Die Zeit unter der Lupe 850/1966 10.05.1966


01 Erich Stoll at the age of 70 camera lens, big (title underground) is turning. Stoll is congratulated in the Studio of the Deutsche Wochenschau. Dr. Wiers presented world clock. Luppa presented silver plate by the cameramen. Senator land eel, great. The representative of the SPIO presented Erich Stoll Medal of honour. Among those present Dr. Wiers, large, in the background of Klaus Halliday. Stoll, great. SPIO representatives reads congratulations of the SPIO, o-ton: "the SPIO with this award honors the creation of yet single living representatives of two generations of German newsreel cameramen. For half a century Mr Stoll confessed newsreel in the country and abroad in the service. He has been the young model and incentive. He has rendered to the reputation and prestige of the newsreel." Archive picture of Stoll as a cameraman. Stoll films out of the plane, on camera at football, Derby, with cigar on camera, big, besides Heuss on Bowl, talking with Adenauer, in conversation with Lübke. Stoll on camera, great.

02. Cannes Film Festival arrival of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. Monica Vitti, great. Michele Morgan, close to half on arrival. Sophia Loren, big, the Begum's arrival. Kirk Douglas, half-close.

03. Gala Premiere "MoH is also a flower" font gala premiere. Yul Brynner, laughing, half-close. Rita Hayworth, half-close. Nadja Tiller, close to half Sean Connery, large, Harold Sakata, half close, Maximilian Schell, large, Yul Brynner, large, Rita Hayworth, great, Trevor Howard, big. Premiere guests in movie theaters.

04. Glasgow: Final of the Europa Cup - Borussia Dortmund - Liverpool 2-1 and reception at Dortmund players with Europe Cup come from aircraft. Players waving to the plane waving fans. Pitch in Glasgow. Kick-off. Game scenes. Emmerich gives the ball to hero who scored the 1-0. Players embrace. Dortmund fans waving flags. The English player Thompson plays the ball on the sideline, Touchline from a "From suspicious" position to hunt, who scored for a 1-1. Liverpool banners and cheering. In the extension, Lambe scored distance from 30 m to the 2:1 football fans on the street in Dortmund umdrängen the car with the players. Sitting on cars, large: Theo redder, Defender, Electoral Council, external rotor, Hans Tilkowski, goalkeeper. Police push back people. Reinhard Libuda, great. People umdrängen Emmerich and hero. The Cup in the hands of a player of who held high.

05. Rouen: motorboat racing motor boats on the Seine. Exit of the French Le Clerc in the boat No. 25, which run events. Boats skip across the water. Ride the boats At night. It wins No. 17 with Guyard.

06. sing out 150 young American College girls and students sing. Banjo and guitar player. Choir sing.

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Adenauer, Konrad; Die Begum; Brynner, Yul; Connery, Sean; Douglas, Kirk; Hayworth, Rita; Hebecker, Klaus; Heuss, Theodor; Howard, Trevor; Landahl, Heinrich; Loren, Sophia; Lübke, Heinrich; Luppa; Margaret von England; Morgan, Michele; Sakata, Harold; Snowdon; Stoll, Erich; Tiller, Nadja; Vitti, Monica; Wiers, Hindericus; Clerk Le; Emmerich; Guyard; Held, Siegried; Hunt, James; Kurrat; Libuda, Reinhard; Redder, Theo; Thompson; Tilkowski


Hamburg; Cannes; Vienna; Dortmund; Bremen; Glasgow; Rouen; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Honors; cameramen, cameramen; festivals; filmmaking; Football; motor boat race; Musical events; Photographers; Police; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sports audience, sports spectator; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Sports honors; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 850/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Spotlight Erich Stoll, 70 years old camera: Rau, Seib, Cannes Film Festival fire origin: Eclair poppy is also a flower (UN film agai. Drug) origin: Austria sport reception the Borussia (European Cup winners agai. Liverpool) camera: strong, Luppa Cup final, Glasgow (Boruss. Dortm. / Liverpool) origin: Pathe news motorboat racing origin: Eclair current clocks sing out 66 (amerikan. Choir morality. Upgrade) camera: Zaki, strong, fire A and E

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Reinhard "Stan" Libuda’s 75th Birthday (* October 10, 1943)

The right winger Reinhard Libuda was a football legend. „Nobody can pass God—except for Libuda,” they still say about the former Schalke player. The opposing defenders fear his agility and dribble talents. He is master of the so-called “Matthews-trick” named after the British football icon Stanley Matthews—feinting left and then passing right. This earned him the nickname “Stan”.   

Born in Wendlinghausen near Lemgo in 1943 he and his family move to Gelsenkirchen after the war. His father signs him up for FC Schalke 04, the team that would sign him as a contract player at the age of 17. Except for a three -year stint with Borussia Dortmund he remains faithful to Schalke 04.

He scores one of his most spectacular goals in May of 1966, when his team plays against their archrival FC Liverpool. With a dipping shot 25 m from the goal he shoots the BVB to its first German victory at the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. But there was another game that mattered more to him: the 1972 DFB-Cup victory, with him as team captain. He scores his most important goal as a national player during the World Cup qualifier in 1969. Thanks to his 3:2 against Scotland the German team gets to go to Mexico in 1970. He plays the “game of his life” against Bulgaria: this includes a goal, two assists and winning a penalty. Due to his entanglement in the 1970/71 Bundesliga bribery scandal the DFB bans him for life but two years later the ban is reprieved. The wing wizard from the Ruhr area returns once more to his “great love” Schalke 04. In 1974 he plays his last game on the turf of the Glückauf-Kampfbahn stadium. 1996 the football genius dies of a stroke aged only 52.  

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