Die Zeit unter der Lupe 982/1968 18.11.1968


01 Siegen: NPD party Congress young demonstrators outside the Siegerlandhalle. Policemen. Stacheldrahtverhau, great. Protesters try to storm Stacheldrahtverhau. Young man with a red flag. Chanting "Down with the NPD". Young men with clenched fist. Half-empty Hall, because access is hampered by protesters delegates. 2 police officers with gas masks. Police dog. Street battle. Press photographers with protective helmets. Adolf von Thadden lectern goes u, half-close. Thadden speaks actuality, big: "in the past few months we had me opportunity to say several times, what, that make us harder what does not kill us. And this includes even this day. One should not underestimate please us." Listeners on long tables. Audience claps, half-close. Brawl outside the Hall. Water cannons. Young protester speaks interview, screen: "we have tried here to prevent the Party Congress of the NPD in the Siegerland. And for this are we stay here so long, until the Party Congress to end."

02. Brussels: NATO meeting car building ancestors before NATO. Courtroom. Large round table. 2 officers upon arrival. Schröder arrival, half-close. Dean Rusk on arrival, half-close. NATO signs. Brandt as President is sitting at table and delivering opening speech, total. French delegated English delegates, Canada, Denmark. Pan across large round table. Door is closed with NATO sign.

03. London: Election of Miss World Miss candidates in swimsuits on stage. Miss Argentina, Miss Australia, Miss France, Miss Germany Margot Schmalridt. Miss Guyana, Miss United Kingdom. Miss Australia, Penelope Plummer is crowned Miss world.

04. London: English circus Billy smart spectators in circus, half-close. Artists standing on horseback. Pyramid on the back of horses, trabend. Man hangs on a belt and falls from horse floats next to horse. Poodle balanced on rope. Men lie side by side on the floor. Elephant occurs between the men. Elephant walk, great. Children, half-close. Boy claps, great. Cardboard head of clown is shot down.

05. Kufstein: Professor Claus Riedel, glass creator Professor Riedel drives on a motorcycle. He uses helmet. Beautiful glass forms. Glass blowers at work in glass manufacture. Professor Riedel considered glasses. He talks o-ton: "Had all 5 senses satisfied being after drinking, what determines this if I leave the glasses together sound."

06. Paris: Singer Pierre Perret Pierre Perret plays with dog in front of House. He is diving helmet on head. On the phone. He goes into the House. Perret sings next to woman painting. He goes through door with Sombrero and close door with image of women. Close-up of Pierre Perret. Perret singing to guitar. Woman photos in the rhythm. Pierre Perret sings while lying down.

07. Offenbach: Football Kickers Offenbach - Bayern Munich 0-0 ball flies over gate (title underground). Spectators, half-close. Game scenes. Goalkeeper keeps. Offenbach shoots on goal, ZL. Goalkeeper Meyer holds, ZL. Meyer fends off, picks up and catches ball in lying, ZL. Grandstand, half-close. Meyer holds. 2 opposing players storm and falling over each other, ZL. Latte shot at the gate of Offenbach. Offenbach goalkeeper keeps, ZL. Viewers with pointy Knit Beanie, wholesale. Müller plays. Offenbach goalkeeper holds. Young woman wipes up the nose, big.

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Brandt, Willy ; Perret, Pierre ; Plummer, Penelope ; Riedel, Claus ; Rusk, Dean ; Schmalridt, Margot ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Thadden von, Adolf ; Maier, Josef ; Müller, Gerd


Win ; Brussels ; Kufstein ; London ; Paris ; Offenbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Craft ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Emblems ; Flags ; Football ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Police ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Doors ; Art ; Works of art ; Military events ; Circus ; Listener ; NATO ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 982/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Spotlight on NPD party Congress origin: peek into world information NATO meeting in Brussels origin: Belgavox election of Miß world origin: Pathé news circus in England origin: Pathé news glassblowers in Austria Professor Claus Riedel increases camera: out current bars Pierre Perret origin: Pathé journal Sports Football: Kickers Offenbach-Bayern Munich origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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