Die Zeit unter der Lupe 979/1968 29.10.1968


01 Offenbach: Party Congress of the German Communist Party meeting hall, total. Cameramen. Board of Directors Bank. Close-ups of listeners. Chairman Kurt Bachmann speaks big. The audience clapping.

02. London: Anti-Viet Nam demonstration protesters on the street with posters and banners at the protest March. Scrum. Police officers to confront protesters. Tangible dispute police and protesters. Brawl. Ground screen on the street.

03. He was in Portugal Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger descend stairs and be welcomed by President Caetano, close to half. Kiesinger and Caetano step out front of the stand. Kiesinger receives awarded doctor honoris causa at the University of Coimbra. Flipping sash.

04. Italy: holiday Nachlese - tourists between Mount Vesuvius and the Adriatic Hovercraftboot runs, great. Chair lift. Young people sitting on rocks by the sea. Crater of Vesuvius and billows of smoke. Young people during archaeological excavations. Tourists lay mosaics in reconstruction of ancient patterns. Tourists on the extinct Vulkan La Soufriere. Tourists in hot sulphur caves. Egg boiling vapours. Tourists cures in the warm sulphur fumes. Presentation of fashion. Long dresses. Shiny garter belt on leg. Mirror reflections of fashion.

05. Olympic Games Mexico - III report 100 km cycling road race: cyclist on the track. Cyclists from above. Franco Vianelli / Italy, travels first through the target, total and wins the gold medal. Two kayak women: start. Annemarie Zimmermann and Roswitha Esser assumed the leadership, half-close & go first through the target. Display on board. Award ceremony. Annemarie Esser, Roswitha Zimmermann, gold medal, Hungary silver medal, USSR bronze medal. 100 m backstroke men: audience claps. Start. Swimming. The gold medal WINS Roland Matthes / Erfurt, 58.7 seconds. Diving women: jump of the gold medallist Milana Dutschkova / CSSR, ZL. Diving men: gold medal winner Klaus Dibiasi jumps ZL and WINS Medal for Italy. Boxing welterweight: Manfred cloud / East Berlin defeated Joseph Besala / Cameroon in the final and win the gold medal. Award ceremony. Cloud puts arm around Besalãº. Single ride: horse jumps into obstacle. Rider crashes. Horse gallops away and is captured. Prince Phillip and Prince Bernhard on the Auditorium, half-close. Hans Günter Winkler on Enik on the course. He is 5th young spectator sport hat, big. Marylin Coakes / England on the stroller's small horse wins the silver medal. William Steinkraus on snowbound wins the gold medal. Gymnastics men: Japanese gymnast on the rings wins the gold medal. Mikhail Voronin, USSR on the horizontal bar, ZL, wins the gold medal. Gymnastics women: Natalia Kutschinskaja turns on the balance beam and won the gold medal. Vera Caslavska / CSSR, horse jump ZL, gold, floor exercise (ZL) gold, uneven bars, ZL (gold), Vera Caslavska at award ceremony. Closing ceremony: Invasion of the flags of the countries. Olympic flag is carried out of the stadium. The Olympic flame is extinguished. Audience wave. Hats are given. Fireworks. Font Munich 72.

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Bessala, Joseph ; Bachmann, Kurt ; Bernhard von Holland ; Caetano ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Caslavska, Vera ; Coakes, Marylin ; Dibiasi, Klaus ; Dutschkova, Milana ; Esser, Roswitha ; Kutschinskaja, Natalia ; Matthes, Roland ; Steinkraus, William ; Vianelli, Franco ; Winkler, Hans Günter ; Wolke, Manfred ; Woronin, Michail ; Zimmermann, Annemarie


Italy ; London ; Portugal ; Mexico City ; Lisbon ; Offenbach ; Mexico ; Mexico City


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Honors ; Higher education ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Olympics ; Photographers ; Police ; Shipping ; Ships ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Military ; Holiday ; Currency ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Archaeology ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 979/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Information DKP party day camera: Luppa, Jürgens anti-Viet Nam protests in London origin: Pathé news Kiesinger in Portugal origin: Portugal mainly cheerful holiday gleaning Italy origin: Corona Olympics Mexico 3. report 100 km cycling road race origin: Polygoon, INA pool two kayak - women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 100 m Rückenschimmen men origin: Polygoon, INA-pool diving women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool diving men origin: Polygoon, INA pool boxes welterweight origin: Polygoon, INA pool individual riding origin : Polygoon, INA pool gymnastics men: rings, horizontal origin: Polygoon, INA pool gymnastics women: balance beam. Vault, floor exercise, uneven bars origin: Polygoon, INA-pool closing ceremony origin: Polygoon, INA-pool at the beginning and end of total length

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