Die Zeit unter der Lupe 881/1966 13.12.1966


01 Bonn: Government statement Kiesinger Chamber with total members of Parliament. Kiesinger at the lectern, total. Government Bank. Adenauer in addition to Erhard as members of Parliament, half-close. Kiesinger speaks o-ton: "in wide layers of the German people the lively desire is for a reconciliation with Poland, whose desire to live in one State with secure borders we understand better than in earlier times in view of the current fate of our own divided people. But the boundaries of reunified Germany can be set only in a freely agreed arrangements with a German Government." Mende, half-close. Deputies clapping.

02. Düsseldorf: traffic radar car by the roadside. Headlights, large. A policeman directs traffic. Police distributed cigars to road users, the speed limit not exceeded. Drivers with cigar. Nurse receives cigar. Driver driving with cigar. Driver with cigar, great.

03. Berlin: Opening of the Komische Oper illuminated writing comic opera. Drive cars. Ulbricht on arrival, half-close. Guests in the foyer. Ulbricht and wife in lodge. Still photographs from the history of Opera. Modern control panel of technical equipment. Ballet dancers and dancers. Felsenstein, great at the rehearsal. Scene picture of performance. Catalog of comic opera is made to.

04. 25 years after the bombing of Pearl Habour soldiers of the United States Navy during the changing of the guard at Pearl Habour on the sunken Arizona. Attack 25 years ago. Aircraft. Bombs. Burning fleet. Destroyed ships. Sailors raise the U.S. flag in Pearl Habour.

05. Bad Godesberg. Meeting goes German development aid worker with Carl Friedrich of Weizsaecker speech about the future of the people of Lübke in addition to Weizsäcker. Weizsäcker talks big, o-ton: "only a political fuse can direct then also the progress of technology in the necessary, proper tracks, d." h., that we will have a large arms race — a race of the invasions. This arms race will be probably extremely expensive and the cheapest, what can come of it, will be that he will have been fruitless, which means that it will remain then eventually when a peacekeeping." Among listeners Scheel, great. Listeners applaud.

06. crash story: machines, of which one understands nothing breakdown from UFA 542/2 - same section. Title: So life is bad, image: Teege before Cabinet. Joachim Teege is before Cabinet and speaks interview. Teege as a judge, as a dictator with a laurel wreath, an astronaut helmet, as a doctor. Workers faces new engine and uses different levers and pushing buttons. Liquid jumps him into eye. Teege before writing: one lives only if it creates, says an old saying in the Berlin City Hall, but so (image: eye treatment) life is bad.

07. Soccer: Hamburg HSV - Bayern Munich 3-1 breakdown of UFA 542/1 - same section. Title: Sports Sports sports, image: football viewers. Red flag on sports field goes down to a small parachute. Propaganda postcard of Communist Party of freedom for the Communist Party. Ball boys in Tracksuits collect cards from the playing field. Game. Charlie Dörfel shoots a template by Schulz to the 1-0. HSV be waved flags of audience. Kurbjuhn is placed in the penalty area. Penalty. Viewers with thinning hair, great. Daniels shoots 2: bottle swings 0 spectators. Munich's goalkeeper keeps, ZL. Viewers wipes eye, big up. Prelude of Bavaria. Müller shoots 2:1 spectators with flags of Munich. HSV goalie keeps. Viewers with CAP, large, and cigarette. Spectator with fur coat, great. Shot on goal. Uwe Seeler transformed flank to the 3:1 flags to be waved.

08 Hamburg: Twen fashion beat singer (rattle) and sculptures in the rhythm. Young people go up stairs. Young people dance. Young girl in a shiny dress at screening. Young man shows suit with vest. Fashion in the Ahrensburger Park. Driving past young people on car. Young men and girls stand in long series and do gymnastics. Rope jumper, ZL. Dancers. Tandem riders. Young man pulls Expander. Mini skirt. Suits. Young man jumps into wide Cape. Girl face, large, from above. Young man. Run through the Park. Mirror image of young people in the Lake.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Felsenstein ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Scheel, Walter ; Teege, Joachim ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Ulbricht, Lotte ; Weizsäcker von, Carl Friedrich ; Dörfel, Charly Bernd ; Kurbjuhn ; Müller, Gerd ; Schulz, Willi


East Berlin ; Bad Godesberg ; Washington ; Pearl Harbour ; Hamburg ; Düsseldorf ; East Berlin ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; DDR ; Domestic events ; development aid ; Flags ; Football ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Radar ; Smoking ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Technology ; Youth ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Cultural events ; People ; Military ; Transport: General ; Listener ; Fashion ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 881/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand information of Kiesinger Government statement camera: Luppa education Düsseldorf camera: Komische Oper, Berlin origin: DEFA Pearl Harbour origin: Metro, archive speech Weizsäcker (agricultural aid) camera: Luppa the good tip accident series: machines, of which one understands nothing sport HSV/Munich Bayern camera: Rieck, Jackson, l., Petersen mainly cheerful Twen-fashion, Hamburg camera: L. A and E

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