Die Zeit unter der Lupe 882/1966 19.12.1966


01 opening of the Saale bridge snow falls by plank fence. Construction of the Saale bridge construction site will be removed. The Saale bridge, total. Shield: Welcome Welcome to the GDR. Wire verhaue in the Hall. Locks on the bridge.

02. Brandt in Paris Brandt is greeted on arrival before car, half-close. Brandt surrounded by reporters. Leaving the car 0-3. NATO - ministerial meeting. Dean Rusk, half-close. Brandt in conversation with Couve de Murville half close. Handshake Brandt with the French Foreign Minister, great. Brandt next to Schröder, half-close.

03. Paris: Young people in Crazy English fashions dance ball English Fou Fou on ball in Paris. Man with braids. Girl with ponytail. Dancing legs in fishnet stockings and striped stockings. Striptease girls dance lightly dressed. White mice on arm of dancers and cylinder.

04. Jutta Hempel - chess miracle with 6 years on the road, Jutta Hempel rollert. She plays soccer with children. Long table with chess games. Jutta Hempel goes from Board to Board, playing against 20 men. Hand moving figure. Faces of great chess players. Jutta Hempel, great face. Chessman, tall, is Matt.

05. Paris: Modern Noah's Ark artist rises behind artificial sheep. Cigar holder. Rhino bar, sewing box, and Secretary. Bed in the form of a duck folded-up. Frog with cracked up mouth as ashtray.

06. Berlin: egg silo pan across high-rise. Crates of chickens will be discharged. Young man tries to capture how chicken. Chickens are used in small cages. Chickens Peck feed on treadmill and lay eggs on treadmill.

07. duck farm back ducks race from stable. Geese. Turkeys. Roast duck hook. Turkeys are packaged in plastic bags. Roast on grill.

08 Schleswig-Holstein: drag hunting hounds. Halali is blown. Mob running across field. Run dogs. Jump over obstacles. Walking through the ditch. Riding in the forest and field. Bubbles of the Halali. Jagdherrin handed over breach of fir trees. Hounds tearing up Curree.

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Brandt, Willy ; Couve de Murville ; Rusk, Dean ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Hempel, Jutta


Court ; Berlin ; Paris ; Schleswig-Holstein ; Westercheps ; Flensburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; DDR ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Dogs ; Hunting, Hunter ; Children ; Decorations ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Men ; Social events ; Foreign policy events ; Agriculture ; NATO ; Construction ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; Agriculture ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 882/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand information Saale bridge camera: summer Brandt Paris origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont Fou Fou ball origin: Pathé Journal Spotlight chess study (Jutta Hempel) camera: L. mainly cheerful Noah's Ark origin: Gaumont Berlin eggs silo camera: Wiers ducks back camera: Jürgens origin: Pathé Journal sports Hubertus hunting camera: Seib, Rühe, Rieck, Berwig, Brandes, l. A and E

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