and feet visible, arrested Suerillas.

04. Award ceremony of the "Golden bear" in Berlin. The Golden Bear (large). Ulvi Dogan, Froduzent, Kegisseur and actor will receive the "Golden bear" for the Turkish film "Dry summer". Rod Steiger with the silver bear (large). As a spectator, clapping, Hans Söhnker. (half close). Japanese Sachiko HIDARI receives film award presented (half total). She speaks (original sound) "Thank you". Viewers (total).

05. ball of "little white beds" charity Festival in Baalbek. Young French sit in the ruins of a former Emir Temple in the Lebanese mountains. Beautiful woman face (large). Mannequins show off jewelry. You go in evening dresses by the Oriental pillar backdrop (total). Belly dancer. Twist of the young Frenchman.

06. piano action, Berlin. Two young men carry a piano. The piano lid is opened. Hand picks great Chamber of the piano lid. Hand picks protective helmets of the piano keys. The young men smashed pianos (total). Spectators standing around. Legs rise above the rubble of the pianos.

07. accident story no. 3 kinds of death. Günter Jerschke sitting on a rocking chair beside the coffin as a funeral entrepreneur. He speaks (original) hand with harakiri dagger (large). The Japanese stab in the heart. A man tearing the jaws of a crocodile. Alligator fight. Bull fighting. The bull down the torero. Electric cart drives forward trailer. A worker jumps onto the trailer. Hand of the driver at the wheel. The workers on the trailer balanced undsteckt a cigarette. Balancing legs. The driver makes an Ausweichmannöver. The workers on the trailer falls down. Günter Jerschke lifts the lid of the coffin "because for me you are correct"!

08 busenfreie fashion. Venus de Milo. Modern woman plastic. Painting of a woman with free breast. Man looks at paintings with female nude with a magnifying glass. Woman with old-fashioned airy swimsuit running out of the water. Demonstration of old-fashioned knee-length swimsuits. Atomic bomb. Demonstration of bikini. Negro dancer nen bare-chested. Negro drummers. Girl with Leopard bikini. The upper part falls off. The girl keeps the hands in front of the chest. Girl from behind with top free bikini, goes next to a shepherd, hand of a fashion illustrator, who draws top-free swimsuit. Saleswoman shows BF swimsuit customers. Girl face (Groß). Girl (from behind) binds carrier of a top free Badeanzuges around the neck. Mouth (big) eye (large) girl turns around and holding a sign over the free upper body. Young Männerkopf with cigarette. Man with beard. Girl with BF gown with veil over the neckline. A man pours himself his glass with astonished open the mouth. Photo graph. The girl with BF-free dress big speaks (interview) with glass in hand. Fashion house Gloria in Hamburg (total) with the young girl in front of the shop window. Mannequin introduces evening dress with deep eyes. Dress with low neckline that is covered with veil. Dress up front with perforated pattern. Girl with deep neckline that is covered with white cloth. She takes out the cloth while she turns to the back of the camera.

09 riding in Aachen: Prize of the Nations. Riders on the circuit at Aachen. A horse refuses. Jump in Zeitöupe. A rider falls leap over the Doppelochser of the horse. Among the spectators, a woman with excitement holds the hand in front of the mouth (big). Hermann Schridde jumps the Doppelochser with Ilona (slow motion). Woman with large-ut among the spectators. Winkler pulls the Ochser with monody. Schockemöhle jumps with Baron over the moat and the wall. Raimondo d' Inzeo jumps on bells of Clonmel. Clapping audience. Foreign Minister Schröder with a major trophy. He presented the trophy to the Italian Eqipenchef and returns the Fester the hand. The audience waving handkerchiefs (screen-filling). The riders on the ride before the crowd waving handkerchief. The Italian rider. The German rider

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Dogan, Ulvi ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Guttenberg von ; Hidari, Sachiko ; Jerschke, Günther ; Scranton ; Söhnker, Hans ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Steiger, Rod ; Inzeo d', Raimondo ; Schockemöhle, Alwin ; Schridde, Hermann ; Winkler, Hans Günter


Berlin ; Of the Congo ; Baalbek ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Argentina ; San Francisco ; Aachen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Escape ; Refugees ; Women, mothers ; musical instruments ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Unfallstories ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; Armor ; Jewelry ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Transport: public transport ; Unrest ; Military ; Events ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 755/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4.6 m information CSU Party Conference, Munich camera: Vlasdeck Republican Convention, United States origin: Metro Argentine guerrillas origin: Sucesos ceremony d. "gold. Bear", Berlin camera: Pahl Ball d."KL. white. Beds"charity Festival in Baalbek, origin: Gaumont piano action, Berlin camera: Pahl accident series No. 3 / death types focus Busenfreie mode camera: Pahl, fire origin: Pathé Journal sports riding, Aachen: Grand Prix of the Nations camera: Luppa, basic end-mark 3,-m

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