Die Zeit unter der Lupe 917/1967 22.08.1967


1 Bremen: launching esse Mercia baptism: "I name the ship..." O-ton launched filmed from above. Tanker slides into the water. Bow of the ship, great.

02. Holland: British tanker British Lanterne stranded off the coast of people on the shore. Oil tanker on sand bank. Swing by sea on tankers. Tractor make ship afloat again. Small aircraft crash site.

03. He was in the United States (2nd report) Kiesinger and Johnson, great. He was next to Johnson immediately, great. Johnson's dog. Kiesinger and Johnson sitting in the conversation in a garden chair, great. Johnson's grandson Patrick Lyndon in the stroller, great. Johnson and Kiesinger in addition to strollers. He was raising his granddaughter on rocking horse. Daughter Kiesinger and big man. Rocking horse riding granddaughter Fröschle.

04. Congo: Demonstrations against Belgian Embassy Negro removal. Negro storm the Embassy of Belgium. Smashing car and throwing around. Destruction of the House. Burning car. Destruction in street.

05. Refugee return of the Jordanians about the Allenbybrücke Jordanian refugees with loads on their heads, women with children on the arm to return to land occupied by Israel. Registration authority. Refugees go over bridge.

06. Chanson star Michel Polnareff Michel Polnareff on piano, great. Hands to play guitar, great. Michel Polnareff sings with guitar, great. Still photographs Polnareff. Children and deadbeat images. Polnareff singing and piano playing, great.

07. Bernd Trautmann, coach of Prussia Münster team arrives to the training in the stadium. Trautmann is training instructions, half-close. Football at ball practice. Review: Trautmann in Manchester City's goal. Trautmann is violated on ball defense. Trautmann in the gate in winning the football cup of 1956. Great on the grandstand of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret,. Still photographs Trautmann game scenes in the gate. Trautmann's interview, big, on his return to Germany, o-ton: "Why do you train a League - and not a Bundesliga club?" - "I have experienced a disappointment with 2 Bundesliga clubs and had to gain a foothold again in Germany and chose Prussia Münster." Players over coach, o-ton: I think here to be able to say after our training, that he has introduced a typical English training here with us. He stands Very much on physical condition and hardness, Yes, so slightly harder than last year. I think it's quite good for us." Trautmann as coach gymnastics and relaxation exercises.

08 London: Athletics international Germany - United States match pole vaulter, great. Discus thrower, great. Uwe Bayer, big hammer thrower. 800 m run: in the target curve Franz Josef Kemper goes into the lead and WINS. Congratulations to Kemper after victory. 1500 m run: 300 m before finish sprints Jim Ruyn, goes into the lead and WINS with 25 m ahead of Bodo bottlenose dolphin:

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Elisabeth II. von England ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Margaret von England ; Polnareff, Michel ; Kemper, Franz Josef ; Ryun, Jim ; Trautmann, Bernd ; Tümmler, Bodo


Jordan ; Holland ; Braunschweig ; Münster ; United States ; France ; Of the Congo ; Bremen ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Dogs ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Children ; Refugees ; Football ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Portraits ; Races ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Unrest ; War, prisoners of war ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 917/1967

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Title brand increases launched in Bremen (Esso Mercia) camera: Zimpel, wild Hagen, l., Petersen of wrecked oil tankers in Holland origin: Polygoon information Kiesinger in United States (2nd report) unrest in Congo origin: Belgavox refugee flow on the Allenbybrücke (Jordan/Israel) origin: Cine Journal Spotlight Polnareff portrait origin: Pathé Journal sports portrait Trautmann origin: Archive Athletics BRD/United States camera: Jürgens, Rieck, Rühe A and E

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