Die Zeit unter der Lupe 866/1966 30.08.1966


01 Bundeswehr affair - Zapfenstreich General Panitzki by Hassel, half close, presents certificate of appointment to the new General Inspector of the Bundeswehr Ulrich de Maizière. 2 cameramen, half-close. By hassel presented a certificate of appointment to General Josepf Moll to the Inspector of the army. Officer reports General Panitzki troops entered to the Zapfenstreich. Military tattoo at night. Drummers. Soldier with a torch. Panitzki, big, von hassel, half-close.

02. de Gaulle in Comoros Negro dance. De Gaulle is standing in an open car. Demonstrators on the street. Barbed wire barriers are unrolled. Blocking of the Africans district military. De Gaulle shaking hands Africans. Wounded Negro lying on the road. Ride de Gaulle by the road under escort.

03. Marine Festival in Sevastopol fleet parade. Officer salute on the ship. That took sailor on battleship. Surfacing submarine. Float. Fireworks. Illuminated battleship.

04. Frankfurt: Training Karl Mildenberger tablet is set to table with fruit, ham, coffee and eggs. Mildenberger took egg. Mildenberger drinking coffee. Mildenberger talks big, o-ton: "the requirement for a world championship fight is a hard, heavy training. It starts early in the morning at 6: 30 with a hard wood barrel. "Two hours forest running in the election of spurts and in the late afternoon once again sparring rounds with three or four different opponents." Training battle. Reproduction of Cassius Clay. Mildenberger fight on the bag and the rope. Mildenberger talks big, o-ton: "I am willing, that is, to get the title and the World Championship under the most severe conditions after Germany." His hand, large, concentrated to the fist.

05. Holland: European Championship swimming start of women 100 m Dolphin: turning. ADA Kok swims before Heike Hustede, which displays as 2. Heike Hustede waves of water, big. ADA Kok is congratulated on the podium alongside her Heike Hustede. Klaus Konzorr / Leverkusen, when the diving (not placed). Brian Phelps, England, jumping double Salto and WINS silver medal. Klaus Dibasi / Italy, WINS with a double somersault. Audience clapping. The winners on the podium.

06. Nürburgring: UCI World Championships of women cyclists before the start. Cyclist is fixed number. You put on a helmet. Start and riders on the track. Driver, large. Any legs. Ivonne Reynders / Belgium goes first through the target. Ivonne Reynders on podium. Man whistles.

07. Nürburgring: World Championship of professionals start. Riders on the track, frontal and side, close and totally. Food is served them during the journey. Rudi Altig goes first through the target. Altig is congratulated on his shoulders and with flowers by fans.

08 Dresdner dance Symphony Hochschule für Musik in Dresden. Teaching Günter Hörig. Hands play on piano. Günter obedient, great. Director of the dance Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra in 1947 (picture). Ruins of Dresden (Transfokator). People go through Trümmerstraßen. The dance Symphony drive cars through Dresden. Drive over the bridge. Trumpeter plays on bridge railing. Saxophone player, great. 2 young people on the street talking together eating Apple. Game in the Kennel before paintings. Painting, great. Musicians sitting on the garden table in front of beer glasses. Game from moving trams. Game of roof with views of Dresden and in the courtyard of the Kennel with fountain.

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Altig, Rudi ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Hörig, Günter ; Maizière von, Ulrich ; Moll, Joseph ; Panitzki, Werner ; Clay, Cassius ; Dibiasi, Klaus ; Hustede, Heike ; Kok, Ada ; Konzorr, Klaus ; Mildenberger, Karl ; Phelps, Brian ; Reynders, Yvonne


Buxtehude ; Djibouti ; Sevastopol ; Frankfurt ; Bonn ; Dresden ; Comoros ; Suriname ; Holland ; Nürburgring ; Schibouti


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Bundeswehr ; DDR ; Demonstrations ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Fireworks ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Parades ; Photographers ; Cycling ; Races ; Shipping ; Ships ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Debris ; diving ; Art ; Works of art ; Military events ; Foreign policy events ; Gastronomy ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 866/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Information Bundeswehr affair - interview by hassel Zapfenstreich General by Panitzky camera: Luppa, Luppa de Gaulle in Djibouti origin: Eclair marine Festival in Sevastopol origin: DEFA sports training Mildenberger camera: Jürgens Swimming Championships origin: Road Cycling World Championship of professionals and the women camera: Basic, Luppa, Jonas, Pier Kalla current bars Dresdner dance Symphony origin: DEFA start and end mark

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