Die Zeit unter der Lupe 825/1965 16.11.1965


01 Elbe ship of Gertrud Laher on country travels through water truck. Water in storage rooms. Flooded land of the Elbe meadows. Freighter of Gertrud Laher is situated on land. Salvage tug alongside the ship. Men hit fairway to the Elbe. Boy photographed with camera, great. Tractor To try to get the ship afloat. Towing hawser, great. Tractor pull the ship after unsuccessful attempts back in the water.

02. Plastikhaus title: the world of tomorrow. Long shot of the plastic House, standing on pillars, a Swabian architects. Architect speaks actuality, big: "who builds do that for his life and that is for 30 years and even more. That's why I built this House so and so to experience beautiful is the way." Interior of the House. Wife in the kitchen. Living room. Architect sits at his desk in front of drawings. Children in the nursery. Sink. Architect closes doors.

03. American Road (freeway) cars with headlights on the highway. Aerial photos of freeways and highways. Driving scenes of the highways in California. Traffic cross. Very good road pictures.

04. opening of Parliament take riders escort in London with Queen Elizabeth in England Royal family. Queen Elizabeth waving from the body.

05 coup d ' état in Rhodesia white going on the road. Cityscape. Ian Smith resigns from government buildings in the company. Cameramen and photographers. Man reading newspaper entitled Declaration of independence. Wilson leaves after fierce debate in the House of Commons Parliament buildings in England, half-close.

06. power outage in New York trick car headlights. Cars with lit headlights illuminated New York. People in the stick handles. Power plant in Canada. Relay station. Pylons. Clock shows 5:27 clock. Light goes off. People in the dark before phone cell. People sitting on the stairs. Policeman with mouthpiece. Officers direct traffic. Cars with headlights.

07. Operation in Viet Nam breakdown from UFA 486/5 - same section. Title: The picture of the week - image: operating room with sandbags. Vietnamese farmer lies down behind sand bags. Doctor operates shrapnel from the back of the farmers behind sand bags with a long surgical instruments. Bauer is carried away on a stretcher. Doctor up wipes sweat from his brow. The farmer sits on the hospital bed.

08th Lörrach: art turn international match Germany - Switzerland photographers. Hand of a Turner on the parallel bars. Hand of a Turner on pommel horse. Karl Banzhaf turns on the pommel horse. Ernst Zahid / Switzerland in the floor exercises. Jürgen Bischof during the floor exercise. Peter Aliesch / Switzerland on the parallel bars. Günther Lyhs on the parallel bars (1 individual). Gilbert Jossevel / Switzerland on the horizontal bar. Audience clapping, big. Willi Jaschek on the horizontal bar. Finish with double Salto.

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Aliesch, Peter ; Banzhaf, Karl ; Bischof, Hans Jürgen ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Smith, Ian ; Wilson, Harold ; Jaschek, Willi ; Jossevel, Gilbert ; Lengweiler, Ernst ; Llyhs, Günther


California ; Swabia ; New York ; Viet Nam ; Stade ; Rhodesia ; Canada ; London ; Hamburg ; Lörrach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Electricity ; Gymnastics ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Night ; Photographers ; Police ; Shipping ; Ships ; Townscapes: Africa ; Technology ; Gymnastics ; Watches ; Unrest ; Microphones ; Outlander ; road safety education ; Currency ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; aerial photographs ; Buildings in North America ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 825/1965

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Spotlight on Elbe ship of G. Laher on land camera: Seib of the world of tomorrow Plastikhaus camera: Vlasdeck American streets origin: USIS moments opening of Parliament d. Queen Elisabeth origin: Pathe news coup d ' état in Rhodesia origin: Pathe news blackout in New York origin: Metro operation in Viet Nam origin: Metro sports gymnastics Germany Switzerland camera: strong, basic beginning and end mark

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