Die Zeit unter der Lupe 988/1968 30.12.1968


1st flight of Apollo 8 flying rocket. Repelling rocket stage. Astronauts float in the capsule. Anderse can float toothbrush in space. Image of the Earth from the capsule in the sunlight. Lovell in the capsule floating, congratulated his mother birthday, original sound. Moon images from Apollo 8 recorded. Earth with continents from capsule recorded. Capsule in flight as a fiery tail. The salvage ship Yorktown. Floating capsule in the sea. Borman, Lovell and Anders on the Yorktown. Borman says. Lovell puts on hat.

02. England: tunnel project channel model of the planned tunnel. Map with trace of the tunnel under the English channel. Model train. The Dover cliffs. Opening in the rocks with Bretterverschlag, beginning of tunnelling. Drops of water fall into the tunnel. Man goes into the tunnel. Travellers go with suitcases. Ferry pushes. Hovercraftfahrzeug drives. Float driving. Swimmer swims English channel. Water skiers behind boat. Man to parachute behind boat. Man on floating motorcycle when crossing the channel. Surf beating against the cliffs.

03. French delicacies a festively set table. Slab jewellery is shaped, rose, bird. Decorated cakes and plates. Fruit basket. Wine in the wine cellar. Man's lion roast. Lion roars, great. Woman eating camel meat. Head of camel, great. Man eats. Parrot in a cage, large. Man cuts elephant's trunk. Elephants in enclosures. Feeding. Snake crawls. Cooking cuts snake. Old woman eats, great. Alligator crawling.

04. Wales: Queen Elizabeth opened arrival of Queen Elizabeth with Entourage Mint, totally. Welcome, half-close. Charles half-close. Coin embossing machine. Elizabeth goes through Mint. Charles, great. Elizabeth beside Charles, half close, coins, large 5th USSR: artificial Earth hand takes artificial Earth from small plastic grains. Plants grow profusely in bed with artificial Earth. Harvest times regardless of weather conditions.

06. Diver Soviet diving school swimming under water training pool. Coach goes to the edge of the basin. Divers pull on underwater oxygen. Dive in deep water tower.

07. compressed air diving suit from Sweden men with fat-inflated suits go and jump in the water. Inflated suit wearing shimmer. Airtight conclusion of the suit on the neck. Air will be drained.

08 Prague: Holiday on Ice Ballet dances on the ice. Dance of the siblings novel. Appearance by Sjoukje Dijkstra. Ice clown, Ballet.

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Anders, Walter; Borman, Frank; Prinz Charles; Elisabeth II. von England; Lovell; Dijkstra, Sjoukje; Roman, Nelson


England; France; USSR; United States; Prague; Pacific; English channel; Wales


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Flowers; Ice skating; Trade, finance; Plants; Rockets; Shipping; Ships; Schools, training; Diving, diver; Technology; Animals (except dogs); Landscapes; Transport: motor vehicles; Water; Revues; Buildings in Europe; Gastronomy; Technology; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 988/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Flight Apollo 8 origin: vis news channel tunnel construction origin: Pathé news, archive delicacies in France, Queen Elizabeth opened Mint origin: Pathe news USSR: artificial Earth origin: Sovkino USSR: diving school origin: DEFA diving suits in Germany camera: Seib Holiday on ice in Prague origin: State at the beginning and end of total length

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First Manned Moon Mission (December 21-27, 1968)

On the morning of December 21, 1968 the „Apollo 8“ is the first manned flight to head towards the moon. A „Saturn V rocket“ carries the three astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida into space. They reach the orbit of the earth satellite three days later. In the aftermath of the 1957 „Sputnik shock“ it’s the Americans who take the lead in the space race this time - even though the advantage over their competitor is rather slight. Reconnaissance photos in the beginning of the year showed a Soviet rocket in Kazakhstan, apparently ready for take off. But preparations for a US-American moon landing had not been advanced enough. Instead they decided to at least fly into the moon’s orbit as soon as possible.

Aboard the „Apollo 8“ the three American astronauts orbit the moon ten times on December 24. This makes them the first people to see the moon’s far side with their own eyes. Overwhelmed by the beautiful sight they take the first photographs of the earthrise behind the moon’s horizon.

The astronauts also make a live television broadcast 370,000 km from the earth. In celebration of Christmas Eve they read the fist 10 verses from the book of Genesis. Millions of people all over the world sit around their Christmas trees and are both moved and fascinated as they watch the crackling transmission from the space shuttle. Even though the mission had not been on the flight plan of the Apollo program, the departure to another celestial body means a major success for the US space program and is an immense propaganda coup in the Cold War.   

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