Die Zeit unter der Lupe 808/1965 20.07.1965


01 Mariner rocket - Mars photo pan over the Mariner rocket. Various settings of the rocket, great. Mars photos.

02. death of Adlai Stevenson (sending him to London and retrospective) U.S. flag on House is at half-mast. Honor guard at the coffin. Lord home goes past the coffin. Harold Wilson bowed before the coffin. FLASHBACK: election campaign in the United States. Stevenson, laughing, great. Truman in addition to Stevenson. Dean Rusk as well as John F. Kennedy, McMillan and Lord home, close to half. UN building. Stevenson sits as the representative of the United States on its place. He speaks. Vice President Humphrey accompanied the coffin in London. Coffin is pushed into aircraft. Honor detachment of the army. Flying aircraft.

03. Mont Blanc tunnel France map. Hand draws line across France to the South. The Summit of Mont Blanc in the snow. Cable car. Model of the tunnel. Construction workers during the construction of the tunnel. Saragat de Gaulle and the Italian Prime Minister to cut the opening bands. Ride the motorcade through the tunnel. Exit on the Italian side. De Gaulle surrounded by people.

04. fatal crash of flight artists Paul Mantz during filming in the desert of Arizona. Paul Mantz jumps out of the plane, big. The sports plane close above the Earth. The wheels touch the ground, the aircraft flip over, breaks apart.

05. Brunswick cartographer Hermann Bollmann Bollmann when drawing cards, half-close. He designs townscapes from the bird perspective. Bollmann packed recording equipment in his car. He builds camera on the car roof. Drive of the VW with camera on the roof. Start a sport aircraft. Aerial view of the city of Hagen. Cards Bollmann with detailed views of the city. Bollmann is working on his hand-drawn relief maps. Reader shows details of the cities. Production of maps.

06. Canadian sport fishing hunting in the swamp and shoot with a bow and arrow on CARP. The taken fish carried ashore. The winner of this competition will receive congratulations and Cup. 07 Bad Neuenahr: International clay pigeon shooting men with plaster in the face. Flaps on the side of the glasses against light. Man start cartridges inside the bag. Man shoots. Clay pigeon falls apart. Throwing machine and protect. Miss the shot. Shell casings on the ground. The American of Raussos WINS. Puppy WAGs. Congratulations Raussos.

08 International Athletics Sports Festival in the Olmypiastadion umbrellas: hand puts together to sports shoe. Running feet on wet track. Umbrellas, screen-filling. Starter's pistol. 1500 m run: it leads Peter Snell / New Zealand. From the finish he referenced Flash and the German Bodo bottlenose dolphins by American Jim on 3rd place. Pole vault: Wolfgang Pinder, great staff. He jumps over 4.30 m. The Americans Seagren skips 4.70 m. Wolfgang Reinhardt with bar, large. He jumps over 4.80 m and WINS. Starter shoots the starting gun. 100 m run. It wins the Berlin Jürgen Schröter, with 10.4 seconds. Jürgen Schröter after the victory, half-close. 5000 m race: legs run through mud. Hand ushered in last round. Harald Norpoth runs behind Billy Mills and crossed the finish line behind him. Norpoth, mills and the 3rd of the race side by side.

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Bollmann, Hermann ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Home ; Humphrey, Robert ; Kennedy, John F. ; McMillan, Harold ; Mantz, Paul ; Rusk, Dean ; Saragat, Guiseppe ; Stevenson, Adlai ; Truman, Harry ; Wilson, Harold ; Grelle, Jim ; Mills, Billy ; Norpoth, Harald ; Pinder, Wolfgang ; Raussos ; Reinhardt, Wolfgang ; Seagren, Bob ; Snell, Peter ; Schröter, Jürgen ; Tümmler, Bodo


New York ; MONTBLANC ; Washington ; Arizona ; Canada ; London ; France ; Braunschweig ; Hagen ; United States ; Athens ; Berlin ; Bad Neuenahr


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Disasters ; Flags ; filmmaking ; Fish ; Fishing ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Shooting ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Deaths, funerals ; UN ; maps ; Landscapes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Microphones ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Buildings in Europe ; Buildings in North America ; Fisheries ; Sports honors ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 808/1965

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand information Mariner-rocket/Mars photos origin: Metro Stevenson + (Überführg. & Rückbl.)
Origin: Pathé news Montblanc, 25 years since d. Erstbesteigg.
Origin: Eclair plane crash, Stuntman origin: Metro focus Brunswick photographer Bollmann sport Canadian sport fishing origin: NFB Canada int. Clay pigeon shooting, Neuenahr camera: strong athletics, Berlin camera: Jackson, Pahl, Zakariah end brand

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