Die Zeit unter der Lupe 987/1968 24.12.1968


Year in review Mexico 68 aerial photographs of Mexico City. Dense traffic on broad Street. Mexicans and people on the street. The Olympic flame is lit. Starter is launching pad. Short-distance runners start and run ZL. Win a colorful runner. Viewers firing. Win a black runner. Viewers with sombrero. Black power demonstration at award ceremony. Bob Beaman jump 8.90 m far, ZL. Thick Fosburry jumps in the supine position and wins gold medal. The two German canoe winners Eater/Zimmermann in the race. Swimmers and swimmers. Vera Caslavska at the uneven bars and Vault. Neon sign of the Olympic rings. Audience clapping. Colored athletes race victories. State copying. Athletes lie on the ground after collapse under oxygen mask. Cooperation bridge. Mexican with big cigarette. Long-distance runner. Runner is lying on the ground. Runners carried off on stretcher. Hurdlers. Athletes with collapse. Face of a Mexican audience, great. Collapsed athletes. Face of a girl, great. Marathon runners on the track. Japanese Kenji Kimihara refreshes while running. He is 2. The last runner staggers 1 ½ hours later with associated leg over the finish line. Martin Lauer interviews the German sports doctor Professor Reindell about collapse of the athlete interview: "do you think that there is a real danger to health and life of our athletes? -"The crisis look certainly Very much threatening, and it must be admitted that we didn't expect a such multitude of failures, but, the electro-cartographic studies have shown that the crisis left no lasting damage, first and foremost at heart, which were won at the rowers, where the most serious crisis observed. No notice was given, that any damage to organic remains." Athlete under oxygen mask. Untarnished Stadium. Spectators under umbrellas in a downpour. Klaus Schiprowski in the pole vault of ZL. Gerhard Hennige at the running 400 m hurdles (Silver). State copying. GDR female athlete in the shot put, great. GDR swimmer of Roland Matthes in the 100 m backstroke (gold medal). Karin Balzer DDR gymnast on uneven bars (Silver). German flag with the Olympic rings on the gold medal mast next to the United States. Before comparing the medals of East-West (8th and 5th place). Harald Norpoth in the 1500 m run. Harald Norpoth during training. Running training ZL. Harald Norpoth speaks interview about the German sports: "Unlike many scientists, so the doctors and too many sports officials, who have trivialized the problem of the high-altitude air of Mexico but too, I was clear that the mountain air would bring so many problems for us means Langstreckler that you had from the outset but hardly any chances... me from the outset in I can imagine Very good, that the Olympic Games today, as a bogeyman in the neck sit the German sports officials, i.e. that it can help us to Munich only an intensive promotion of the powerfull." Start of eights in Mexico. German victory. Eight posts in the training. Athletes carry the boat. Karl Adam speaks interview about the German performance sport: "the most important cause is perhaps simply the low performance motivation and low motivation. To turn off these root causes, the time is too short for Munich. We must therefore To try to pull us out of the affair somehow again. I am expecting a worse performance in Munich in Mexico." Small diving bird emerges (coot). Model of the stadiums in Munich on the upper meadow field. Willi Daume speaks interview about German power sport big: "we have a power willing youth, that is willing to engage, to take the necessary austerity and asceticism in. This youth, we must sleep conditions. That has its limits in our liberal social order, but no disadvantage to be needs. Just this society must help. The State must help. We are encouraging talks with the Federal Government. But, above all the school must adapt differently to competitive sports. When everything comes, as we imagine it, the defeats of 1968 will be the prerequisites for the victories of 1972." Fireworks at closing ceremony of Munich 1972

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Adam, Karl ; Beaman, Bob ; Becker, Ingrid ; Caslavska, Vera ; Daume, Willi ; Esser, Roswitha ; Fosbury, Dick ; Hennige ; Kimihara, Kenji ; Lauer, Martin ; Matthes, Roland ; Norpoth, Harald ; Reindell ; Schiprovski, Klaus ; Zimmermann, Annemarie


Wales ; Mexico City ; Mexico City ; Ratzeburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Fireworks ; Olympics ; Rain ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities: South America ; Animals (except dogs) ; Science and research ; Microphones ; aerial photographs ; Buildings in Europe ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 987/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Olympics 1968 source: INA-pool 1 role.

2. 3 roll portrait Harald Norpoth UFA 613 interview Norpoth domestic 9824 rowing UFA 639 interview Karl Adam domestic 9828 Olympic city Munich interview Willi Daume domestic 9828a Fireworks ZL 979 at the beginning and end of total length

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