Deutschlandspiegel 8/1955 03.06.1955


01. double wedding mountain peasant wedding in the Alps. Bride is the bridegroom of Myrtle on the lapel. Wedding party on the way to the mountain church. Pioneer swings whip. Masked fools clean tree trunks out of the way. Schützengilde marches on. Two couples leave the Church. Salute. Marching band at the top of the statue.
(80 m, 10:00:10 - 10 :))

02. 1 Mai Schöneberg Berlin. May rally prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. Dr. Otto Suhr speaks before a large crowd. Flags of Germany and Berlin. Transparent: "employee participation guaranteed better life". Liberty Bell Rings.
(14 m, 10:02:55 10:03:25) 03. eastern sector of Berlin. Sector boundary, Brandenburg Gate. Giant Billboard with three ideal figures of the socialist realism, caption: "Ready to work and to the defense of the homeland." State and party leadership is smack on a grandstand. Uniformed parades. Walter Ulbricht and Wilhelm Pieck. Billboard: "may 8, 1945. Day of liberation." Ulbricht and Georg Shukov remove took of the masses.
(28 m, 10:03:20 10:04:30) 04 visit pinay and Germany Treaty village sign: "Bonn, town district of Bonn, r. ref. Cologne" the Rhine. France Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay reverses in the car, is welcomed by Secretary of State Hallstein. Konrad Adenauer and pinay To give press release. Pinay interview (in French). Adenauer and pinay shake hands. Deposit of the instruments of ratification to the Germany Treaty and the troop agreement. Sir Frederic Hoyer Miller, Andre Francois Pincet and Konrad Adenauer at the signing. Press release. Adenauer actuality: "It will be the first task of the Federal Republic, within this community best efforts to contribute to the maintenance of peace and for the building of a new Europe." Festive reception at German President Theodor Heuss. Pincet, Adenauer, and Hoyer Miller. Heuss and the American Ambassador Cormit.
(03 m, 10:04:25 10:08:05) 05. Princess Margret of Wuppertal. The 1st Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment by Princess Margret Gets a new flag. Clergy in the stands. Regiment marched past.
(28 m, 10:08:00 10:09:00) 06 Adenauer in Paris Paris. Lufthansa - aircraft landing at Paris Airport. Photographer. Meeting of the Atlantic Council of Ministers in the Palais Chaillot. Among others: Harold Mac Millan, John F. Dulles, Christian Pinneau, Paul Henri Spaak, Adenauer. Reporter running up stairs. Dulles, Pineau, Adenauer and Mac Millan To give up the hand.
(27 m, 10:08:55 10:09:55) 07 flag Richard Handley in the presence of General Speidel is hoisted the German flag before the NATO Headquarters.
(7 m, 10:09:50 10:10:10) 08 Hannover Messe Hannover: stands and pavilions at the industrial fair. Mobile excavators, tipping for railway wagon. As a visitor to Hinrich Kopf including heavy-duty crane. Porcelain ware: Vases and dishes. Aggregates, rolling machine, generator, cement mill. Aircraft, motor boat. (97 m, 10:10:05 10:13:35) 09 kayak in Monschau in Eifel: Canoe regatta on the Ruhr. Canoeists down small waterfall.
(35 m, 10:13:30 10:14:40) 10 flower in the ancient land of old country. Cars and cyclists. Walkers between blooming cherry trees. Grazing lambs. Old Frisian farmhouses. Archway with the inscription: 'Without of God's favor, is alln's umsunst' storks. Local pipe smoker, big. Cherry trees on the banks of the Elbe, ocean-going vessels.
(52 m, 10:14:35 10:16:35)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Schukow, Georgi Konstantinowitsch ; Hallstein, Walter ; Pinay, Antoine ; Francois-Poncet, André ; Speidel, Hans ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Adenauer, Konrad


Parade ; Hannover ; Ostsektor ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Paris ; Messe ; State visit ; 1. Mai ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 8/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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