Die Zeit unter der Lupe 828/1965 07.12.1965


1st literary Nobel Prize for Michail Scholochow Scholochow desk, half-close. Landscape on the Don. The works of Rostov. Sholokhov between people who embrace him and congratulate. Close-up of Sholokhov. Sholokhov signed his books. Book "The quiet Don", great. Sholokhov with fur hat, to the banks of the river. The Don in the evening.

02. Berlin: Guest performance by Rudolf Nurejew and Margot Fonteyn with Australian Ballet - a Ballet Rehearsal foot the dancer Margot Fonteyn with ballet study. Face of Margot Fonteyn. You put together to Ballet. Rodolf Nurejew, big, takes dance shoes. Margot Fonteyn before mirror in the dressing room. Rudolf Nurejew, Margot Fonteyn "Gisèle" Ballet Ballet Rehearsal.

03. presidential elections in France election posters, large. De Gaulle during television appearances. TV viewers before the apparatus. Hand picks up voting cards of the candidates. Hands ballot into the ballot box. Jean Lecanuet emerges behind choosing curtain. He's slip in polls. François Mitterand, great. He's slip in polls. De Gaulle in voting at the polling station, half-close. Counting of the votes. The election results on board.

04. Solar Eclipse in India darkened Sun. Indians on the sacred bathing sites of Kurukshetra during ablutions. Pilgrims on pilgrimage. Head of a pilgrim, great. Pilgrim with a beard, great. Woman with sign in the face, great. Indians sitting in rigid.

05. UNITED STATES. Moon car driving the Moon cars in world space suit at the wheel of the car. Car driving with large spoked wheels passes moon landscape with craters.

06. Staffordshire: Princess Margaret gives the English Queen Mother doctorate of Keele University Princess Margaret with a doctorate is in addition to the Queen Mother to the University, half close. Audience in the Ballroom. Margaret sitting next to the Queen Mother, half-close. Margaret gives honorary doctorate Queen Mother. The audience clapping. Margaret and Queen Mother with Entourage when leaving the University.

07. Berlin: Wedding Princess Marie Cecilie of Prussia with Duke Franz August von Oldenburg of the towers of the old and new Memorial Church, great. People crowd in front of the Church. Apart from her father Louis Ferdinand, Princess Marie Cecilie goes to the Church. The wedding community in the Church, total. Marie Cecilie in addition to Duke Franz August during the wedding. The bridal couple, great. The bridal couple with bridesmaids and wedding procession when leaving the Church. People, mostly older women, waving, half-close. Mercedes departs with bride and groom. Flying pigeons.

08th stranded ships off Dutch coast storm surf on the coast. The freighter ping lying off the coast. The bow of the ship, great. Rescue boat is allowed to water. Shipwrecked exceed rope ladder to the lifeboat. The rescue boat on the shore. Helpers wearing the Chinese crew members to the shore. Chinese sailor, great. The freighter Santa Kyriaki on sand on the shore. The propeller, great. Bow of the ship, from the front, great. The anchor chain. Spectators on the shore.

09 Hamburg: Football HSV - 1 FC Cologne 2:2 total football viewers. Game scenes, totally. Playback of the Cologne player. Goalkeeper Schnoor holds. Young audience claps. Hansi Sturm shoots corner to Löhr, who turned a 1-0. First viewers. Schnoor runs out the gate and fends off the ball. Spectators drinking from beer bottle. Shot at the Cologne misses, ZL. Parades of the Cologne goalkeeper, ZL. Dada at the gate if ball. Young viewers, half-close. Dieckmann, HSV, Touchline to Pallav, who shoots the compensation for the HSV, totally. Audience claps. Schnoor insecure fends off ball. Müller scores the 2nd goal for Cologne. Game scenes in the final minutes before the Cologne gate. Audience turns around nervously. Pallav shoots the compensation for the HSV in the last minute. Boy with straw hat with the inscription HSV waving banner and gets HSV.

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Damm, Carl ; Elizabeth von England ; Fonteyn, Margot ; Oldenburg von, Franz August ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Lecanuet, Jean ; Hohenzollern von, Louis Ferdinand ; Margaret von England ; Marie Cecilie von Preußen ; Mitterand, Francois ; Nurejew, Rudolf ; Scholochow, Michail ; Dieckmann, Holger ; Dörfel, Gerd ; Müller, Friedrich ; Pohlschmidt ; Schnoor, Horst ; Sturm, Hansi


Berlin ; Russia ; Staffordshire ; France ; India ; Holland ; United States ; Hamburg ; Russia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Libraries ; Books ; Honors ; Hands ; Higher education ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Religious events ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Ships ; Yo-Yo ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; People ; Meteorology ; Engagement ; Elections ; Water ; Listener ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 828/1965

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand in the spotlight lit.-Nobel Prize for Mikhail Sholokhov origin: DEFA, Sovkino Rud. Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn m. austral. Berlin Ballet, camera: Pahl, Wiers, Arndt information choice in France origin: Pathé journal Eclipse, Eclipse i. India origin: Pathe news Moon vehicle origin: Metro honorary also known as Queen Mother of Princess. Margaret origin: Pathe news wedding Princess. Marie Cécilev. Prussia/heart. v. Oldenburg, Berlin camera: Pahl, Wiers-spotlight on Cestrandetes ship, Holland origin: Polygoon sports football HSV / 1 FC Cologne, Hamburg camera: Jackson, fire, Rieck, l. end brand

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