Die Zeit unter der Lupe 928/1967 07.11.1967


01 Berlin: Trial of the death shooting of Benno Ohnesorg and review Karl Heinz Kurras enters courtroom half close. Review of Ohnesorg: student demonstrations after ohnesorg's death. Memorial. Student gives interview, great, of Benno Ohnesorg. Memorial. Student gives interview, big, about Benno Ohnesorg, o-ton: "from my knowledge of his attitude I know that he has often spoken against violence of any kind. His wife told me after the event with almost despair that Benno Ohnesorg himself had defended a police officer when he was attacked from behind and that it was therefore particularly macabre, that the shot from behind would have." Photo of the shot. Visit of the Shah in Berlin. Farah waving from car, great. Shah and Farah from the Deutsche Oper. Student protests with placards. Police chain. Brawl between students and policemen. Casualties are evacuated. The death of Benno Ohnesorg is carried away. Karl Heinz Kurras on the dock. Photographers.

02. Berlin: Russian soldiers marching with wreaths wreath at the Soviet war memorial on the anniversary of the October revolution. Russian soldiers March. Parading Russian boots, half close, arms, faces. General Koschevoi salute is out front. Pan across Memorial. Wreath-laying ceremony. Memorial, great.

03. New York: homes renovation high ladders in houses Gorge. Flats in old buildings are torn down. Prefabricated housing units be through roof houses raised on crane and installed. Crane operator. Electrician when connecting electrical cables. Mayor John Lindsay goes between clapping people.

04. Diamond seeker in New York Negro and Negril get out of the car and go by road from New York. Seventh largest diamond in the world of 601 carats is packed from package at the jewelry store. Diamond in hand, they've found keep Negroes and Negril. Value: 2 ½ million marks.

05. accident Series IV - No. 6 propped to gasoline catches fire Günter Jerschke as funeral entrepreneurs rounded bone to pile up. He swings a bone in the hand. Eiffel Tower artist. Man jumps from a high tower in burning barrels. Young workers is in workshop. He wants to light cigarette. Lighter doesn't work. He filled with gasoline from canisters of lighter and pours gasoline next to it. He wipes up gasoline with cloth and keeps lighter gasoline. Darting flame. Günter Jerschke drinking from bottle and sitting in front of bone pile: "For me, you're right."

06. Bremen: Interviewed Maharishi immediately, the Indian monk half close Yogi Maharishi Thomas Fritsch. It will be presented him flowers. Man with camera, great. Transfokator. Photo in newspaper Maharishi and the Beatles. Maharishi meditation lessons. Among the listeners of Thomas Fritsch, great. Thomas Fritsch takes off his shoes and goes to the monk. He handed him a flower and interviewed him, o-ton: "What is meditation?" - "meditation is the easy way to turn the spirit, so that he comes out stronger and fresher again." - "Maharishi, there is a piece of advice, the young us human being can give, you perhaps can give me as a young actor, to be successful in the private and professional life?" - "the , what an actor like you needs is a fully relaxed mind and body. A few minutes meditating! This is the whole trick."-" I anyway, will again visit Mr Maharishi, if he comes to Germany and try to learn more about his philosophy and I." Thomas Fritsch, big eyes. Laughing monk, great. Thomas Fritsch speaks, half-close.

07. portrait: Dieter Hucks young people crowd behind a barrier. Boxing ring and total viewers. Dieter Hucks boxes. Still photographs of the Boxer Dieter Hucks. Dieter Hucks goes through his local cafe owner. Sign above the entrance of the cafe in Braunlage. "Forest Café of Hucks". HerrLütke interviewed Dieter Hucks in gondola of cable railway, o-ton: "Mr Hucks, what made you the popular Boxer in the early post-war years?" - "my prowess. I won the first 8 matches in 13 rounds by K. O. I became popular with the victory over Gustav Eder in the first round and then came these battles in the forest stage, which attracted the bulk of course. Songs I was not technically gifted, so the technical skills, we say how Gustav Scholz has them, I didn't have that unfortunately."-"Mr Hucks, your fees were as high then?"–"The beginning was 6,000 Reichsmark and the top pay 240,000 reichsmarks." Dieter Hucks in the ring. Dieter Hucks with laurel wreath, photo. Spectators jostling behind barrier. Boxes Dieter Hucks - Conny Rux. Heavy shock Exchange. Hans Söhnker as audience, great. Hucks strongly drawn leaves the ring as a loser in the face. Dieter Hucks kneads dough as an innkeeper.

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Die Beatles ; Farah, Diba ; Fritsch, Thomas ; Jerschke, Günther ; Koschevoi ; Kurras, Karl Heinz ; Lindsay, John ; Lütke ; Maharishi ; Ohnesorg, Benno ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Söhnker, Hans ; Hucks, Dieter ; Rux, Conny


New York ; Berlin ; West Berlin ; Egypt ; Bremen ; Braunlage ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; Monuments ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Fire ; Parades ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Smoking ; Reviews ; Jewelry ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Youth ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; People ; Military events ; Crime ; Yoga ; Jobs ; Construction ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 928/1967

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Spotlight Kurras process and review (Ohnesorg) camera: Pahl origin: Archive: Ohnesorg materiel information Soviet. Parade in West Berlin (wreath a. Memorial) camera: Pahl houses renovation in N.Y.. origin: USIS diamond seekers in N.Y.. origin: Metro accident story series IV/6 exclusive Thomas Fritsch at Yogi Maharishi camera: L., Jackson, wild Hagen time stage Dieter Hucks portrait camera: Jürgens origin: Archive A and E

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