Die Zeit unter der Lupe 764/1964 15.09.1964


01 Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King in Berlin. Martin Luther King (large) speaks before many microphones (original sound). On the street in Harlem, Negress pushes a cart with rags. Sign on House "bar Harlem Grill". Negro is on a lamppost. Negroes in the streets of Harlem. Young Negress go across the street. Face of a rising Negress (sideways, half close). Negro when boarding the bus. The American flag hangs above the door of a classroom. Swing down on 3 Negerjungen in the school. Negro girl and Negro across sitting. Negro teacher. 2 black girls gossip in the school in the hands. Negro is asleep on the desireable, with his head on the table. Streetscape of Harlem. Young people read newspapers. A white and a colored COP talk. Block of flats. Aerial view on terrace with deck. Negress in shorts Get up and go into the House. Front a block with fire escapes from floor to floor. Laundry hangs on leash outside window. Negro, which have hung posters around, make a move. Negro meeting. Speakers. Colored and white as a listener. Black drummer (large). Head of a Negro with cigarette (large). Negro dance. Hand drum (large). Ex-electrostatic dance a Negro with torch. Leuchtschifft on bars. Bartender. Black (large). Hands play on the piano. Negerpianis. Liquor is poured into glasses from bottle. young Negress with cigarette (large). Road with trash cans and waste. Old Negress with curlers looks out window (total).

02. Konzileroffnung in Rome. Catchment of the Pope, will be carried on Chair and blesses those present. In the Church, priests are gathered. The Pope sits on Chair and reads response. 2 priests stand next to him.

03. twentieth anniversary of the Marne battle with de Gaulle. de Gaulle shaking the hands of the population. Monument to the fallen of the second world war. de Gaulle sets a wreath down (total). de Gaulle put the hand on the CAP and greets. de Gaulle, driving in an open car, salute (total) in Reims. Historic flags flag-bearers are on the edge of the road. Pan across the front of the Cathedral of Reims. Pan across a crowd on the square in front of the Church. de Gaulle speaks in front of the Church (total). Took of troops (short).

04. construction of the Saale bridge. Cars parked on a street. Walkers. Label "Enter plot prohibited". Saale bridge at Court (total). People with binoculars look across to the bridge. The destroyed bridge, setting of part of. Watchtower in no field. Border before a partition made of boards on the bridge.

05-millionth migrant workers. Cologne Hauptbahnhof train station clock shows 1/2 10: 00. Under the clock a train (the train roofs are visible). Cinematographer Jackson turns behind the camera the lens. Spanish and Portuguese migrant workers on the compartment Windows. Luggage is served out of the Windows. Migrant workers on the platform. Spanish dance on the platform. Moped (large). the millionth foreign worker. A diploma will be awarded to him. Slamming foreign workers. The millionth migrant workers with flowers and moped.

06. accident story no. 2 (girl on the Chair). Günter Jerschke as a doctor, puts on rubber gloves and faces operating table. He speaks (original) Fingerhakler, catcher, art strength athletes (archive). Head Jerschke (large). Hand of a girl leafs through the filing cabinet cards. She Get up and try to get a file from the top shelf of a wall Bordes by it rises high on the shelf. She looks around and go down again. She takes an Office Chair and rises. Feet with high hook on the Chair. Hand palpates top after documents. Girl falls off the Chair. Günter Jerschke knocking on eingegipstes your front.

07. Olympic team at Erhard. Olympic athletes in Olympic dress. Wiltrud Ursel man shaking hands with Erhard. Erhard welcomes the participants. Gerhard Hetz from Erhard. Erhard speaks half total (production sound). Hale stands next to him.

08 Leichtathleitkwettkampf Germany - Poland. Herbert Salomon reach 77.15 in the Javelin throw. The pole Sampson throws his spear at 80,59 m and will be the winner (slow motion). Flying spear and impact. 4 x 100 m relay. Personnel change. The Polish team leads. Last change on upper sieve bream in slow motion. The German runner crashes after season pass. Upper sieve bream runs as a 2 by the target. Finger clicks the stopwatch. (large). Child sleeps in a sports car. 110 m hurdles. Winner: Hinrich John, Germany. (slow motion). Pole vault: It jumps Sokolowski, Poland, 4.80 m and Klaus Lehnertz, German land, 4.90 m (slow motion)

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Jerschke, Günther ; King, Martin Luther ; Paul VI. ; Hetz, Gerhard ; John, Hinrich ; Lehnertz, Klaus ; Obersiebbrasse, Fritz ; Salomon, Hermann ; Sidlo, Januß ; Sokolowski ; Urselmann, Wiltrud


Berlin ; Reims ; Harlem ; Cologne ; New York ; Rome ; Court ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Special events ; Flags ; musical instruments ; Parades ; Police ; Races ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; Cities ; Dance ; Transport: public transport ; Buildings ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; transport questions ; Removal ; Migrant workers ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 764/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 4.6 m Spotlight Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King in Berlin camera: Pahl, Arndt Haque district Harlem in New York origin: Gaumont information Council opening, Rome origin: iNcom 20th anniversary d. Marne battle/de Gaulle origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal site of the Saale bridge camera: Vlasdeck of millionth Gastarbeiter camera: Jürgens, fire accident story no. 2 / girl on d. Chair sports Erhard and the Olympic team camera: Jürgens Athletics Poland Germany camera: Jackson, fire, Wiers

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