Die Zeit unter der Lupe 969/1968 20.08.1968


01 Wroclaw yesterday and today and press photo show photos. Press photographers. Silhouette of de Gaulle. Peasant woman sitting at table. Women sit in front of House behind laundry. Police officer inspired car. Pedestrian in Breslau. Young people immediately. Tram. Modern houses. Young people on bench. Architect Biganski model of the rebuilding of the city. The Lincke-Hoffmann-works of the electronic industry. Manufacture of railcar trains and train cars. Girl face, great. Sailboat on the oder. Sailboat with young people. Sailing boat at bridge.

02. Frankfurt and Bonn: Biarfra demonstrations Biafra posters with starving children. Students in Germany Biafraner front of St. Paul's Church. Man with speaker calls for help. Biafraner carries a large cross. Signature collection. Presentation of cheque from donations. Demonstrators carry cross at March on Bonn.

03. Mongolia: Congress against illiterate nomad tent with radio and electric lights. International Congress, which deals with problems of the people's Republic of Mongolia. Modern high-rise buildings in Ulan Bator. People on the street. Child's hand. Women in sewing room children in kindergarten. Little boys in wrestling.

04. Barcelona: Latest campsite Spain car caravan goes through customs barrier. Campsite. People go in bathing dress. Supermercado. Children's playground. Bathers are on the beach. Plate water ski school. Water skiers.

05. Graz: parachute World Cup wind indicator. Jump by parachutists. At the target and figure jump. Springer in landing at the finish. Measuring of the jump. Parachutist. Jump from plane and landing.

06. Italy: Rome - Naples swivel about female football goalkeeper, big women football. Game. Women shoot on goal and fall. Male viewers, half close, firing at. Shot on goal for Rome. Players complain to referee.

07. Berlin: German Athletics Championships runner, pole vaulter, shot putter and hammer thrower. Hurdles women. Official. 200 m race of women: start. Young audience, great. Enema in the aim of ZL. Rita Jahn / Aachen, WINS ahead of Jutta Stöck / Berlin. Shot put: Birlenbach / victories WINS with 19.89 m long jump women: Heide Rosendahl WINS with the year best rate of 6.62 m hammer throw: Uwe Bayer WINS with 69,52 m ZL. Clapping and laughing audience. 80 m hurdles women: running from the front. Inge Schell / Munich WINS in 10.7 seconds ahead of Heide Rosendahl. ZL. Audience clapping. Pole vault: Klaus Lehnertz WINS with 5 m. He rips the latte at higher altitude ZL. Discus women: Liesel Westermann, Cologne WINS with 62.50 m ZL. Starter is launching pad. 100 m run men: start and run ZL. Gerd Metz / Mainz, WINS in the Sprint ahead of usurers / Munich. ZL. Audience clapping.

08 special service: Russian invasion of the CSSR Brezhnev, half close, Kosygin, half close at meeting table. Eastern politicians immediately at meeting Cierna. Cheering people. DUBCEK are autograph. Russian tanks in the CSSR. Map of the CSSR. Photos from Hungary. People in Hamburg will be Dr. Haese interview on the crisis. The race red flag. Demonstrators outside the Soviet Embassy in Bad Godesberg. Czech inland waterway vessels in Hamburg flags on half mast. Czechs speak in truck depot in Hamburg to the crisis. Dr. Haese interviewed Czechs.

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Birlenbach, Heinfried ; Biganski ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Dubcek, Alexander ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Haese, Jürgen ; Kossygin, Alexej ; Jahn, Rita ; Lehnertz, Claus ; Metz, Gert ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Schell, Inge ; Stöck, Jutta ; Westermann, Liesel ; Wucherer


Wroclaw ; Mongolia ; Barcelona ; Frankfurt ; Bonn ; Munich ; Bad Godesberg ; London ; Paris ; The Hague ; Bucharest ; Belgrade ; Rotterdam ; Prague ; Biafra ; Hamburg ; Graz ; Ulan Bator ; France ; Wroclav ; Italy ; Berlin ; Spain ; Bratislava


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Demonstrations ; Misery ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Industry ; Interviews ; Children ; Flags ; skydiving, skydiving ; Women, mothers ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Olympics ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Ships ; Indians ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Asia ; Townscapes: Germany ; Unrest ; Cultural events ; maps ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Science and research ; Outlander ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Foreign policy events ; Customs ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 969/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Wroclaw 1968 portrait of a city - and the face of Poland in award-winning photos origin: Polkronika details of despair: Biafra demonstrations in Bonn + Frankfurt camera: Luppa thirst: Congress agai. Illiteracy/Mongolia origin: DEFA relaxation: modern camping site, Barcelona origin: No.-do sport int. Parachute jumper-meistersch. in Graz origin: Austria women's football, Italy origin: Corona Berlin German Championships (for Mexico) passed test camera: Pahl time show Czechoslovakia - special report overall image length:

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