Die Zeit unter der Lupe 830/1965 21.12.1965


The world of tomorrow launch, big. Pop-art eye painter. Chinese child. Rotating world globe. Title.

Tensions between rich and poor child on the leash. African woman with a basket on her head. Small Chinese. African woman with child on the back. Faces of young girls. Man reads newspaper. Young lovers. Screaming infant. Infant gets stuck on patches. Geburtenzählmaschine. Babies in car, swing. Pedestrians go zebra stripes, shot from above. Pedestrian, immediately. Chinese. People, screen-filling. Trick: 3/5 Asians push half the screen. Buildings in Hong Kong. Slum. Neglected children. Girl, tall, stand photo. Asians sow in water immediately. Farmers in the grain harvest. The bow of a ship in the water, from above. Penguins in the ice. Antarctic expedition. Flying weather balloon. Dive boat sea lab. Shark swims in the water. 2 divers in dive boat sea horse. Dive boat between fish swarm. Technician in laboratory. Chemical apparatus. Manufacture of artificial foods. Pill machine. Astronaut food. Combine harvester in Australia. Electronic machines in the United States. Rolling mill in Europe (4 wallpapers trick) Japanese laboratory. Asians get carts. Car traffic. Nuclear reactor. Negro village. Arrival to the debutante ball. Starving on street. Racing audience. Negress stems in saucepan. Men with cylinder. Negro village.

Medicine: ¾ of all cancer cases are curable heart surgery. Beating heart. Recording of heartbeats. Dog in hypothermia. Bunny in ice. Woman under the cobalt bomb. Brain in containers. Recording of brain currents. Running tape, patient asleep in bed. Formulas on Blackboard. Children on computing machines. Man, big in the game of chess. He uses computer indicating chess moves. Round push-button of a typewriter. Pan across Billand. Writing room. Automatically writing typewriter. Beach chairs on the beach. Bathing in Beach Chair. Launching Pan machine. Launching Lufthansa machine. Move over aircraft Concorde. Aerial photography in Berlin, Paris, bridge New York, highways. Future car. Hovercraftfahrzeuge. Railway in cities. Man to fly with a Jet Pack.

Cities of the future buildings. Glass facades. Endo building, termites House. Robot Orchestra. Dance of light and shadow. Mobiles. Letterists. Op art. Shadow dance. Dancers and robot Orchestra.

Fashion Dali - fashions. Bikini as the eye. Surgical eyes. Jaques paints home future fashion with free breast and hat. Antennas. Jaques home o-ton: "what has been shown, you will no longer show what it has so far shrouded, is you might uncover. I think the bosom will float visible through 1985. -Necessarily, the woman is wearing a hat. "She needs him as a platform for antennas, - to speak with her husband when he is on Mars to the field."

Moon flights rocket lift. Missile launch, big. Room with electronic machines. Propellant of ship is shot down. Moon rider on Moon (trick). Moon cars. Astronaut in space.

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Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Reviews ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 830/1965

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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As the year 1965 review: "The world of tomorrow" 1985 visions of the future - designed by scientists from all over the world.

... Tensions between rich and poor... 3/4 of all cancer cases are curable. Jaques home: "The bust will be visible"... With the Jet Pack on time in the Office... Cities of tomorrow - monuments without ideas... Moon fare per person $50 million.

Total length: 356,3 m used archive material special folders "Review of 1965" see also abroad etc.

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