Die Zeit unter der Lupe 989/1969 07.01.1969


01 recovery of the Soviet freighter Nyandoma on Scharnhörn shut up the wreck of the freighter Nyandoma on reef. 2 Russian tug. Hoisting cranes. Broken apart hull. Sailors go by the Board. Sailor photographed on lifeboat ship wreck. Cranes lift ship with steel ropes. Rinsed drums of cargo from hold. Cranes with total ship's hull.

02. Geneva: Sophia Loren baby breakdown from UFA 650 / 4 - same section. Photographers image filling. Sophia Loren is driven on bed in room. Sister sets baby Carlo to Sophia Loren. The doctor Professor Watteville, half-close. Carlo Ponti laughing, big, next to Sophia and baby, Sophia Loren and baby, great.

03. Holland. Baptism swivel Prince Friso of the DOM of Utrecht, close to half that. Baptism company, total. Prince Friso to Beatrix's arm. Willem Alexander on Prince Claus's lap. Sitting Queen Juliana, Bernhard, Crown Prince Harald of Norway, and Sonja, half-close. Willem Alexander stumbles to the baptismal font. Pastor speaks. Willem Alexander runs for children's sister.

04. music in Poland the workshop group plays on rare musical instruments. Violin bow on the string, big, on cello. Children and mothers in the entrance exam of the music school. Little girl plays "Chopsticks" piano. A young boy plays on the piano. Children's hands on piano keys, great. Small boy recites song. Swingle Singers play Bach as a beat. Whisks, electric guitars.

05. USSR: Gold city Bilibino in Siberia Bai of a nuclear power plant as a power supplier for gold mining. Construction of telegraph poles. Men go through snow. Residential buildings of the young city.

06. USSR: dam construction of a power plant in Jennesei, great. Construction work. Face a high-looking man with fur hat, big. Workers in construction. Giant reservoir.

07. Moscow: ice hockey USSR - Canada 6-0 hockey game in floodlights. Quick game scenes. Runner front gate. Crowds. Canada has an effort on goal. Russia scores a goal. Audience clapping. Viewers filling picture. 08th Berlin: Norbert Grupe - Julio Rinaldi box breakdown UFA 650 / 7 - same section. Impact Exchange grupe - Rinaldi, half close and big. As viewers Bubi Scholz and wife, is great. Ernst German, close-up. Rinaldi is attacking. Exchanges, big. Grupe hitting eyebrow Rinaldi. Referee stops fight. Grupe lifting Rinaldi, Rinaldi group takes on the arm. Blonde young spectator, large. Dark young girl, big. Garrett throws himself backwards over ring rope.

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Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Amsberg von, Claus ; Friso von Amesberg ; Harald von Norwegen ; Juliana von Holland ; Loren, Sophia ; Ponti, Carlo ; Ponti, Carlo jun. ; Prinzessin Sonja von Norwegen ; The Swingle Singers ; Watteville ; Willem-Alexander von Holland ; The Workshop Group ; Grupe, Norbert ; Rinaldi, Julio


USSR ; Utrecht ; Geneva ; Scharhörn ; Poland ; Bilibino ; Holland ; Berlin ; Moskau


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Electricity ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Children ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Photographers ; Religious events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Europe ; environmental protection, pollution ; Men ; Hockey ; Jobs ; Astrology ; Buildings in Europe ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 989/1969

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Salvage of the Russian freighter before Scharhörn camera: Seib, fire, Rühe Sophia Lorens Baby origin: Cine journal baptism of Dutch Prince Friso origin: Polygoon music in Poland origin: Polkronika life in Siberian city of gold origin: Sovkino power station on the Jennisei origin: Sovkino ice hockey Russia Canada origin: Sovkino Berlin: grupe Rinaldi box origin: look in the world at the beginning and end of total length

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