UFA-Wochenschau 358/1963 07.06.1963


01 he was a great Pope - review of term Johannes XXIII. - part d. d. of Vatican, people fill in Arcade, betd window front. Nuns m. Rosary (faces not sichtb.), close, newspaper seller on St. Peter's square, newspaper m. Pope title at kiosk, great. Rear view torso v. nuns d. ranked front portico of the Vatican i. Htrgr., signed. Window d. of Vatican. Looking back from archive, such final balloon d. of Vatican m. environment from archive.

02. Canada. "Ben-Hur" in sign language. -Reverend Raj ball synchronized during the film screening film text in Taubstummensprache, various settings. Rum ball front screen. -3rd Workshop mirror: "Homesick for St. Pauli" m. Jayne Mansfield, Freddy Quinn & supporting Bill Ramsey: Director: Werner Jacobs. Jayne speaking, large, Jacobs b. stage direction in Hbg. Studios, large Studio operation m. fahrd. Camera car. Backdrop ton al. Fish market, scene Setup. (Brawl, flower stall w. overturned). Dance scene with davor shoots. Camera. White mice on the straw hat of a performer, close. -04 Epsom. Derby. -kl 2. Mr held chest monkeys, of which d. licks a love Apple, close. Man on year market stall Pandey. Air balloon, short. From a bowl is eating men in fur jacket, front, size. filled meat salad (?) in a small bowl, close. Precious clad Lady older m. plume on the hat and bag in the pattern d dress, close. Queue in front of mobile "ladies toilet", toilet woman sitzd. at the beginning of d. snake, coins on the table before him, close. Young listener. Dude m. Beard & Hat hervorsehd. Kale. Hair wreath, smiling, close. Cameraman makes gr m. m. tripod camera. Round swivel lens (half), before light. Background., close. Air swing over terrain. Queen Elizabeth II STS Philip & older. Companion space going close. OVR between Derby guests. Listener place. Jockeys, older woman with a headscarf on Hat reads interess. Newspaper front., close. Racing table total. Vorrückd to the starting line. Rider series, a horse goes to d. page hint. the Starter scaffolding, lodge m. stehd. and d. sehd binoculars. Queen, close, riding against the audience line, horse aufbäumende reins handle half close, hint tab. approached series clustered at the start, the field's up, long track, dense. Field field d. from the front, people start b. coming by and. Place. long Verfolgg. i. d. of HomeStretch v. grandstand from seen Saint-Martin on "Relko" overtaken merchant venturer Relko alone on track, Queen half-close. Men's standing, all looking down, side. half close. Jockey St-Martin saddles off Relko i. District v. viewers close, and total, seen from the air. -05 Hungary's smallest and largest civil b. fitting in Schneider Studio. -Midgets going on fahrd. Tractors produced by TR from seen driver hangs Windows from d., Lilliputian continues the reading of newspaper behind the tractor driven away about him. -L. comes in Studio, is welcomed by men, is lifted by Mr Chair, takes off the jacket, measurements; Giant enters the room, its mass will. taken, the tailor is Chair. Large & small citizens come side by side liegd. Cabins, be looking in mirrors, turn to each other and To give up the hands. -06. The good tip of the week - see 7th Berlin NDW ('back stairs dialogue') 697. Campaign against the dirt. -Div. once. Windband d. City cleaner, various settings. standing and listening to passersby, men in white coats comes from a door, close, carries a bundled mattress from garden and a place, lay down on the grass (not visible head), be close. Once. Lumber at natural sites, panels with drawings, on which dirt finches dargest. are city rein. Officials suspended, one gr. Tuba is loaded on advertising auto of city cleaning, musician officials climb back, passing city clean. -Cars, commercial cars in traffic, distribution of advertising leaflets on pavement, including hand m. warping, distributing, close. Speaker i. front facade detail i. Htrgrd., once A few. Passersby listening to, woman + boy look out the window down, close. View m. stehd from window on the sidewalk. Passers-by, old, pinned up. Mattress comes dead rat as revealed, series City cleaner goes m. lumber in hands over a way to load up lumber, moving off garbage truck that hint. seen close.

08th Abensberg. Sandbahnrennen (solo machines). -Div. once. is before viewers protective dust, s. and others hide behind barrier jacket newspapers and magazines hold. At the start only motor wheels and lower body visible, on the side. Several searchers run in a fallen rider, who himself again swinging on the motorcycle. Man waving flag on the car, close, totally. Part of the champion wreath with Vali. Lanyard with inscription "1st winner", great. Several photographs boys & jg. Men on Spectator front, close. Winner Josef Hofmeister is crowned, close; little boy on plans. Made pushes CAP in front of the face, close, Hofmeister keeps high, large Cup. The boy knocks dust up from the back of the head, close.

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Jacobs, Werner ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Johannes XXIII. ; Mansfield, Jane ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Quinn, Freddy ; Ramsey, Bill ; Rumball ; Hofmeister, Josef ; Saint-Martin ; Saint, Martin


Rome ; Berlin ; Hungary ; Canada ; Epsom ; Abensberg ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Special events ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; Curiosities ; Medicine ; People ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Health, hygiene ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 358/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Pope Johan. XXII-die - review of origin: Salgado, Incom, archive-M.

Deaf cinema Toronto: "Ben Hur" origin: Metro "Homesick for St. Pauli" Jayne Mansfield + Freddy Quinn film camera on d. Fischmarkt, Hamburg: Rau, Seib Epsom Derby + audience show origin: Pathe news midgets and giant in a Budapest Schneider Studio origin: Hungaro accident series (9): Garden GNOME + stairs dialog origin: Jupiter movie call for street cleaning in Berlin camera: Pahl Abensberg Sandbahnrennen (Speedway) - hunker down dirt camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner final brand 3, 1

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