Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1021/1969 19.08.1969


01 civil war in Northern Ireland breakdown from UFA 682 / 1 - same section. This news - notes at the time, image: running soldiers. Bernadette Devlin, youngest member of the British Parliament, with the mouthpiece on the road, as leader of the Catholic protesters. Street battle. Stone throwing. Police officers with shields. Run by street of demonstrators. Torches are thrown. Burning car and House. Fires at night.

02. France: 200th birthday Napoleon Pompidou in Ajaccio breakdown from UFA 682 / 2 - same section. Children Chapel marches on the Champs Elysee in historical uniforms. Images: Napoleon, Napoleon as a General in RAID, Napoleon at self-coronation. Birthplace of Napoleon Ajaccio with transparent across the street. Pompidou visited memorabilia in the House. Pompidou and Mme Pompidou driving in an open car. Pompidou takes off parade. Marching soldiers of the French Foreign Legion.

03. England: Trimaran with fiber glass sail floating trimaran with fiber glass sailing on large bogie. Settings of the boat.

04. European route 9 Amsterdam - Genoa organ. Port of Amsterdam, total, Kai, pan across the city. Accordion player in Genoa, Harbor, cityscape. Drawing E 9 from Amsterdam to Genoa on the map. Heavy trucks on E 9th Street tunnel in the Delta of the Rhine and Meuse rivers. Drive through tunnel. Dutch bridge, 5 km long. Tank trucks on the road. Driving over the viaduct. Great road cross. Strong three-track traffic on Highway. Crossroads, multi-storied.

05. Tunisia: folk dance festival folklore groups in the folk dance. Dancers from Turkey. Camel goes in the water fountain. Indian dance group with symbolic figures at faith dance. Tunisian dancers.

06. Austria: water ski Salto water skier starts from Pier and goes to jump and makes double somersaults in the water. 2 young people jumping each other simple somersault.

07. Gelsenkirchen: Schalke 04 - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-0 breakdown of UFA 682 / 7 - same section. This sports - it rolls again, image: flags are waved. Heinemann is the football prior to the game. Play at the gate, ZL. Schalke stormed. Wanjiku shoots the 1:0 viewers swing flags and raise arms. Kick-off at midline. Gladbach at the ball. Shot on goal, ZL. Schalke stormed. Header. Goalkeeper keeps, ZL. Viewers filling image, half-close. Gladbach at the ball. Goalkeeper running ball contrary to and keeps way ahead of gate. Schalke shoots the ball in the penalty area in the of. Heinemann as a spectator, half-close. Goalkeeper Kamil / Gladbach, at parade, ZL. Old man with Schalke hat. Single audience, great. 2. goal for Schalke. Both teams leave the place.

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Devlin, Bernadette; Heinemann, Gustav; Napoleon Bonaparte; Pompidou, George; Kleff, Wolfgang; Wittkamp


Ireland; France; Ajaccio; Holland; Northern Ireland; Austria; England; Amsterdam; Genoa; Paris; Gelsenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Demonstrations; Fire; Football; Musical events; musical instruments; Parades; Police; Shipping; Sailing; Sensations; sports audience, sports spectator; Townscapes: Europe; Container; Surfing; automotive engineering, automotive; Art; maps; Transport: General; water skiing; Buildings in Europe; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Surfing; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1021/1969

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Unrest in Ireland origin: Pathé news 200th birthday of Napoleons-Pompidou in Corsica origin: Pathé journal, Pathé journal, Pathé journal, Pathé journal England: trimaran m fibreglass sailing origin: Pathé News European route 9 origin: Polygoon folklore festival in Tunisia origin: Tunisia water ski jumping in Austria origin: Austria soccer: 04 Borussia Mönchengladbach Schalke 2-0 camera: Luppa, Rühe, Wiers, Pier Kalla at the beginning and end of total length

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50th Anniversary of the Escalation of the Northern Ireland Conflict through the Bogside Massacre (August 12-14, 1969)

Between August 12 and 14, 1969, severe street battles take place in Derry, Northern Ireland’s second largest city. The long smouldering conflicts between Protestants and Catholics finally escalate. Following the example of the US-civil rights movement a civil rights movement had grown in Northern Ireland by the end of the 1960s. The movement’s aim is to fight the ongoing discrimination of the catholic population. For example, the composition of the Derry city parliament had been manipulated in favour of the protestant minority by means of Gerrymandering, which is the deliberate shaping of the boundary of electoral constituencies. 

When the protestant fraternal society “Apprentice Boys” decides to pass through the catholic neighbourhood of Bogside during its annual parade to commemorate the 1689 Siege of Derry against the occupation by the Catholic King James II of England, many residents sense a provocation. A riot erupts between marchers and “Bogsiders”.  

During the hostilities, which last for three days, the local police utilises CS gas, water cannons and armoured cars. Thousands of people are injured. When the government in London sends military units the situation in Derry finally calms down. However, by now the riots have spread to other cities in Northern Island, especially in Belfast, the largest city of, where several people die. 

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