Die Zeit unter der Lupe 851/1966 16.05.1966


01 Bonn: Germany rally of refugees moving to Bonn with banners. We displaced farmers no longer want to be people 2nd class - only law brings peace. The President of the Federation of displaced Wenzel Jaksch speaks before microphones. Among the listeners Seebohm, half close, and Gao, half-close. Women in traditional costumes.

02. Hamburg: Opening Elbe shopping mall car park of the shopping centre, total. Inge Meysel cuts the Ribbon at opening. People in shop Street between the shops. Parking, totally. Hands are highly stretched in the distribution of free samples. Onlookers. Displays in shops. Mannequins.

03. England: aviation safety through sound warning increased destroyed aircraft screens against swarms of birds with bird flight. Destroyed Jet engine. Flying jet aircraft. Avian warning cries are transmitted via tape through speakers on the airfield. Speakers, great. Flock of birds flies up. Plane taking off.

04. England: English Bulldogs at the 75th Clubjubliäum Bulldogs, great. Bulldogs go on line next to their owners. Thick Bulldog is located.

05. Berlin: Studio mirror "Chimney 4" - Klaus Hallatt interviewed actress Romy Schneider cameraman on camera. Screenplay, great. Actor Michel Piccoli reads in the screenplay, half-close. Director Jean Chapot, great. Romy Schneider-standing before the camera when taking pictures at the window. Cinematographer on camera. Archive footage of Romy Schneider: Romy Schneider with lilac bouquet after her success as a sissy. Her mother Magda Schneider on film ball. She dances at Cannes. Close-up of Romy Schneider. Klaus Hallatt, big, Romy Schneider, actuality asks: "your Sissy movies, not only by the German audience applauded, but despised by critics, are without doubt part of your career. Would you miss these eras?"-"no, of course not. The Sissy, the... the success of Sissy movies has enabled me to play roles I wanted to play from a certain time. So why I should think back reluctant at this time."-"you have long shunned the German film and the German film has shunned you. Does it matter - both sides ingratitude or how do you see it?"-"German cinema has not been avoiding me and can't by ingratitude, one of, nor from the other side be the question; the roles that the German film has offered me have not only in recent years I like."-"impressive numbers, precise $400,000 per roll in Hollywood films said is said to you. "What is now tempting: the good Gage or the good role?"-"it's all utopian and nonsensical, to specify these numbers in magazines and newspapers. "It is completely untrue." - "you have filmed internationally versatile. The film style of which country or which Director says to most you?"-"the country doesn't matter. The style of a film, I think, is determined by the Director and I like to work with any good Director."

06. Belgium: children's swimming toddler carried screaming into the water and floating on his back. Swimming baby in the water on his back.

07. England: children youth boys fight youth with adults and peers.

08th Zell am see: Gauderfest RAM with the heads push against each other. Young boys in the wrestling match. Cockfight, alternately cut. Cock runs away after the fight and is captured.

09 Berlin: Both boxers in the ring boxing championship Middleweight Champion Nino Benvenuti - Jupp Elze of Germany Hall. In the 1st round, stumbles Elze and needs on the ground. Superior shock change of the Italian. Elze to the ground is in the 14th round. Audience, great. A spectator, large. Referee the fight stops, da Elze badly bruised. Benvenuti and Elze together in the laurel wreath.

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Benvenuti, Nino ; Chapot, Jean ; Gradl, Johann Baptist ; Hebecker, Klaus ; Meysel, Inge ; Picolli, Michel ; Seebohm ; Schneider, Magda ; Elze, Jupp


Bonn ; Berlin ; England ; Hamburg ; Cell ; Belgium


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Customs ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Dogs ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Judo ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Photographers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Portraits ; Advertising ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; diving ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; People ; Cups ; Distributed ; festivals ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Dogs ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 851/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand information Federal displaced persons meeting in Bonn camera: Luppa, Zakariah, Jonas Elbe shopping mall camera: Seib safety (through sound warning against swarms of birds) origin: Pathé news Bulldogs, London origin: Pathe News In the spotlight of Romy Schneider (Studio mirror: 4 chimneys) camera: Zaki children swimming origin: Belgavox children Judo origin: Pathé news Gauderfest camera: Hafner boxes: Elze Benvenuti camera: Pahl A and E

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