Deutschlandspiegel 4/1955 1955


01 diplomatic reception + birthday Adenauer Bonn: new year's reception is Instead of In the Office of the Federal President, various diplomats are welcomed. The doyen of the diplomatic corps, the Apostolic Nuncio in addition to Heuss, Adenauer and Heuss receive Archbishop Münch, new year's greetings from the diplomats. Press, Adenauer receives congratulations for his 79th birthday: Blücher's Vice Chancellor, Federal Minister for all-German questions Jakob Kaiser, Economics Minister Erhard, Federal Minister of power, federal labor Minister Storch, State Secretary Prof. Holstein, Cardinal Frings, diplomats, grandchildren and family present Adenauer congratulations.
(41 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02. Adenauer Mendès-France various settings of the Black Forest spa town of Baden-Baden: Meet the French Prime Minister Pierre Mendès France and Adenauer at the 14.01.1955 entrance of turn, welcome at the railway station of Baden-Baden, Mendès-France great, German and French flags in the wind, Economics Minister Erhard, Adenauer and Mendès-France get out of car and sit at the Conference table, Adenauer Erhard and Hallstein at the Conference table with Mendès-France (programme: Paris treaties and Franco German cooperation), Adenauer and Mendès-France before large microphone, Mendès-France French actuality, Adenauer interview: "I am Very much happy to be able to say that we can look back on a series of matching decisions, of which I, as well as President Mendès-France it just performed, am convinced that they will contribute to the joint activity of our two peoples to peace and stabilization in Europe and to bringing about peace for the rest World."
(51 m)
(10:01:35 10:03:30) 03 flooding Cologne and Bonn Cologne: Cathedral in the background, car driving on flooded road, roads became waterways. Bonn: Federal House stands in the water, flooded corridors of the Federal Parliament building, police and border guards soldiers carry sandbags in the Federal House and build sand barriers to protect, shield in the water: passage prohibited! German Bundestag the Director.
(38 m)
(10:03:20 10:04:40) 04. snow Hamburg Hamburg: Außenalster is entered on the shore, Binnenalster with ice floes, snowy Jungfernstieg, sledding children, women to feed gulls, Alster steamer passes through under the bridge and S-Bahn train Alster steamer Goldbek on bridge, big, controlling large ships in the harbour surrounded, icebreaker in use by ice floes.
(37 m)
(10:04:35 10:06:05) 05. Macbeth Hamburg: Theatre: Theatre's Macbeth with original interviews, Will Quadflieg plays directed by Heinrich Koch the title role.
(65 m)
(10:05:55 10:08:20) 06. Bele Bachem drawings and pictures of the painter Bele Bachem, the painter at the easel with palette in hand, Bettina Bachem (6-year old daughter) of Ballet dress and stands in the door frame model for her mother, paintings, Bele Bachem at painting a vase for the Franconian porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal, painted porcelain.
(29 m)
(10:08:15 10:09:20) girl puts together to skate boy 07. children ice skating and entering the ice surface together, girls almost falling, children and young people show their skills on the ice, boy holding onto the wooden fence and slowly continues to skate.
(14 m)
(10:09:15 10:09:50) 08 diplomat hunting + wild feeding diplomat hunt in Sau Park of Springe near Hannover: several men playing Horn, hunting Mr. welcomes guests in Lower Saxony Minister President Heinrich Kopf, hunters eat at long tables under the open sky, Heinrich Kopf looks through binoculars. Different settings by running free wild in the snow-covered landscape in Upper Bavaria, wild is fed, two Stags fight with their antlers.
(41 m)
(10:09:45 10:11:15) 09 Garmisch + ice shooting snowy Garmisch-Partenkirchen, various flags blowing in the wind, 27 teams from Austria, Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany fight for the Championship in the curling, various settings of the player at the curling, won the Sports Club huge Lake.
(35 m)
(10:11:10 10:12:25) 10 Bobrennen Bob starts and careening Bayern curve along, viewers watch the journey of the Bobs, Bob goes into the goal.
(14 m)
(10:12:20 10:12:55) 11 ski fashions + jumping Zugspitze: Munich fashion house shows new ski fashions, model in the snow. Slalom downhill: Woman moves into the target, skier crashes. New year jumping in Garmisch during heavy snowfall, no. 13 of the Norwegian gunder Gundersson (coach of the German jumping runners), the Finnish Olympic champion Eino Kirjonen jumps 80 m and takes the third place, Sepp Hohenleitner secures 4th place, Toive as best German Lauren losing a ski at the take-off and crashes after 58 m, winner is the Aulis Kallakorpi Finn with two jumps of 82 m. (52 m) (10:12:50 10:14:45) 12 ice Revue Düsseldorf: Ice Revue: "Holliday on ice", various settings of the show, the former German world champion pair of RIA and Paul Falk.
(18 m)
(10:14:40 10:15:20) 13 Circus Circus krone, elephant show, Tigers jumping through fire hoops, Acrobat jumps the miracle Jongleur Raspini (?) with Salto backward from horse to horse, Eduard, Udo Heltano's balancing act on the inclined tightrope, hippo feeding, August clown and Pierrot (?), aerial acrobatics, spectators clap, farewell to clown Grock (large), game with small accordion and violin.
(76 m)
(15: 10:15 10:18:00)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Mendès-France, Pierre ; Kopf, Hinrich Wilhelm ; Adenauer, Konrad


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hamburg, BRD ; Hochwasser ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 4/1955

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