Treibriemen aus Pappe und Eisen 1918


1 subtitles: Fessler-belt is a composite of rolled leather cardboard and steel by means of rivets strap that provides a virtually proven, durable replacement for leather straps. He is purely German make completely independent of foreign raw materials.
2. subheads: cardboard panels are cut into strips...
Image: A worker puts arches made of cardboard in a machine, Which one moves the panels; the Panel of cardboard cut into strips come out at the back of the machine.
3. subtitles:... and rolled.
Image: A worker is working on a machine, Which one rolls the cardboard strips.
4. subtitles: The cardboard panels are cut small plates by means of a punch.
Image: A worker inserts the cardboard strips in a punching machine, small plates are the product.
5. subheads: As plates are punched from sheet iron strips.
Image: A worker oils a strip inserted in the die made of iron sheet; He reviewed the end products. 6 subheads: The rivets and iron plates are smoothed by mutual friction in "Tumbling barrels".
Image: A worker on one of the drums turns a crank to lower the drum; Open the drum and unloading the plates and rivets in a wooden box;
Filling, closing and switching on the drum, the abrasion drum rotates again.
7 subtitles: Interior of abrasive drum at work.
Image: Look at the spinning and filled with rivets and washers abrasive drum.
8 subtitles: Composition of the belt from cardboard and iron plates, which are connected by rivets.
Image: An Arbeitssal with working women; the cardboard and iron plates are assembled and connected with rivets, a man checked the work.
9 subtitles: work room to pin the belt.
Image: Women in the work room, machines working.
10 subtitles: The belt stuffed by hand are pressed together, the rivets before riveted by hand. Image: Compressing the belt by means of a machine manually, then are the studs with a hammer before riveted.
11 subtitles: By machines, the straps are riveted finally set.
: Image detail of the machine, which is operated by a woman.
12 subtitles: The aligning the shelf-life of the belt is checked exactly.
Image: A worker operates the aligning.
13 subtitles: The composition of the belt allows an easy and quick connect of two ends of the belt.
Image: Two straps are connected to each other.
14 subtitles: Use of the manufacturer as a doormat.
Image: A woman considered the final product and it pulls apart.
15 subheads: Look at the belt camp.
Image: Strap on belt are stacked in a warehouse, a worker carts the next trip up.
16 subtitles: The straps on a small pulley of the Dynamo.
Image: Belts in use.
17. Intertitles: A fork of belt roller in and back out of the belt causes.
Image: detail view.
18 subtitles: crossed the running belt during operation.
19 intertitles: A big business, in which run almost exclusively Fessler belt.
Image: Look at the big business.
20 subheads: D.L.G..


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; 1918-1933 (Weimar Republic total period) ; Industry ; Mechanical engineering ; First world war


Educational Film/Informational Film (G)

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Treibriemen aus Pappe und Eisen

Ein Blick in die deutsche Ersatzindustrie (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 01.01.1919

Censorship date: 18.07.1922


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