Die Zeit unter der Lupe 978/1968 24.10.1968


Olympics Mexico City Mexico City. Transfokatoraufnahme. Passers-by on the street. Modern building. Shoe-shine. Poor road. Car is pushed. Modern traffic road. Stadium. 400 m hurdles men: Hennige and Schubert / Germany running on the inside lane. Hemery, England leads and win the gold medal. Time: 48.1 seconds. Jacqueline-sprints and won silver medal. Award ceremony. 100 m women: Starter shoots. Spectator, older Mexican woman with cigarette, big. (Negress) and event / Poland WINS Wyomia Tyus / United States (Negril) in 11.0 seconds ahead of Barbara Fereel / United States. Viewers with Sombrero, large. Award ceremony. Javelin throw men: Janis Lusis / USSR throws over 90 m and won gold medal. Discus men: Al Oerter / United States WINS 64,78 m gold medal. Triple jump: 17,39 m ceremony gold medal winner Victor Sanejeff / USSR. 800 m men: Randolph Doubell / Australia via sprints Kiprugut / Kenya and win the gold medal. Kiprugut / Kenya wins silver. 80 m hurdles women: Cheng Chi / Taiwan runs with thigh braces and wins the bronze medal. Caird / Australia, WINS in 10.3 seconds. ZL. 400 m men: 4 colored runners run against 2 white. Jellinghausen / Germany and Baden skiing / Poland. Start. Standing spectators cheer on runners. Bronze wins gold, James / United States silver and Freeman / United States Lee Evan / United States. Award ceremony. Long jump men: Bob Beaman / United States jumping 8.90 m and wins gold. ZL. Pole vault: Claus Schiprowski / Germany jumps ZL 5.40 m and wins the silver medal. The ZL's Gold Medal with 5.40 m WINS Seagren / United States. Display Panel. Award ceremony: Seagren / United States, Saha / Germany, Wolfgang nordwig (GDR) / East Germany, bronze. Discus women: untarnished Stadium. Rain splashing in a puddle. The gold medal WINS with 58,28 m Lia Manoliu / Romania. ZL. Liesel Westermann wins the silver medal. ZL. Award ceremony. Liesel Westermann congratulates Lia Manoliu. 400 m women: start and run. Helga Henning / Germany in the final. Lilian Board, England leads, will have sprints but before the finish by Colette Besaon / France. Award ceremony. 200 m men: the gold medal WINS Tommie Smith / United States (Negro) in 19.8 seconds. Peter Norman / Australia overhauled John Carlos / United States (Negroes) from the finish and WINS silver. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised hand with black glove presentation ceremony demonstrate the "Black Power". Flags of the participating countries on tall masts. Weightlifting heavyweight: Leonid Tschabotinski / USSR lifts 572,5 kilos and win the gold medal. Springboard diving women: Sue Gossick, United States wins the gold medal. Pogoschewa / USSR wins silver. 100 m freestyle swimming women: viewers filling picture. Start and swimming. 3 Americans win it. Row one: Jochen Meissner / Germany, in the race. It leads the Dutchman Jan Winnese and wins gold. Meissner won the silver medal. Award ceremony. Rowing eights: Germany wins the gold medal ahead of Australia and the Soviet Union. Display Panel. Award ceremony of the team.

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Badenski ; Beaman, Bob ; Besaon, Colette ; Board, Lilian ; Caird ; Carlos, John ; Cheng, Chi ; Doubell, Randolph ; Evans, Lee ; Ferrel, Barbara ; Gossick, Sue ; Freeman, Doreen ; Hemery ; Hennige ; Henning, Helga ; Callaghan, James ; Jellinghaus ; Kiprugut ; Kirzenstein ; Lusis, Janis ; Manoliu, Lia ; Meißner, Jochen ; Nordwig, Wolfgang ; Norman, Peter ; Oerter, Al ; Pogoschewa ; Sanejeff, Victor ; Seagren, Bob ; Schiprovski, Klaus ; Schubert ; Tschabotinski, Leonid ; Tyus, Wyomia ; Westermann, Liesel ; Winnese, Jan ; Smith, Tommy


Mexico City ; Mexico City ; Mexikco city


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flags ; Olympics ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities: South America ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 978/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Olympics Mexico 400 m hurdles origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 100 m women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool javelin men origin: Polygoon, INA pool discus men origin: Polygoon, INA pool triple jump origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 800 m men origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 80 m hurdles women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 400 m men origin: Polygoon, INA pool long jump men origin: Polygoon, INA pool pole vault origin: Polygoon, INA-pool discus women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 400 m women origin : Polygoon, INA-pool 200 m men origin: Polygoon, INA pool weightlifting heavyweight origin: Polygoon, INA-pool springboard diving women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 100 m freestyle ladies origin: Polygoon, INA pool rowing - an origin: Polygoon, INA-pool rowing - eighth origin: Polygoon, INA-pool at the beginning and end of total length

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